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5 Wacky Ways to Come up with Blog Topics

Even if you hire blog writers to create content for your blog, you may still want to feed them topics that best relate to your business. Here’s where you may start stretching, stewing or scratching your head trying to find something to write about. Stop stewing and check out these tips.

Find a fun format

Kicking off your topic quest with a format in mind gives you an automatic head start finding a topic that delights, compels – and actually says something useful. does a grand job of noting several popular formats that many readers seem to dig. They are:

  • How to ___
  • Why ___
  • Where ___
  • What ___

Let’s say your business sells big neon wigs. Here’s how each format could work:

  • How to pick the right big neon wig
  • Why people wear big neon wigs
  • Where you can wear big neon wigs
  • What hats you can wear with big neon wigs

One more format that keeps taking the Internet by storm is the list, which can be quick, fun, easy-to-scan and full of as few or as many items as you wish.

  • Top 4 reasons you need to wear a neon wig before you die

Grab a groovy title

While all the above titles work on the most basic level, you want to go beyond the most basic so your blog soars above the rest of the Internet slush. A simple tweak can transform a ho-hum title into a hilarious one. Check out the revised titles for the neon wig topic lineup:

  • How to pick the right big neon wig that matches your personality
  • Why people wear big neon wigs in private
  • Where you can wear a big neon wig without getting arrested or shot
  • What hats you can wear with a big neon wig that won’t offend anyone

Opt for the opposite

Another way to add a tangy twist to the topic is to go for the opposite topic that most people would automatically generate. For instance, the title “Where you can wear a big neon wig” can be revamped into “X places you should never wear a big neon wigs.”

Select something strange

As if big neon wigs aren’t strange enough on their own, you can always make something a bit more bizarre. Brainstorm on strange things related to the wigs, such as the weirdest places people have worn them, how many times they’ve been attacked by dogs, if there’s an official phobia named for them, and what dreaming about big neon wigs may mean.

Sift through statistics

Statistics can be a stellar way to glean loads of topics, provided you gather them from trusted sources. Crime stats are an ever-popular topic people like to read about. While you may not find exact stats on murders caused by big neon wigs, you can use the stats as a jumping off point.

Best and worst crimes to commit while wearing a big neon wig

If these tips work for generating a mountain of topics on big neon wigs, just imagine what they can do for your own business!

Ryn G is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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