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5 Hacks for Hunting Down the Perfect Writer

5 Hacks for Hunting Down the Perfect Writer

One of the biggest hesitation points for businesses in search of content marketing services is concern over finding a freelance writer that meets their needs.

Much like rounds of in-person interviews, the “wide net” approach can be exhausting, time-consuming, and much of the time, unsuccessful.

What’s a business to do when copy stubbornly refuses to create itself?

Savvy WriterAccess clients use these five insider hacks to find exactly what they’re looking for with minimal effort:

1.) Industry/Product Search
Starting with the basics is always a good move. If you know that your content needs to be written by someone familiar with construction terminology, or wedding planning pain points, why not pick a pre-vetted expert?

While most freelance writers have some wonderful diversity in their portfolios, they also have a handful of subjects where they really shine.

If a writer feels confident enough to list themselves as an expert in the industry or content format you’re looking for, that’s one less hurdle to clear when looking through your prospects.

2.) Writer Search by Keyword

To use the example above, industrial construction and home renovations are two completely different spheres, even if they share some common equipment terms.

Use keywords to narrow down freelancers to your specific needs – you might be surprised at how granular past experience and knowledge can get in the WriterAccess talent pool!

3.) Casting Calls / Love Lists

Balancing your entire project on a single writer picked at random is a gamble. Instead, try out casting calls!

This unique WriterAccess feature allows you to solicit pitches, introductions and ideas from a variety of writers that are interested in your project.

Once a few interested writers apply, you’ll be able to ask further questions or narrow down your pool of potentials to get started right away. The casting call feature also lets you experience how quickly a writer responds to your requests: a valuable piece of data for companies on tight deadlines.

If you like several responses in your casting call, there’s a feature for that too: love lists.

Create a love list of writers you’re interested in working with in the future, or use the list to “bookmark” favorite content creators for additional projects.

4.) Browsing Profiles & Adding Notes

If you enjoy window shopping for your content providers, you’ll find a mall’s worth of fantastic freelancers at your fingertips in WriterAccess profiles.

These pages let you browse a writer’s personal introduction, expertise, certifications, samples and even endorsements from other clients.

Use the note feature, which is only visible to you, to remember which writers sparked your interest for future reference and why.

5.) Matching Experience to Needs

Speaking of profiles, those samples and histories are an excellent way to ensure your potential writer can handle complex or highly technical subjects.

If you have an unusual or highly specialized project, place a casting call and browse responding profiles at your leisure: writers will typically mention their relevant experience in their pitch, as well.

Bonus Benefits for Plus & Enterprise Accounts – Recruiting Help & Style Contests

Larger clients on WriterAccess have even more robust tools available to them: Plus and Enterprise-level accounts can look to their account manager for individual writer recommendations and casting call structuring help.

If a deeper dive is necessary to pick a single content creator, the Style Contest feature is an excellent way to find a favorite.

To utilize a Style Contest, simply assign the same content to 3 different content service providers  on the site and select a favorite – WriterAccess will reimburse you up to $50 to cover your costs for the two you do not select.

Finding the “right writer” who understands your needs and has experience within your industry is a pain, so many of us have been there.

Signup for a free account with WriterAccess to request a demo today, and see what other features and benefits can help you along in your content efforts.

Delany M is a WriterAccess freelancer with a deep understanding of client needs, and the importance of maintaining a creative lens. What are some of your greatest content pain points? Let us know (here) or in the comments, and we will work to find a solution!

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