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4 Ways to Streamline Your Blogging Workflow

Whether you employ article writing companies for your content writing or use a specific blog writing service, there is still a considerable amount of work to do after a blog post is written.

Even without writing all the content yourself, you’re left with the task of editing, formatting, planning, and publishing the content. After that, you’re still faced with adding graphics, managing comments, and analyzing reach.

Without a blogging workflow process in place, it can feel like you’re wearing way too many hats. Use these tips to lighten the load:

1. Upgrade to Editing Services

Many article writing companies offer upgraded services in the form of editing and proofreading. When you factor in your time, these editing services are definitely worth the extra cost.

2. Get Specific About Your Requests

The more you can outline exactly what you need in your blog content, the better the writer will be able to deliver. A quality blog writing service will offer options like header formatting, keyword requirements, and even SEO instructions. Specify these needs when you place your order to get the most out of your content.

3. Use an Editorial Calendar

Editorial calendars have been used by every periodical since the dawn of publication, and it’s time you hopped on board, too. There are many editorial calendar software solutions to choose from at a variety of price points. Some, like our own WriterAccess Content Planner, can even be linked to your WordPress site. Use your calendar to plan creation and publication dates for each of your blog posts, and you’ll be on your way to streamlining your workflow.

4. Integrate Google Analytics Into Your Site

Google Analytics offers tons of data about the reach of any post. Use this free tool to see who’s reading what, and when. You can even use it to track multiple sites simultaneously.

By taking these four steps to to improve your blogging workflow, you can start working smarter–not harder.

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Kathleen S is a real estate expert with over 10 years of experience writing in the real estate industry. During the day, she works as a real estate assistant, specializing in high end and luxury homes. With over 25 years of experience in writing, Kathleen has honed her skills in a wide variety of writing mediums.

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