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3 New Marketing Trends to Implement Today


Stay on top of the latest marketing techniques with these three new trends:

1. Surveys

Surveys are the number one hot trend for engaging customers, researching new product ideas, and much more. It turns out that people love taking surveys and the Internet is abuzz with a bevy of survey options to suit every need. Just ask Buzzfeed, which has made a website (and a good living) out of surveys that range from the benign to the banal.

To implement surveys in your marketing campaign, talk to a freelance writer about writing one up for you. Freelance writers can be amazingly creative, caustic, sarcastic, scholarly, fun, and factual, depending on your survey needs. Don’t be shy about placing a content order for a survey. It’s likely that a freelance writer will be able to come up with something entertaining — and maybe even viral — for your survey takers.

2. Videos

Lots of people would rather watch than read their content. That’s a good thing for site owners who want to condense rich content into 3-minute videos. But it’s more difficult than you might imagine to create a professional-looking video that represents your company while remaining interesting and informative.

That’s why you need freelance writers. Seek out a freelance writer who has experience writing video scripts. Scripts are very different than regular copywriting, and there are specific word counts and rules that come along with making a successful video clip that will be successful for your company’s marketing needs. Once you find that writer, hang on to her, because you’ll probably find that the video marketing plan is an effective one that you’ll want to repeat.

3. e-books

Everyone seems to want something for nothing these days. That’s why many companies are giving away free e-books on their sites. For the price of registering and clicking a download button, site visitors can get a free e-book that ranges in size from a couple to a hundred pages of rich content. Savvy site owners see this as a way to establish authority and gain customer loyalty. When a visitor registers, you can claim them to attract more advertisers to your site. The trend to give away free e-books seems to be working, and it’s growing daily.

No one expects you to stop doing business and suddenly write an e-book. But a good freelance writer will be able to source material for your e-book and come up with something that sounds just like you wrote it, only better. The best e-books provide value beyond what your site visitors can already get on your website, and the best freelance writers will be able to provide that for you.

The best marketing plan of all is a multi-pronged approach. Each of these new trends has a place in your marketing campaign, and to fully avail yourself of all the benefits, they should be put in place sequentially, or simultaneously. If your company is already working with a marketing company, let them know you’re interested in incorporating these three trends in your campaign.

Kate S does admit to taking fun online surveys on an as-needed basis, but that’s not the takeaway here. Let’s focus on what really matters, which is her extensive experience with video script writing and e-books. She’s available for both services, and would be delighted to work with your company on your marketing campaign.

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