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Content Marketing Trends: Don’t Make an Epic Fail

We’re back with another weekly round of content marketing trends and another opportunity for you to find out what all the cool marketing kids are up to nowadays.

So, read on, trend on, and get ready to watch your content marketing strategy soar!

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Those Marketing Trends Are Like So Last Season

4 Marketing Trends That Died Quietly in 2020 via Toolbox

Think way back to last year. Now, try to remember the marketing trends that were predicted to be the next big thing. Voice search, for example, was touted as essential as more and more people invited Alexa and Siri into their households. Optimization for voice search, however, still hasn’t become the vital component of content strategy that many thought it would. 

So, what happened to the buzz around voice search, virtual reality, and other now-dead marketing trends? Hitch up your low-rise jeans, brush your emo bangs out of your eyes, and take a look at this article to find out. 

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Are These Silk Pajamas Dry Clean Only?

Has COVID-19 Changed the Future of Remote Work? via WriterAccess

To encourage safety and slow the spread of the virus, you’ve probably tasked your employees (or been tasked by your employer) to work from home. In a matter of months, the number of people and businesses operating from home has increased exponentially, forcing everyone to quickly adapt and also to purchase more loungewear.

The situation presents many challenges – from not owning enough pajamas to get you through the workweek to learning how to effortlessly transition daytime pajamas to nighttime pajama looks. Plus, how do you maintain IT security when everyone’s on a separate network? How do you maintain communication and workflow? How do you continue productivity from ten, a hundred, or a thousand of your employees’ sofas? 

Take a look at this thorough work-from-home report to find out more about how working from home has forced us to reshape our lives and reimagine the way our businesses operate (in good ways and challenging ways alike). 

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We Tried This Content Marketing Trick, and You Won’t Believe the Results!

Can Clickbait Be Used for Good? via Content Marketing Institute

The Six Most Amazing Vacation Hacks!

The Shocking Way This Couple Solved Working from Home Together!

The Surprising Benefits of Hamsters! 

These titles are examples of classic clickbait tricks that promise equally mysterious and spectacular content that’s only a click away. Whether or not a person recognizes clickbait when they see it, doesn’t always affect their choice to click.

“Why?” you ask.

Human nature. That’s why.

People might expect to be disappointed by what lies beyond the clickbait, but (like an itch that needs scratching) most people still can’t resist clicking. 

Frequently disappointing content gives clickbait a bad rap, but not all clickbait has to be bad or use trickery. It makes good content marketing sense to write headlines that grab your audience’s interest and drive them to your website.

To create good clickbait, do one thing: deliver on the promise of quality, shock, or education that your headline makes. If your content is just as good as your clickbait, then you’ve got yourself a not-so-dastardly plan for success. 

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Be a Smarty-Pants Content Marketer

Falling Victim to These 6 Common Content Marketing Mistakes? via Business 2 Community

Neglecting to plan. Having a myopic focus on SEO. Forgetting other formats.

If you’re guilty of making any of these content marketing mistakes, don’t feel too terrible; you’re not alone. These mistakes (and the others included in this list from Business 2 Community) are all too common. They’re also really easy to fix and avoid.

Take a look at the list and make sure your content marketing strategy doesn’t make you feel any less smart than you actually are! 

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Your Strategy’s Only as Strong as Your Weakest Content

How to Find and Improve Underperforming Content: A Practical Guide via Search Engine Journal

If you’ve been working at your content marketing strategy for some time now and tracking your metrics (like a good content marketer should), then you’ve probably noticed that some of your content doesn’t perform as well as the rest.

You could ignore the problem, leave these pieces as they are, and allow them to continue holding your strategy back.

Or if you want to strive for content marketing success, you can learn how to identify your weak content links and make them stronger. 

Take a look at this article from Search Engine Journal to learn how!

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Your Audience Is Ready to Scoop Up the Good Vibrations You’re Putting Down

Good Vibes Content Marketing Examples: Who’s Doing It Right and Why This Content Matters via Skyword

There has never been a time when we all (as in everyone in the whole world) needed some joy in our lives as desperately as we do now. Your business can be the source of that joy by using a little thing called joy marketing.

In joy marketing, you are simply called upon to use happiness in the promotion of your brand or message. Your content marketing exudes positive energy and your audience waits anxiously to soak it up.

Before you pitch your circus tents and dive into a pool of smiley-face squishies, consider this article from Skyword and their tips for the successful execution of joyful content marketing – you don’t want to risk appearing insincere. 

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