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2017 Digital Marketing Trends & What They Mean for Content Creators

2017 Digital Marketing Trends & What They Mean for Content Creators
The challenges facing content creators are directly related to trends. From basic subject matter to the writing tone of entire industries, staying up-to-date is a must for nearly every writing niche.

2017’s digital marketing trends have the potential to dramatically shift the way you approach writing, as well as the ways your clients outsource content creation and compose their creative briefs.

To stay sharp, here’s what you’ll need to keep an eye on in the coming year:

More Than Twitter, Less Than Blogs

Consumers are reaching for their mobile devices when they’re in the market for something.

That means content is absolutely crucial for so-called “M-Commerce,” says Business Insider’s Andrew Meola, especially around popular buying holidays like Black Friday and Christmas.

The limited nature of this platform means content creators have to stick closely to word and character count restrictions, or else have their messages cut off mid-sentence on smaller phone screens.

While social media continues to be popular, expect demand for mobile-destined content to eclipse social media post orders in the coming months.

“Okay, Google” vs. “Hello, Alexa”

Voice search may be standard on both Android and iPhones these days, but the concept of the voice assistant in the home is still a new — and exciting — concept for consumers.

In addition to being read traditionally on a computer screen, certain informative content might now be read aloud by voice assistant when prompted by the device owner.

Samsung has also tossed a tentative hat in the ring, with their Bixby device delivering intriguing vocal marketing opportunities within the home.

Never has so much been at stake for delivering compelling clarity and brevity in informative content, but writers will undoubtedly rise to the challenge.

Location-Based Marketing: Go

While not every location-based tie-in is an enduring winner — sophisticated location pinpointing is still a data-rich ground for marketers.

In 2017, expect more app-to-location tie-ins to deliver everything from coupons to reviews directly to the smartphones of nearby users, on demand.

While businesses once only worried about fleshing out their websites, this new in-the-moment marketing opportunity will see geographically-triggered profiles for everything from restaurants to traditional shops.

Those profiles need writing, of course, and who better to make it happen than content marketing creators like you?

While some of the tech advances that will make 2017 a year to remember might still be in the works, familiarizing yourself with these concepts as a writer will make sure you’re ahead of the curve.

Knowing emerging technologies — and how to make them work for businesses — means you’ll be ready to harness them before your competitors get the chance.

Don’t let innovation dull your momentum; no matter how advanced a product or service is, it won’t amount to much without an eye-catching description and a well-written landing page.

Delany M is a freelance writer within the WriterAccess platform who created marketing content for companies, agencies, and even WriterAccess! See how Delaney and other WriterAccess content creators can transform copy into connections.

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