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Anita S

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Anita is a certified nutritional consultant, holistic health practitioner, master herbalist and weight management coach practitioner. She loves to garden in the summer to and preserve her bounty for the cold winter months.

Anita loves to write and has written for and edited two newsletters. She is also a copywriter and has written content for various arenas.
Anita has written content for a school of natural medicine of which she was a faculty member.
Along with writing, Anita enjoys reading, cooking and being outdoors.
Chippewa Valley Technical College Accounting, Associates Degree

Studied accounting and automated accounting. Graduated with a 3.83 GPA.

Weight Management Coach Practitioner Global College of Natural Medicine
Apr 2012
-Coaching Overview
-Anatomy & Physiology
-Chemistry & Biochemistry
-Weight Maintenance, Weight Gain
-Weight Loss
-Toxicity & Detoxification, Quantum Detoxification
-Drug.Herb.Vitamin Interactions
-Body Work and Energy Medicine Modalities
-Eastern Traditions - Ayurveda and TCM
-Rest, Relaxation and Sleep
-Physical Fitness, Strength and Endurance, Toning, Calming, Flexibility, Balance
-Activities for Beginners Physical Fitness

Master Herbalist Global College of Natural Medicine
Oct 2009
-Basic Anatomy
-Toxicity & Detoxification
-History of Herbal Medicine
-Eastern Medicine
-Western Herbal Medicine
-Materia Medica/Therapeutic Herbalism
-Botany and Plant Identification
-Making Herbal Remedies
-Herb.Drug.Vitamin Interactions
-Nutritional Guidelines
-Business Procedures/Jurisprudence

Holistic Health Practitioner Global College of Natural Medicine
Apr 2009
-Anatomy & Physiology
-Medical/Herbal/Botanical Terminology
-Toxicity and Detoxification
-Dietary Guidelines
-Orthomolecular Nutrition
-Weight loss
-Alternative Healing Methods
-Alternative Diagnostic Methods
-Environmental Medicine
-Energy Work
-Mind/Body Medicine
-Drug-Herb-Vitamin Interactions
-Common Ailments
-History of Herbal Medicine
-Eastern Medicine
-Western Herbal Medicine
-Botany and Plant Identification
-Making Herbal Remedies
-Materia Medica

Nutritional Consultant Global College of Natural Medicine
Mar 2008
-Anatomy & Physiology
-Toxicity & Detoxification
-Dietary Guidelines
-Pediatric Nutrition
-Medical Terminology
-Alternative Health Methods
-Common Ailments
-Weight Loss
-Physical Fitness
-Orthomolecular Nutrition
-Business Procedures
-Nutritional Profiles

Projects by Industry

Anita has been working in travel writing for several months and enjoys this type of writing tremendously. From mountain retreats with stunning views to busy metropolises bustling with action she has written about them all. Writing about a diverse range of places is exciting and varied. Anita researches the most important aspects of a vacation spot such as lodging, transportation and activities. She then pulls it all together using the best attributes to create a compelling piece. Composing travel writing pieces could be compared to taking a mini-vacation. Where else can you enjoy so many different environments without leaving the home?


Anita received certification as a Nutritional Consultant in April 2008 and went on to become a faculty member at the college where she earned her degree. She worked for the school until it closed in December 2012. In the course of her work, she wrote many forum posts and mini-courses regarding health and nutrition. Food as a healing modality has long fascinated Anita and she is in her element when learning about either the latest research or age old wisdom that is still relevant today. An educator at heart, Anita is passionate about wellness and enjoys learning and passing along information regarding healthy foods and nutrition to others.

Self Help

Anita has been writing self-help articles for newsletters, forums and other venues for several years. She loves to learn about and perfect things before passing them along to others. She is especially enthusiastic about DIY body-care products, nutrition and health as she has had training and experience in those areas.

Additionally, Anita has written self-help and DIY topics on budgeting, savings and organizational skills. She writes in a concise manner that anyone can follow with no technical jargon to wade through. While certainly not an expert on everything, Anita is knowledgeable on several topics that are important to her and she loves to share this knowledge with others.


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