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Location Pleasant Grove, UT
Education Bachelors Degree
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Ben recently graduated with his bachelor's degree in English at Utah Valley University (UVU). He has worked as a freelance writer for the past two years and has written over 200 articles for various businesses and industries. Ben was chosen as the lead copy editor for the UVU Review and also wrote six articles for the paper. Ben has been published in Utah Tech Magazine and "Essais," a literary journal of UVU. He presented his research paper, "Mark Twain's Use of Rhetoric in 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'" at UVU's Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration and at the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research. He is currently an intern at the Deseret News in the Features department. One of his articles is poised to set a record as the most viewed Features article in three years.
Ben specializes in SEO writing and business marketing. He has written over 250 articles for various businesses and industries.
When Ben is not writing for his job, he writes as a hobby. He writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories as well as novels. Ben also likes to hike, rock climb and swim. He enjoys basketball and volleyball and being with his wife and 3-year-old boy.
Utah Valley University Aug 2009 – Apr 2014
Business Management, English, B.S. English

Ben studied business management for three years and learned about marketing, finance, and management before switching his major to English. The change allowed Ben to focus on his strengths of writing and editing.

Honors and Awards
Honorable Mention Apr 2014
Ben won honorable mention for his research paper "Mark Twain's Use of Rhetoric in Combating Racism in 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.'" The award came with a $50 cash prize.

Eagle Scout Ben's Eagle Scout Project was collecting books for school children in Egypt. He donated the remaining books to the Pleasant Grove Library.

Projects by Industry

Ben has written 24 articles about marketing. The majority of these articles are about SEO and internet marketing, but he has also written about regular business marketing involving product, price, place, and promotion.

Search Marketing

Ben has written 24 articles about search and online marketing. Some of these articles also focused on how companies can use social media to promote and advertise their products or services. The companies he wrote the articles for are those that look to help other companies improve their online marketing.


Ben has previously written 36 articles on the automotive industry. These articles were mostly for auto repair companies, so the main goal of the writing was to convince customers to get their cars fixed at the company's shop.


Ben wrote 24 articles on the insurance industry. These articles focused mainly on homeowners and auto insurance. The goal of the articles was to convince people to buy insurance from the client.


Ben has written 57 articles on the legal profession. These articles focus mainly on three types of law: Bankruptcy, personal injury, and criminal defense. He also wrote a few articles focusing on estate planning and drafting wills.


Ben has a great interest in politics and has had three political opinion pieces published in the newspaper. He is fair to both sides of the political aisle and works hard to ensure that both sides are represented - because there are always two sides to an issue.

Real Estate

Ben has written 15 articles about real estate. Most of these article were aimed at people looking to buy a home and a real estate agency. Other articles deal with helping real estate agents find serious clients who are ready to buy a house in a relatively short time period.


Ben has written 4 articles on taxes. He took classes on taxes in college and has the knowledge and resources to quickly write articles geared towards helping people and companies find the right tax professional or to help the professional find clients. He has also written an article about tax tips for tax time.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Ben has written SEO keyword articles for two years. In that time he has written 250 articles on a variety of topics. In addition, Ben has received hours of training to help him better understand the best ways to use keywords to improve the SEO of companies.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Ben has written over 100 blog post articles for companies with a variety of products and services for sale. The majority of these blog post articles dealt with legal and insurance industries but also included auto repair and real estate posts as well. All of the articles were published on the particular client's website blog.

Projects By Expertise
Creative Writer

Ben has recently taken up creative writing in his spare time. He enjoys writing science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories and has sent out three stories that are currently being considered for publication. In addition, Ben has also taken creative writing classes in college and spends time each day studying and practicing the techniques that lead to great works of fiction.


Ben has had articles published in the UVU Review, Utah Tech Magazine and, currently, at the Deseret News. These articles are mostly features on people and events, but he also has experience writing news stories. Ben was also the lead copy editor for the UVU Review and has extensive knowledge of the AP style of writing.


Ben has hundreds of hours of experience as a copy editor. In college he was the lead copy editor for the school newspaper and he also took two copy editing classes. He has also helped copy edit issues of the Deseret News in Utah and also has two projects in which he was paid to copy edit scientific articles that were submitted to an academic journal.

Projects by Writing Style

Ben has written over 40 articles in a conversational writing style. These articles are usually used to promote a company's products or services in such a way that customers will want to find out more. Conversational writing is one that Ben uses frequently in his promotional articles as well.


Ben has written 15 articles using journalistic style writing. Some of these articles are features that have been printed in newspapers and magazines that use feature style writing while others use the inverted pyramid style recommended for journalists covering news.


Ben has written 25 articles promoting a product or service. These articles range from advertising auto repair companies to highlighting the way one law firm stands out from the competition. Ben enjoys writing articles for companies wishing to promote their competitive advantage.


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