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While Jane is just now entering the professional writing world, her educational background makes her the perfect candidate for your next writing project. She is hungry for experience and willing to do all she can to prove herself in this competitive market.

She graduated from Emerson College with a B.F.A. in Writing, Literature & Publishing, where she minored in Psychology. While pursuing her degree, she worked at the Old State House Museum in Boston, Massachusetts and interned at Grub Street's Young Adult Writing Program. After graduating, she continued her work in the hospitality industry at The Conrad, a four-star hotel in Indianapolis. She then moved to Illinois, where she began her career in education as an Admissions Representative at Southern Illinois University. Her work has appeared in Monkeybicycle and on the HTMLGiant website. She has experience copyediting and proofreading, both in the classroom and professionally.

Endlessly curious, Jane is a highly-skilled researcher. She has a strong interest in social media.
Jane is proficient in a variety of software applications including: MS Office, OpenOffice, Windows, Mac, Android, Google Docs, WordPress, Facebook,Twitter, and Skype.
Jane's interests are ever-expanding. She is interested in Health, Psychology, Education, Entertainment, Travel, Literature, Marketing, Sports, Technology, Humor, and Hospitality. While these are the topics she is most familiar with, she is dedicated to learning and enjoys in depth research.
Emerson College Sep 2007 – Dec 2010
Writing, Literature, and Publishing, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Jane graduated Magna Cum Laude from Emerson College with a B.F.A in Writing, Literature, and Publishing. She minored in Psychology. While at Emerson, she worked at the literary magazine Gangsters in Concrete, and was involved with Emerson Comedy Workshop.

Honors and Awards
Top 25 Ranking in New Writers Contest Mar 2011

Projects by Industry

Jane worked in education at the university level as an Admissions Representative. There, she was the liaison between Undergraduate Admissions and both the College of Business and the College of Liberal Arts. She processed and made decisions on applications, sets and met deadlines, and communicated between departments. Throughout her time in the Undergraduate Admissions office, she was called upon to draft and proofread letters to prospective students, as well as interdepartmental memos and communications. She has recently begun teaching Creative Writing and Composition at another University.


Jane has had a short story published in Monkeybicycle. Her 25-point book review for the Webster's New World English Grammar Handbook was featured on the HTMLGiant website. During her time at Emerson, she volunteered for an undergraduate literary magazine. She briefly maintained a blog, which focused primarily on books, writing, and mental health.


Jane worked at The Old State House Museum during her time at Emerson College. There, she learned a great deal about the Freedom Trail and served as a informal guide to the city of Boston for the many tourists who visited the museum. After graduating, she worked at The Conrad, a four-star hotel in Indianapolis. As an overnight employee, she wore many hats, oftentimes serving as customer service agent, manager, and concierge. Through her work at the Conrad, she cultivated knowledge about the city of Indianapolis as well as the hotel industry. Her job involved meeting deadlines, communicating clearly and effectively with various staff members and guests, and maintaining the standards of the hotel.


Jane has worked as a copywriter for a software company wanting to summarize their products for potential customers. During her time working at a university, she served as a copywriter and proofreader of communications with students and staff. Both of these projects involved meeting deadlines and communicating succinctly and effectively.

Home Living

Jane has written blog posts and articles about decorating homes, DIY home projects, home goods, appliances, garage doors, and general upkeep.


Jane has written articles about Alzheimer's and Dementia, hospice care, National Safety Month, breast cancer awareness, the importance of vegetables and gender.


Jane has written articles about things to do in Austin, TX; Carmel, IN; Boston, MA; Martha's Vineyard, MA; and Chicago, IL.

Real Estate

Jane has written articles and blog posts about vacation homes, rental practices, preventing property from flooding, and trade shows.


Jane has written several articles and blog posts about IT equipment, ID Card Machines, IT terms, Server Rack Strategies, and Rack Mounts.


Jane has written blog posts and articles about e-mail practices, small businesses and collection agencies, funeral homes, trade shows, workplace skills and safety, and law firms.


Jane has written several articles and blog posts about small companies and products for sale, highlighting their individual values.


Jane has written articles and blog posts about used cars sales, car maintenance, motor coaches, and distracted driving laws.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Jane has experience meeting SEO Keyword Requirements in articles and blog posts for various industries.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Jane maintained a blog about writing, books, and mental health. She has also written blog posts for several clients about a variety of topics in many different industries. She has experience writing informative posts and blending humor with clear, concise writing.


Jane helped prepare a presentation and training materials about the admissions process, highlighting areas of particular relevance to the recruitment staff.

Facebook Post

Jane wrote Facebook posts advertising upcoming shows and auditions for Emerson Comedy Workshop.


Jane worked as a copywriter for a software company hoping to inform potential customers about their product.


Jane has written a Whiteboard Animation script to be used at a national conference, as well as a script for a training video about workplace dialogues.

Web Page

Jane has written web content pages for several companies who were looking to develop content rich pages for their new or existing websites.


Jane has written articles on a variety of topics ranging from Dementia caretakers, flood prevention, entertainment lists.

Projects By Expertise
Creative Writer

Jane's short story "Why People Lie" appeared in Issue 9 of Monkeybicycle.

Technical Writer

During her time as an Admissions Representative, Jane has helped draft and proofread interdepartmental memos, campus-wide communications, and letters to prospective students.


Jane helped with the editing process for an undergraduate literary magazine at Emerson College, serving as both a reader and editor for accepted submissions. She has also edited content through writeraccess.

Projects by Writing Style

Jane wrote a 25-Point Review for HTLMGiant. She also participated in the comedy troupe, Emerson Comedy Workshop.


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