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Pamela J

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Pamela's mission and passion is that everyone can enjoy better health. She is committed to sharing what she's learned and inspiring others because it is never too late to get your health under control. Her group exercise classes are focused on helping people make real changes in their bodies. Making lifestyle changes takes courage and consistency. As a fitness professional, Pamela enjoys every moment of providing information and physical exercise to individuals on their weight loss journey.

In addition to conducting a variety of fitness classes, Pamela is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach offering lectures on basic nutrition and how to get started exercising.
Pamela's writing specialties are descriptive, expository and persuasive.
Pamela enjoys exercising, reading and spending time with her family
Coker College, Hartsville, SC Sociology and Public Health, Bachelors of Arts

Pamela is a fitness programmer and writer for Fort Jackson, FMWR located in South Carolina. A graduate from Coker College; Pamela earned her degree in Sociology and continues to pursue certifications in natural health and fitness nutrition. She is a certified trainer with the Cooper Institute and a certified group and kickboxing fitness instructor with AFAA. She is currently going for her Doctorate in Alternative Biblical Medicine. Pamela writes a monthly fitness column for the Fort Jackson Leader; a South Carolina statewide newspaper. Pamela's mission is to spread the gift of health by helping readers easily understand how to get their health under control.

Honors and Awards
USOC Paralympic Leadership Conference Jun 2012
With all honors, rights and privileges Pamela participated and successfully completed 2.100 unites of continuing education to instruct and train others in adaptive sport and recreation.

Association Memberships
Eat Smart Move More The SC Eat Smart Move More Coalition coordinates obesity prevention efforts across the state and leads the implementation of South Carolina's Obesity Prevention Plan.

Nutrition Action Pamela is a member of Nutrition Action, Center for Science in the public interest since 2005. As a member Pamela is educated on the educational programs and presses for changes in government and corporate policies as they relate to nutrition

Certified Personal Trainer The Cooper Institute
Pamela has been a certified trainer with The Cooper Institute since 2004. She has successfully completed exams and required training that allow her the rights, honors and privileges to conduct one on one personal training

Kickboxing Certification AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America)
Pamela has been a AFAA certifed kickboxing instructor since 2007. She has earned all the honors, rights and privileges authorizing her to conduct group exercise classes in Kickboxing.

Group Exercise Instructor AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America)
Pamela Long is recognized for completion of prescribed course of Group Exercise Instructor, authorizing her all rights and privileges to conduct certified group exercise classes

Projects by Industry

As fitness programmer and writer for Fort Jackson,
Pamela Long develops multiple styles of group exercise classes include aquatic classe, cycling, strength and conditioning, zumba and more. Duties also include wellness programs for the work setting to help employees build better health habits in the workplace. Long develops fitness and wellness recreation programs that promote health with recreation beyond the gym. She host weight loss and fitness competitions, conducts fitness lectures, write fitness and wellness articles and more.


As a Fitness Nutrition Coach, Pamela Long analyzes intake from food logs, and makes general recommendation, promote healthy eating patterns and behaviors while educating clients on how to make healthier food choices. She also provides information on the myths about nutrition.


Pamela is the creator of a wellness ministry devoted to spreading the gift of health according to God's plan. Her ministry involves exercise and healthy eating and is supported with direct verses from the Bible. Each workout and nutrition lecture begins with Bible evidence of how God wanted people to live. Pamela believes people who love the Lord but struggle with their weight might adopt a healthier lifestyle if they knew God's desires for their health.

Projects by Asset Type
Product Description

As a fitness trainer, Pamela often writes descriptions on how to perform a specific exercise. Her use of easy to understand directions allow readers to get the most out of the exercise she is currently describing. She believes a clear layout of how to execute an exercise properly, is key to exercise retention and satisfaction.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

Pamela writes for information to show how to perform specific tasks. Her style uses a complete breakdown of each portion of the exercise so that the reader can visualize the description. When describing an exercise she includes an alternate that challenges and an alternate for the beginner. She also includes proper form and breathing techniques to ensure the importance of safety.

Projects by Writing Style

Pamela enjoys an easy style of writing. She loves creating information that is conversational in nature. Readers after comment on the comfortable way she informs about important issues in fitness and wellness. Her mission is to allow her words to build a friendship with the reader. Her writing strives to build a relationship of geniune care. She wants readers to recognize that she understands.


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