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Alexandra D

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Last Login 8/25/2016
Location Surprise, AZ
Education Some College
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Summary of Experience
Alex is a tech savvy 20 year old with one year of English college courses under her belt. She is continuing her education towards an English major and knows how to work excel and word. Has written and continues to write for several clients, all of which have given her high praise.
Considering herself a master in computers and technology, she can easily utilize Google's search function for top research quality, and is well informed in writing for advertisement.
She enjoys writing in her down time while continuing to self-teach in programming languages such as Java and C++. She has a passion for games and the gaming industry.
Glendale Community College English, Going for English Major

With a new found love for writing Alex has enrolled in college courses in hopes of attaining an English Major.

Willow Canyon High School General Study, High School Diploma

Came back from a one year gap during high school to graduate with a 3.8 GPA and make honors.

Honors and Awards
Presidential Scholarship Aug 2012
After she placed with Exceedingly high test scores in Math, English, and Writing Alex was offered a scholarship and to join the honors program.

Gold Award University of Zurich
An honorary award for completing several tests of attentiveness accurately and in a timely fashion.

Projects by Industry
Consumer Goods

During her time working with various clients Alex has written over 100 product descriptions and advertisement snippets for sporting goods and clothing. She makes sure to highlight the key points of a product while giving it enough flare to make a customer enjoy reading the information while wanting to look more into it.


The music industry is constantly looking for new sound and that means getting the bands voice heard and reviewed. That is where people like Alex come in and listen to a new band and give it a critique picking apart each piece of the music and pointing out the bands strong points and areas that need work.


Not only has she created and submitted a small game to a contest this last month, but Alex also has experience writing about games as well. Because she has a passion for gaming and has played well over hundreds of different games she considers herself an expert in this industry.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

She has written a few projects for clients that would give a required keyword density (2 - 3%) and Alex would deliver them promptly and accurately. She can easily place the keyword into the article without making it feel forced. The word will flow evenly through out her writings as seamless as possible.

Projects by Asset Type

Alex has spent a great deal of time learning how to write quick adverts that will be catchy enough to grasp the customers attention while informative enough to help them decide on buying it. She has written over a hundred articles for product descriptions and advertisement snippets for sports goods, games, and clothing.

Projects By Expertise
Creative Writer

Although Alex is still new to the writing business she has managed to branch out and write for several different needed styles, one of which being creative. She has written 3 paid projects in this style, but has more experience for making creative projects out of fun that her family and friends have enjoyed.

Projects by Company Size
Large Business

During her time writing advertisement projects and product descriptions she was able to work with a larger company that required her to go through several people before her work would be accepted, and often had to make contact with more than one person to acquire specific details. It had always worked out well and was a great learning experience.

Small Business

Mostly dealing with smaller companies and clients she has written at least 20 projects from several different clients. These clients are usually standing alone or in a small group, but still require the same amount of attention and professionalism that any other company deserves.


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