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Jasey C

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Jase began her professional writing career in 2009 after deciding to pursue her passion while sharing her experiences. She has thousands of articles published on varying topics including pets, wildlife, arthropods, gardening, organic gardening and landscaping, along with several published pieces on the topic of early childcare. Jase is also a ghost writer who works with several clients on pieces ranging from articles to blog posts and e-books to buying guides on topics including professional photography, online marketing, marketing tactics and many other industries.
Jase specializes in writing general content, researched content and blog posts for various industries and interests.
Jase C. specializes in having fun -- particularly outdoors! She's never minded getting her hands dirty and, more often than not, she's got the dirt under her nails to prove it. Her creative outlets include painting, flower pressing, resin casting and other art, as well as gardening, landscaping, backcountry camping and hiking.
Central Noble High School General Study; Majors in Mathematics and French, H.S.

High school ended and while Jase wanted to pursue a higher education, life circumstances prevented that from happening. She completed five years worth of both math and French during her four years of high school. She continues to toy with the idea of furthering her education but is focused on her career for the time being.

Projects by Industry

Jase's experience in gardening includes nearly every aspect of the landscape including vegetable gardens, container gardens, planting, pruning, general care and disease. She is also well-versed in pests, organic products and native plants -- anything dealing with the environmental aspect of landscaping. Outside of writing, she has years of experience working in a nursery, as well as landscaping experience.


Jase worked as a full-time nanny for her godson for four years and also as an assistant in a daycare where she taught, planned crafts and activities, planned meals and cooked for up to 12 children ranging in age from newborn to 6 years old.


Jase grew her passion for animals while she was young; in elementary school, she would watch the class pets during summer and winter breaks. Her pet experience spans from reptiles to rodents and dogs to goats. She's also a supporter and activist for animal rights and pet adoption.


After growing up in an area with no other houses in sight where fields, forests and creeks all covered her family's land, she developed a passion for outdoor recreation. Most of her writing experience in the field is based on national parks, state parks and camping in remote areas.

Real Estate

Jase's most recent projects have included writing commercial and office real estate descriptions for the cities of San Francisco and New York (over 350 individual pieces). The descriptions include architecture, building amenities, the various neighborhoods and more. She has also ghost-written for real estate professionals' blogs about Chicago market trends and about different Chicago markets and neighborhoods.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Jase has written numerous SEO blog posts and website pages for various industries. Many of her assignments in the past six months have been solely SEO-related articles or posts to help boost a company's online presence. This work is solely written as exclusive property of the client.

Projects by Asset Type

As a content writer, Jase has been published on numerous websites and praised for her content. She specializes in fully researched, factually correct pieces laid out in a simple-to-read-and-understand format which drags the readers in and holds their attention. Article topics are diverse and may seem random, but that just adds to her knowledge and diversity.

Blog Post

While Jase does have experience creating her own blog posts, most of her blogging experience comes from writing for various industry professionals as a ghostwriter. She realizes that writing is a gift and, as such, her gift allows her to help various professionals maintain a relevant and professionally written blog. She's written blog posts for the following industries and topics: wedding photography, human resources, hiring professionals, natural foods, online marketing and virtual assistants.

Web Page

Jase's experience writing the content for websites isn't as inclusive or impressive as her other assets, although she is experienced writing for a few different industries. She understands the importance of keywords and she knows how quickly a potential customer will be turned off by sloppy or irrelevant text. She's written web pages and content for industries including photography, pest control, and the recycled paper and pulp industry.

Technical Article

Jase has written a handful of technical articles, primarily specification pieces for a number of different products. Technical pieces she has written include technical specifications written out for the lay person. She's written specification pieces on autos, cameras, home office equipment and more. Most of the pieces are simplified for the lay person, although she can provide technical writing for professionals.

Projects by Writing Style

Jase has written innumerable articles designed to help the reader accomplish any number of tasks, although most of her work in this area is relegated to gardening and home. Most of these articles are written for the lay DIYer, the weekend warrior, if you will. The tone for these articles is often a blend between authoritative and conversational, but always with the reader in mind.


Throughout her years as a freelance writer, Jase has written thousands of conversational pieces that speak to readers of different experience levels, although most of her work is designed to target lay readers with little or no past experience relating to the subjects. However, most of her ghostwriting work for various industries is conversational and directed toward industry professionals.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

When writing for companies, Jase prefers to write for the small guys -- although she doesn't limit herself to only small companies! She has written numerous website pages and blog posts for small companies including photographers, pest control, HVAC services, counselors and more. Included in her experience is writing job descriptions when these companies need to expand their team.


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