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Krista F. is a writer, anthropologist, poet, and fitness professional. Her eclectic interests, along with a Master's Degree in Cultural Anthropology from Indiana University in Bloomington and a Bachelor's Degree in English and Anthropology/Sociology from Albion College in Michigan provide her with a unique skill set and knowledge base as a writer.

She worked as a radio news anchor and writer, composing short news stories with spot on sound bites for concise news reports and longer interview pieces in a talk show format. She's a keen interviewer one on one.

In addition, her background in anthropology and ethnography has given her a knack for understanding how to communicate with different demographics. Her work as an archaeologist helped her develop good technical writing and research skills.

Krista F. has been an ACE Group Exercise Certified Instructor for 18 years, during which time she's worked at a variety of fitness facilities. She coordinated the group exercise program at a medically integrated wellness and fitness center for five years, where she marketed the program, monitored staff, kept up with trends and more. Her understanding of various groups helps her market fitness classes to people of all ages. Her interaction with these groups, individual gym members, and staff further enriches her ability to communicate effectively.

In addition to news writing and fitness promotion, Krista has published poems, essays, and academic papers in various periodicals focused on everything from parenting to archaeology and economic anthropology.

She enjoys mental and physical gymnastics. Her love of physical movement fuels her writing philosophy. Krista has an athletic work ethic. For her, taking a complicated set of ideas and stream-lining it into an understandable, clear format is an exciting challenge. Every double-back flip is just energy harnessed and funneled into a tight clean well-executed tuck. It is spectacular to watch and the viewer has no idea how much practice and thought went into the maneuver. An effective piece of writing, no matter the content, should be entertaining, fluid and seamless, according to Krista.
Are you looking to draw in new customers, retain loyal clients and educate and energize people along the way? Krista F. has the ability to put together an engaging newsletter for your organization, write blog posts or compose "call to action e-mails" that includes solid writing and up-to-date links. In addition she has ample experience writing and publishing straight news stories, informational articles, ethnography, and creative essays. Krista F. has created content for group exercise schedules, policy manuals, newsletters, blogs and websites.
Krista F. is an anthropologist with a love for ethnography; gaining insight from various cultural practices and writing about it. Her interest in the experience of being human has led her to interact professionally with many different groups.

Krista F. has been certified by the American Council on Exercise since 1996 as a Group Exercise Instructor. She has 16 years of experience in the fitness industry teaching classes and managing a staff comprised of individuals of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Working as a coordinator in a medically integrated fitness facility, Krista F. created the schedule to cater to individuals with mobility issues as well as elite athletes. She has ample hands-on experience teaching classes, interacting with the public, providing customer service and marketing.

Krista F. has also worked in other types of fitness facilities including a university gym, YMCA, corporate wellness and a racquet club. She has also provided "satellite classes" in office environments. Her ample experience in fitness enlightens her approach to researching and writing on the topic.

In addition, Krista F. worked as a radio news anchor and writer for 5 years. She has a keen interest and understanding of local politics, government, and non-profit activities. She can write both lengthy news stories and concise 30 second stories on all news topics. Her news reporting involved on-air interviews, which helped her hone her ability to draw out pertinent information from interviewees.

In her spare time, Krista F. is involved in running, gardening, and history. These interests have led her to take on leadership roles on local non-profit and city boards. This has given her a deep understanding of subject matter and promotion. She put together a newsletter for her local running club and a local historical group. She has also edited and contributed to creative writing journals focused on poetry and essays.
Albion College English and Anthropology/Sociology, BA with honors, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa

Krista F.'s interest in writing and understanding what it means to be human resulted in a double-major at Albion College.

She paid her way through college working as an English Tutor, Anthropology Tutor, Lifeguard, Orientation Leader, Resident Assistant, and snack bar cook. Wearing many hats made her connect with every story on "Work" Studs Terkel, the famed sociologist, ever wrote.

Krista spent several months in college working as an excavator for the Naco Valley Archaeology Project. Her project involvement culminated with her honor's thesis centered on the excavation and interpretation of an obsidian workshop area in Honduras' Naco Valley,

Indiana University Cultural Anthropology and Social Change, Masters of Art, Doctoral Candidate

Minors: Archaeology and Economic Anthropology, Latin American Studies
Specialties: Anthropology of Tourism, Phenomenological Theory, Ethnography

Krista F's doctoral studies focused on The Anthropology of Tourism in Cobano de Puntarenas Costa Rica

Honors and Awards
Commencement Speaker Krista F. auditioned and was granted the honor of being chosen to address her graduating class at Albion College in 1991 as the featured student speaker.

Fulbright-Hays Honrable Mention Essay Award The Fulbright-Hay's Anniversary Essay Contest Committee enjoyed Krista's writing on tourism in Costa Rica enough to grant it an award.

Outstanding Media Relations Award While working as a radio news anchor and reporter, Krista F. developed productive positive work relationships with many groups. Winchester School Board bestowed the "Outstanding Media Relations Award" on her in 2000.

Association Memberships
Phi Beta Kappa Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa at Albion College

Irwin Society Honor Society for College English Majors, Albion College

Group Exercise Instructor American Council on Exercise
Krista has been an ACE Certified Group Exercise Instructor for 15 years and has led classes for 16. She directed a group exercise program at a medically integrated facility with 6,000 members for five years. She leads strength training, step aerobics, kickboxing, sports conditioning, indoor cycling and aqua aerobics.

Projects by Industry

Krista F. coordinated the group exercise program for a gym with 6,000 members and more than 85 classes and special events on the schedule. The job included writing promotional material, creating the schedule using Excel, educational tracts for members, and communications with staff and other professionals, including policy manuals.


Krista has created numerous workouts for exercisers. Many of these are outdoor focused. She has included a sample of an outdoor medicine ball bootcamp exercise session below.


Krista F.'s work in the fitness industry has allowed her to produce numerous writings of all sorts related to health and wellness. She composes a newsletter and blog entries for a corporate wellness program. She has also created policy manuals, marketing materials and articles for gyms of all sizes.

Projects by Asset Type

As Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, Krista regularly presents advice regarding the board's business to City Council. In addition, as Group Exercise Coordinator for a 6,000 member gym, she regularly gave presentations about exercise instruction, leadership, and safety to my staff, participants, and co-workers in other departments.

Annual Report

Monthly reports about the Group Exercise program were part of Krista's job as Group Exercise Coordinator for a 6,000 member gym with 80 classes a week. She tracked attendance, budget, staffing, and created and monitored programming. She created monthly reports using this data.

In addition, Krista contributed articles to the Annual Report at the Polis Center when she worked for its communications department.


Krista created numerous/daily in-house advertisements comprised of flyers, press releases, ads, posters and electronic media announcements to promote classes and events while working as a coordinator for a medically integrated fitness facility.


Krista has written numerous articles throughout the past two decades while working as a news writer and anchor for WINC Radio, on the communications staff at the Polis Center, and as a coordinator in the field of fitness.


Creative writing is Krista's passion. She has contributed to literary anthologies and magazines. Attached is an example of one of her essays that was granted an award in a Fulbright Hayes contest.

Krista's contributed to two archaeology books and her honors thesis, The Excavation of an Obsidian Workshop Area at the La Sierra Site in Honduras' Naco Valley, is bound and shelved at Albion College.


As Chairman of the Winchester Parks and Recreation Board, Krista spearheaded the creation of a "giving brochure" for the Winchester Parks and Recreation Foundation to distribute to potential donors.

Additionally, as Group Exercise Coordinator at Valley Health Wellness and Fitness Center, Krista created all promotional material for the program.

Facebook Post

Krista understands the marketing potential Facebook provides for all endeavors- business or non-profit. She uses Facebook to prompt community action in relation to her position as Winchester Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Chairperson. She also uses it to communicate with fitness participants about upcoming events and to keep them motivated.

News Story

During her 6 years at WINC Radio, Krista delivered up to the minute news to an audience of 50,000+ listeners. As a news anchor and reporter she covered local, state and national events. From school board members to Senators, Krista was adept at interviewing a variety of individuals and reporting in a fair, timely and accurate manner.

She also wrote articles for the Polis Center annual report.

Press Release

Krista wrote press releases that were sent to local media outlets to promote events at Valley Health Wellness and Fitness Center. As a news anchor and reporter at WINC she also read thousands of press releases and followed-up with the submitting agencies to create news stories about the upcoming events.


Krista was chosen to deliver the commencement speech representing her college graduating class at Albion College. Since then, she has written and delivered speeches at work and to support political candidates.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

While working for the Communications Department at the Polis Center, Krista researched articles on the center's projects. She composed articles for the center's annual report and contributed to press releases.

Krista was a researcher in the world of MesoAmerican Archaeology and published a thesis on her excavations in Honduras. Her work, "The Excavation of an Obsidian Workshop Area at the La Sierra Site of Honduras' Naco Valley" is housed at Albion College. She was also a contributor to books by Dr. Ed Shortman and Pat Urban pertaining to the site. Additionally, she was a contributing author to a book compiled Dr. K.D. Vitelli about archaeological ethics.

Creative Writer

Throughout the past two decades, Krista has contributed poetry and essays to various literary magazines. She has a attached a poem that has been accepted for publication in a spring 2014 print/web magazine.


Working as a news anchor and reporter at WINC Radio for several years gave her the opportunity to research, write and read numerous news stories about local, state, and national events.

Projects by Writing Style

While directing the Group Exercise Program at Valley Health Wellness and Fitness Center, Krista wrote the Policy Manual for Exercise Instructors and regularly created content documents to direct staff.


Regularly corresponding with a staff of 20 instructors during her tenure as Group Exercise Coordinator at Valley Health Wellness and Fitness Center required her to connect personally with instructors while disseminating job related information. Writing radio news also required conversational writing ability depending on the story content.


Krista researched, wrote and read countless news articles while working as a radio news anchor and reporter at 92.5 WINK FM/AM 1400 WINC. She covered local, state and national news and human interest stories. She is comfortable conducting interviews and is able to sum up information in clear, accurate, fair and interesting ways.


Krista produced promotional materials and articles for the Group Exercise Program at Valley Health Wellness and Fitness Center during her time as coordinator of that program.

Projects by Company Size
Large Business

Krista worked as a News Anchor and Reporter for WINC Radio. The station has a listening audience that extends from the Northern Shenandoah Valley to the greater Washington DC area. A modest estimate of the listening audience is 50,000 people.

In addition, she directed the Group Exercise Program for Valley Health Wellness and Fintess Center. The facility serves 6,000 members. It is the largest facility in the Winchester,Virginia region. It is the only accredited medically integrated facility in the region. She was tasked with creating and writing all materials related to the coordination and promotion of the Group Exercise Program and staff management.

Medium Business

Krista worked for the Communications Department at the Polis Center and researched and wrote articles and press releases for the center's project on Religion and Urban Culture. The Polis Center is part of IUPUI, a large school. However, the center is a small to mid-size organization.


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