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Jamie is a professional content writer who delivers unique, engaging, and useful content in each piece she writes. Her work is both SEO-focused, stylish, and crafted for individuals scouring the web for information that stands out from the noise . She has written hundreds of blogs and articles about business and insurance, which are her specialties. Jamie’s writing isn’t limited to blog posts; she also enjoys writing articles, press releases, web page content, product descriptions, social media posts, news stories, and email copy.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Business Management, Jamie delivers compelling blog posts that help customers understand why a particular business meets their needs, which helps her clients convert traffic. Currently, Jamie is pursuing her master’s in Project Management at Western Carolina University. Her seven years of academic writing, coupled with her years of experience as a professional content writer, provide her clients with a versatile writer who leverages her experience to create meaningful content.

Jamie enjoys working with a multitude of clients. Clients can send her solo projects or add her to their Love Lists.


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2,149 Projects Completed

With hundreds of blog posts under her belt, Jamie G understands that clients want targeted, engaging content for their sites. She researches each site and creates content that visitors will find engaging.

Industry Projects

  • Business1,000+
  • Insurance500+
  • Construction100+
  • Real Estate100+
  • Finance100+
  • Health50+
  • Technology50+
  • Home Living50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Jamie writes extensively for a variety of businesses. Utilizing the knowledge gained from her business experience, she can write about marketing, management, project management, e-Commerce, and product descriptions.


As a former licensed insurance agent, Jamie has years of experience pitching various types of insurance products to customers based on their needs. Her knowledge of insurance products includes health insurance, life insurance, annuities, auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, commercial general liability, property insurance, and business owners’ packages.


Jamie has created content concerning roofs, construction design, and kitchen and bathroom design for many clients. She enjoys focusing on improving efficiency and introducing new technology and trends that change the game within the industry.

Real Estate

Jamie has written countless articles about the real estate market. She has an uncanny ability to dissect complex topics and present them to audiences naturally. Her work includes topics on interest rates, multigenerational housing, and home staging.


While working as a bookkeeper, Jamie gained first-hand knowledge of the fundamentals of finance. Additionally, her experience as a life insurance agent placed her up close and personal with clients’ finances, allowing her to assess their financial situations and develop well-rounded financial solutions for them, not merely sell them one insurance product.


As former Certified Nursing Assistant, Jamie has an insider’s perspective on health care. With her knowledge and experience, she writes empathetically about lifestyle changes, diseases, and maintaining a healthy weight.


As a tech junkie, Jamie loves everything associated with technology. She has a fascination with gadgets that increase productivity and make businesses run smoother.

Home Living

Jamie is always looking for a creative design article. She has written extensively on ways for renters and homeowners to modernize their homes on a budget.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Press Release20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

With hundreds of blog posts under her belt, Jamie G understands that clients want targeted, engaging content for their sites. She researches each site and creates content that visitors will find engaging.

Press Release

Much like a treasure hunt for Jamie, she enjoys searching client’s websites and crafting focused press releases using the information she’s found. Her use of quotes helps her write authoritative and compelling press releases for any industry.

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