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Alana's extensive portfolio reflects both her wide-ranging personal background as well as her professional history. Raised by a restaurant-owning father and a mother who was a cardiac nurse, she learned early about the value of hard work. Alana went to college at 16, and immersed herself in a mixture of pre-med, business, photography, music, and English classes, trying to soak up as much book knowledge as she could before heading off into the real world.

She has spent her adult life discovering the world as an award-winning professional musician, sommelier, trained chef, and social media guru. In the immortal words of Wayne Campbell, she has an "extensive collection of name tags and hairnets." It is this passion for learning and a desire to share all the things she's been lucky enough to experience that led her to pursue a career in writing.

Over the past few years, she has written for clients across a variety of industries, using her SEO knowledge to boost the profile of online retailers and increase her clients' blog traffic by adding quality, non-puff pieces that are as interesting to consumers as they are useful to the client. In addition to continuously creating content for a number of high-profile hospitality and food & wine publications, Alana also loves writing travel-related pieces, has clients in the law and medical fields, and has penned literally thousands of product descriptions for both brick-and-mortar businesses and major online retailers.

Alana's goal is to create content that always respects the reader, is informative without ever being condescending, and engages both the reader and the client, so they continue to come back time and time again. It's Alana's philosophy that when you're passionate about what you do and committed to quality, the result is bound to be truly exciting.
Alana specializes in blog and article writing, but she enjoys creating copy of almost any kind. Her favorite topics include food, wine, travel, music, and she loves writing product descriptions -- it's almost as fun as actual shopping! Almost.

Lately she's been concentrating heavily on the marketing sector, creating content for some of the industry's most well-respected publications. Her expertise includes knowledge of mobile marketing, SMS automation, relationship marketing, the workings and application of the Internet of Things and much, much more.
Alana loves music, and frequently listens to everything from opera to Tuvan throat singers to Irish traditional tunes to Pink (and always lots and lots of Tom Petty) while writing.

She likes to be outside when the Vegas heat allows (i.e., not in June, July, or August), and her nightly walk with her stinky Shar Pei is her favorite time to brainstorm new topics. Alana tries to eat out when she can, which is hazardous for the waistline but great fodder for articles and blogs.

Alana is always packing reading material; anyone doubting her love of the written word only needs to take a gander at the inside of her poor Prius. Somewhere under the pile of industry magazines, local free papers, books (at last look there was Kevin Zraly's wine book, a guidebook about Italy, and a trashy drugstore romance novel), and some mail she should probably open, is a car.

She's currently learning French and Italian and will probably end up speaking a strange combination of the two.

Alana likes to juice on occasion (especially when she's on a particularly fierce yoga and Pilates kick), but she also loves McDonald's french fries. She's not afraid to say that foie gras tastes like pennies and, if she could, she would drink champagne with every meal.
College of Southern Nevada Culinary Arts, Business, Associates

Alana studied a self-designed curriculum of business, hospitality, and hands-on culinary courses to arm herself with all the necessary tools to be successful in the restaurant industry.

Honors and Awards
Multiple Titles, Fleadh Cheoil Over the course of her competitive music career, Alana amassed an impressive amount of titles, including 1st and 2nd place trophies in solo, duet, trio, and group categories, both here in the United States and in Ireland, where she competed on the fiddle in what amounts to the Olympics of Irish music.

Association Memberships
Society of Wine Educators

Guild of Master Sommeliers

Projects by Industry

After several years working as a touring musician while based in NYC, Alana was hired by the NY-NY Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV, to put together a show for a new in-house venue. A three-month contract turned into six successful years and a total of more than 1800 performances before Alana put down her fiddle to pursue her passion for writing.

Still, those years on stage and the decade she has spent living in what is arguably the entertainment capital of the world has given Alana a unique appreciation for the industry. She's always happy to offer up her unabashedly honest take on things like concerts, movies, live shows, nightclubs, entertainment news, and celebrity gossip, and several of her write ups have been featured in both local and national web-based publications, with a few of the funnier pieces making the rounds on social media.


Alana's father met her mother when he hired her to work in his restaurant. Her parents' love for all things hospitality related was instilled in their children, and they all grew up working in restaurants, catering, and (eventually) tending bar. Alana took this passion one step further, enrolling in culinary school and becoming a sommelier pinned by the prestigious Court of Master Sommeliers. She regularly works in a restaurant as a sommelier and trainer, and teaches wine and food classes to both industry professionals and interested patrons.

Such a varied and extensive background has given Alana the expertise to tackle any food- or wine-themed piece with her signature combination of creativity, knowledge, and insight.


Alana's impressive food and beverage background is amply outlined above, but it's her years working in restaurants that have led to her success as an industry consultant. She excels at menu design, refining dish descriptions, creating food and wine pairings, designing wine tastings, and event planning, and has written training manuals aimed at both new hires and continuing education, two things she believes are essential to any restaurant's success.


While Alana is admittedly not a licensed medical professional, years spent studying biology and anatomy and a family full of nurses and doctors gradually instilled in her a passion for the field of medicine. She has written for several personal injury attorneys and for a major medical supplier site, creating pieces about everything from compartmental syndrome to spinal injuries, as well as articles about nutrition, researching and choosing a new doctor, and working with insurance companies. In this field, accuracy is paramount, so Alana does extensive research on each piece to ensure the information she includes is reliable.


Alana spent 15 years traveling the world as a professional musician and music teacher. Though she has essentially "retired," preferring to spend her time cooking, drinking wine, reading, and of course writing, she still does the occasional performance and master class when properly enticed. Her years of experience come in very handy when writing album reviews, how-tos on things like creating a band, learning guitar, or understanding music theory, and pretty much anything else music related.


Alana has spent her adult life discovering the world as an award-winning professional musician, sommelier, trained chef, and social media guru. She has traveled extensively, for both business and pleasure, and the only thing she loves more than seeing the world is being able to share her experiences with other people. Alana has written for the online version of a major travel book publisher and a well-known flight/hotel/car rental conglomerate, and also maintains a blog detailing her own exploits and adventures.


Alana has a passion for creating superior marketing material designed to engage the reader. She believes that great copy nimbly toes the line between impassioned and pushy, drawing the consumer in and making them instantly crave more information about the product or retailer. Alana has written product descriptions and related marketing material for big-name retailers including a major cookware conglomerate, an office supply chain, a children's toy emporium, and several of the most popular internet-based shopping sites, as well for up-and-coming entities looking to broaden their reach and create an inviting (and of course profitable) internet presence.

She also creates content for the marketing sector itself, including pieces featured in some of the industry's most well-respected publications. Her expertise includes knowledge of mobile marketing, SMS automation, relationship marketing, the workings and application of the Internet of Things and much, much more.


If you need proof that humor sells (or gets you Internet traffic, which essentially amounts to the same thing), all you have to do is check out your Facebook feed. Viral content is almost entirely humor based - with a generous dollop of cute babies and ornery cats - and there's a reason for that: people love to laugh and they love to make other people laugh, so they're more likely to share, save, and remember something that evokes their favorite belly-jiggling emotion.

If you want people to remember you need to either make them laugh or make them cry... and isn't it so much more fun to cause the happy kind of tears?

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Alana's goal: pieces that are interesting, attention grabbing, original, and SEO optimized, all without ever reading as though that was the sole or utmost intent. Keywords should be effective, both in form and placement, and content should effectively serve SEO purposes while still engaging the reader, and Alana always writes with that mantra in mind.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Alana maintains several blogs of her own (one pertaining to travel, one centered around food and wine) and is a frequent contributor to third-party sites, writing about everything from fashion to legal issues to education, with a few hundred pieces on construction, insurance, real estate, and wine thrown in for good measure.


Alana is an experienced copywriter, having produced content beautifully describing the features and benefits of a variety of products. Be it automobiles, accessories, clothing, home furnishings, kitchenware, edible gourmet delicacies, or intangible service-oriented goods like a landscaping business or doctor's office, she can create content that sells the reader without coming across as pushy or aggressive.

Projects By Expertise
Creative Writer

Short stories and other types of creative prose are one of Alana's passions. Though she is just starting to build a commercial presence in the field of creative writing, Alana has discovered that her penchant for writing in a very accessible and descriptive way helps create an instantaneous bond with her readership.


Alana is an experienced copywriter, specializing in producing advertising and marketing content that emphasizes the unique features of each product, person, or service. Her captivating and memorable descriptions have sold everything from gourmet foodstuffs to home furnishings to beauty products and jewelry.

Alana also excels at creating web content for service-oriented businesses, including recent website renovations for a yoga studio, a high-end jewelry company, and a wine consultant, giving each client a virtual facelift that allowed them to take their brand to exciting new levels.

Projects by Writing Style

Everything Alana writes comes either from a place of personal experience or as the result of extensive, thorough research, so that the final product can be counted on for complete accuracy. Whether you're writing a blog on Fashion Week trends or a white paper on nutrition, an authoritative tone is imperative when creating a relationship with your readership and Alana is dedicated to helping forge that bond through her pieces.


One of the talents Alana is most proud of is her ability to breakdown complex ideas and "tech speak" into conversational text that is easy for the average reader to understand. There is a big difference (and yet so often a very fine line) between writing in a way that's accessible and accidentally coming across as condescending; it's Alana's goal to always aim for an achieve the latter.

Conversational writing is a great way to make your brand seem more approachable. By creating a comfort level between you and current and/or potential clients you're also creating a connection and the foundation for a bond that often evolves into long-term a business relationship - or at least some web traffic!


Alana thinks she's extraordinarily funny, and loves nothing more than to make people (and by people, she often means herself) laugh. Luckily for her, her quirky brand of witty humor seems to be appreciated by a wide range of people, and she loves writing projects that give her an opportunity to inject a little bit of irreverence.


While much of the content we see on the web is written in informal or conversational styles (and of course there can be great benefits to that, depending on the audience and the context), there are times at which a more formal feel is appropriate. In these cases, Alana embodies a journalistic approach. This may involve seamlessly incorporating the news values detailed by industry icons Gatlung and Ruge and Shoemaker and now widely regarded as standard (Relevance, Proximity, Timeliness, Simplification, Predictability, Novelty, etc.) or it could just be reporting newsworthy or relevant content in an unbiased and factually supported way.


Let's face it: Nobody wants to read promotional copy that screams that it's promotional copy! There is an art to the soft sell, and it requires a deft hand and a keen eye. Calls to action must be subtle yet effective, company names must be integrated, and the product or service must be presented in a way that makes the reader realize they want to take action instead of feeling like they're being bullied into it.

Alana believes that the best way to promote your business is by creating content that speaks to what the reader wants (instead of writing what you, the business owner, wants to share) and then adding in information about how your business solves that problem or otherwise makes life more fun, less arduous, or just plain easier for potential clients.


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