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Completed Orders 219
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Repeat Clients 35%
Last Login 10/13/2016
Location Las Vegas, NV
Education College Diploma
Status Available
Blog Post5
Press Release1
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Summary of Experience
Marie is a published writer, with a niche in the luxury industry.

Marie manages tight deadlines, short turnaround times, and cites her research. She enjoys industry specific and asset specific work orders. Marie drafts her content from research, statistics, and facts with a twist of her own creativity. Marie keeps her work consistent by sticking to a select amount of topics in which she has experience with. She has worked in the retail industry, gaming industry, and currently holds the title as an elite fashion writer.

What started Marie's flare for writing? Her writing career began when she managed an upscale retail boutique with locations from Scottsdale to United States Virgin Islands. She held a salaried position for several years before chasing her dreams and relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada.
Marie's greatest writing asset is her ability to generate sharp and engaging topics while producing content to match. She is ambitious and is known for providing her clients with relevant content. Marie enjoys conversing with her clients to better understand their needs. She is a working professional in the Las Vegas, Nevada gaming industry who also attends college online.
Marie's interests are business and writing. When she is not reading she is writing, and when she is not writing she is researching what to write next. Marie is always available through electronic communications; she has an iPad in hand ready to network and make things happen.
ASU Rapid Startup School Aug 2014 –
Entrepreneurship and Innovation,

The Rapid Startup School at ASU is a flexible program which allows students to continue their education while maintaining their career.

Scottsdale Community College May 2014 –
English and Math, Summer Semester

Marie spent her Summer vacation refreshing her mathematics and writing knowledge. She returned to college to take a 16 week course in four and a half weeks while maintaining a home and career.

Lamson College Medical Assistant,

Marie gained valuable experience during vocational school. She learned professional medical skills, customer service, and how to work well on a team.

Apache Trail High High School,

Apache Trail High is a high school located in Arizona.

Honors and Awards
Employee Recognition Aug 2013

Thanks for your hard work and positive attitude for the birthday sale! You kept the fitting rooms running smoothly and helped many customers all at once. Keep up the awesome-ness! We appreciate your hard work!

Sarah + Management"

Screenshot on file

Review Jun 2013
"Congratulations on your article Marie, which I read; you captured the glam of Beverly Hills!" - Lorri Scott

Screenshot on file

Association Memberships
Society of American Business Editors and Writers Jan 2015
Marie is pleased to be accepted by SABEW. As she progresses towards becoming a magazine editor; she stops at nothing to fight her way to the top.

Arab Business Club Oct 2013
Marie was recently invited to join the Arab Business Club. By joining the organization she boosted her social circle tremendously. Marie enjoys being a part of the affluent and diverse association.

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Gaming License Nevada State Gaming Board
Apr 2015
Marie is a licensed blackjack dealer in the State of Nevada; she currently lives in Las Vegas.

Projects by Industry

After managing a high-end retail store for several years; Marie is a fashion powerhouse. She has an extensive fashion vocabulary learned directly from the Associated Press Stylebook. She is up-to-date with the media's fashion guidelines, words, and terms. Rather she is stating facts or how to accessorize an outfit; Marie is an experienced fashion writer with recently published articles.


Marie has worked with marketing agencies and business owners where she has managed projects during their start-up phase. She helped create numerous marketing strategies and has written marketing materials such as brochures, webpages, and blogs. Marie has managed social media campaigns, provided professional ad copy, website copy, and strategic direction in ROI. Marie is a marketing expert when it comes to managing a brand's online presence.


Marie's outdoor/recreation experience began with Writer Access. She has written articles on recreational programs for adults and kids. Being outdoors is about adventure and leisure. Marie's content on outdoor recreation inspires people to explore a range of outdoor activities.


Marie began writing in the travel industry thanks to Writer Access; Marie is now published on lifestyle/travel blogs. Due to her article and blog post assets, clients from the Travel Industry requested Marie's skillset. Since then Marie has explored a range of topics from tourism and travel to hotels and attractions.


Marie is an online student taking several courses to aid her career growth. Her work has been endorsed by clients on Writer Access. With that said, she studies a large amount of educational topics to stay up-to-date with today's trends and demands. Knowing that many of today's career options require some sort of education, Marie informs and educates those seeking to develop their knowledge.


Marie's work is published on a leading women's lifestyle website, with her name attached to the articles. Marie is experienced in women's health, parenting, relationships, fashion, money, shopping, career, and divorce. Her subtopics are pregnancy/infants, school-aged kids, school/academic/career advice, diet, fitness, shopping, fashion trends, budgeting finances, budget tips, travel, and vacations.

Self Help

Marie has written many blog posts and articles on how to motivate anyone, including yourself. She is experienced with writing copy to reach out to those with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. She is an avid inspirational speaker and is known for her ability to write empowering text. As an entrepreneur, Marie's goal is to help others succeed in life through helping them overcome their struggles and bad habits.


Marie's niche is the Luxury Industry. She has several published articles on luxury goods and services. To give her writing skills and retail experience added volume, Marie uses "The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law" as a reference guide, which sits directly on her desk when she writes. Marie has worked in an upscale environment for several years, allowing her to understand her target audience. Her passion lies in luxury and her personal blog is a luxury lifestyle blog.


Marie has written articles on topics such as "Family-Friendly Events in Las Vegas" and "Budget to Allow Instyle Trends for Kids." She is published on a women's lifestyle website with an assortment of articles under her belt. Marie gains the trust of readers and furthers their knowledge with parenting tips and advice. She is experienced in shopping, pregnancy/infants, school-aged kids, vacations, fitness, health, family events, and budgeting.


Marie has worked in the Luxury and Fashion Industry for several years. In turn, she has a strong grasp on the ones who enjoy luxury the most, celebrities. Rather it is where to spot a celebrity or their latest media controversy; Marie knows how to gossip while stating the facts.


Marie has done research and social media management for a nationwide law firm. She has worked for a couple other law firms as well. Marie wrote web copy, was in charge of press releases, and development strategic alliances between business partners.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Marie is currently working on her Google certification; she is a skilled business copywriter who knows how to incorporate SEO into her copy. Marie has worked with agencies on and off line, allowing her the diversity to naturally tie in seo requirements.

Projects by Asset Type

Marie is a published writer with several featured articles currently published online. She has written articles for both magazines and business copy. Her article writing skills are currently endorsed on Writer Access with positive client feedback. Marie is able to turnaround articles at a fast pace, often less than 24 hours. She writes coherently on various topics without losing enthusiasm.

Blog Post

Marie has written numerous blog entries in several industries. She has worked with business owners and marketing agencies to strategically implement effective blogging. She set-up and managed a company blog while employed at a high-end retail store, from there she began working with agencies on a freelance basis. She has the ability to blog in one industry and quickly change to another without losing focus.

Press Release

Marie writes press releases that inform and educate in a timely manner. Although a press release may not be picked up by news media, if written accurately, a press release is still made public by writers, bloggers, and other media sources.


Marie is a professional copywriter who has worked with marketing agencies and business owners. Marie has written copy in the legal, medical, solar, luxury, and fashion industries. She is an expert in marketing materials and ad copy as well.

News Story

Marie is a published freelance journalist. She interviews her clients and obtains the facts, straight from the source. Marie attends regular conferences and networking events through her association, SABEW.

Web Page

Marie has worked with several business owners and marketing agencies writing content for website updates, original web pages, and social media blogs. Marie has worked both salary and freelance within the industry.

Projects By Expertise

Marie has written hundreds of web copy for several industries, both salaried and freelance. She works very close with digital strategist, business owners, and management teams to create relevant content. Marie has worked with SEO requirements and creative web copy.

Projects by Writing Style

Marie believes conversational pieces should be written as though talking to a friend. When trying to converse in written content it is crucial to have the target audience in mind, editorial direction, and an overall goal for the reader.

Projects by Company Size
Fortune 500

Marie has worked with major companies to produce copy, including clients through Writer Access. She is currently employed by a large company writing copy on a daily basis.

Small Business

Marie began her career writing for small business while working a retail job. She wrote copy for her employer at the retail store, then began writing for small business owners.


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