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David W. has worked for the past 5 years in SEO content creation, having crafted landing pages, articles, eBooks, sales pieces, press releases, product reviews, how-to information, and translations. The sum total of his content pieces that have formatted for search-engine optimization and/or social media integration stands at well over one million words.

David's portfolio includes every topic under the sun. While his favorites include history, politics, finance, technology, and sports, he has written for fields including (but not limited to) medicine, IT, small and large businesses, legal documentation, education, health and nutrition, and digital design promotion.

A thorough understanding of Google Analytics allows for the optimal search-engine optimization of each piece of work produced by David. He can format articles for HTML and phpBB web scripting in the event that a customer desires immediate integration into their site. He has had work published and understands Chicago-style and AP publication rulesets in order to deliver a professional copy or a journal-grade piece of research.

As a writer, he always strives to create truly compelling pieces for an audience to read. Getting to the top of a Google search means very little if the attention of your visitors cannot be retained. Keeping eyes (and mice) on a page requires persuasive pieces that inform, engage, and even entertain. His style uses an active voice and a strong vocabulary on every piece to create pages that draw visitors in, ultimately increasing click rates and page views to boost the performance of any site on the Internet.
David first began writing professionally in college, where he learned the tools needed to inform an audience, including persuasive tone, evidence-based reasoning, and citing sources in an academic manner. Upon beginning work in the SEO fields, he began to create website copy that could attain higher search yields, social media integration, or better click rates. His most recent endeavors include planning, ghostwriting, and publishing entire eBooks.
David is most passionate about three things in life: history, ice hockey, and the history of ice hockey. As such, he spends most of his free time skating around the nearby rinks or deep in a book about the lives and adventures of persons who lived centuries ago. He owns a very beat-up set of Vaughn 7110 pads and his favorite authors include Bernard Cornwell, Robert Harris, Gary Jennings, Steven Pressfield, and James Clavell.
University of Cincinnati History, MA

Courses taken include world historiography, historical methods, literature of pre-modern and modern Europe, fascism in the 20th century, graduate teaching seminar, and graduate research seminar. Master's thesis titled "An Englishman Cannot Aim: The British Adoption of the Baker Rifle, 1777-1815", successfully defended in committee.

Miami University History, BA

Courses taken include American policy and the Middle East, sports and society, 20th century Russia, ancient Mediterranean, colonial America, and Islamic societies.

Projects by Industry

From pre-school learning to post-graduate education, David has taken a large number of orders on articles with an educational slant. Some education pieces dealt with the futures of certain education, such as the graduation and hiring rates of college students entering into engineering projects, while others dealt with a very specific topic such as science or linguistics.


David has written extensive topics on global and national finance, incorporating news and politics to provide context for peaks and valleys. In addition, he has written on individual finance, such as the ForEx craze, with a specialty in the merits and advantages of personal investments in precious metals like gold and silver.


David W. has written extensively about the state of contemporary gaming, including the races between triumvirate Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo (as well as Google and Apple) to curb the market. He has written game reviews for new triple-A titles like Diablo 3 as well as in-game strategies for highly competitive online franchises like DOTA 2.


As one of David's most enjoyed topics, he has produced travel articles in abundance. Some are entire landing pages for travel agencies, while others are reviews of individual cities, hotels and hostels, restaurants, and major events or holidays that tourists should not miss. Frequent topics include information for persons living abroad in major foreign cities.


Between reviews of equipment for camping, hiking, or hunting as well as sales pieces of rattan outdoor furniture, David has written for many different outdoorsmen and women. Topics included everything from climbing the best mountains in North America and snowshoeing across the Arctic to installing solar energy panels to light up a backyard walkway.

Web Development

From search-engine optimization to social-media integration to programming to graphic design, David has made a living understanding how the Internet works. He has made content for pages that talked about everything from basic HTML to complex programs that permit better viewership, accessibility, or search functioning.


Whether the game's equipment is gloves, cleats, helmets, or just a ball and a field of grass, one of David's favorite topics is the world of sports. He has written about professionals competing for titles and trophies as well as how to make an amateur run faster or jump higher. Both domestic and foreign sports are part of his expertise.


Though he lacks the six-packs of fashion models, David knows how companies use the imagery of sharp dress and accessories to better promote their products. He has written on topics including product reviews, health and beauty education, press releases, and news from around the world.


From free weights to free running, David knows how to take a pound of fat and turn it into a pound of muscle. He has been writing on topics including personal fitness and nutrition for as long as he has been playing hockey and training in the offseason. When your site wants to convince people how to lose weight or how to get killer abs, he offers the writing experience to make a visitor break a sweat.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Only five percent of all Google users will bother going to the second page of a search. David has crafted countless landing pages with this in mind, utilizing specific and secondary keywords in titles, headings, opening and closing paragraphs, and tags in order to drive up a search ranking. He understands how to create a page that will be picked up by search engine algorithms and delivered to the very top of the pile.

Projects by Asset Type

David's experience with academic grant writing comes from his time in graduate school, where he applied for and was awarded a sum to pursue research overseas. In addition, he has applied for Fulbright scholarship grants as well as cultural enrichment grants for the purposes of analytical research in social fields.

Projects By Expertise
Book Ghostwriter

David has had the opportunity to ghostwrite a number of eBooks for digital distribution. His style as an author is to promote a strong voice that keeps the audience turning the page and then coming back to find more from the source, while providing authoritative information, compelling content, and a good dose of humor.

Projects by Writing Style

Nobody wants to read books that have an uninteresting narration any more than they would want to eat a bland meal. David's record of publication shows his interest and ability in writing informational pieces for an audience. His projects employ an active writing style that draws attention and keeps viewers going from page to page, click to click.

Projects by Company Size
Medium Business

Medium sized businesses have a middle ground advantage: they have flexibility that corporations do not, while boasting resources that start-ups lack. This makes them prime candidates to capitalize on digital marketing, creating new sites and pages as well as spreading word of products and promotions through social media. David's approach to medium-sized businesses is to think big and write small: aim for greater exposure with the most efficiency.

Large Business

With the resources to be successful but always room for improvement, larger companies need to find the balance between efficiency and existing production. David W's long history of writing for large corporations has helped him to understand everything from logistics to management to expanding a market niche.


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