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Repeat Clients 46%
Last Login 10/21/2016
Location University Heights, OH
Education Bachelors Degree
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Summary of Experience
Paula A. just celebrated her third anniversary with WriterAccess. In that time, she has completed 1,797 orders with 336 exceeded expectations from clients. She has written over 716,224 words for satisfied WriterAccess clients.

Paula A. has 24 years of experience in sales and marketing with a focus on retail sales including eight years as the owner/operator of a local art gallery. She is also a professional jewelry artist with 11 years of experience in a variety of jewelry-making techniques. She has taught classes in painting, jewelry-making and Jewish studies for 16 years.

Her expertise includes direct knowledge of owning and operating an entrepreneurial enterprise, dealing with vendors and customers, creating and executing business and marketing plans, managing staff, scheduling and events, marketing and prospecting for customers and all of the administrative and financial operational functions for a small business.

Paula has been developing, operating and writing content for websites since 2008, with a focus on search engine optimization, content marketing and social media marketing for a range of industries. She is an expert on developing and maintaining Wordpress websites.

Paula A. graduated with a B.A. in English, and a Certificate in Accounting from Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, Ohio with the intention of using her degrees in a business setting. At the time of attaining her degree, she put her degree to good use as an inside sales representative in electronic component sales; however these skills have transferred well to her entrepreneurial endeavors.

She is a working mom, and helps other working parents find a balance between their families and their jobs. Paula hopes that her expertise and experience can be helpful to other entrepreneurs through her writing. Paula lives in the Midwestern United States and is proficient in English, her native language.
With regards to writing, Paula A. has been writing non-fiction content for the Internet since 2008 including articles, blog posts, copywriting, sales and marketing pages, website content, whitepapers, reports, bios, press releases, editorials and social media posts in the areas of art and design, small business, search-engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, health, fashion, maternity, home and garden with a focus on home decor, gardening and antique and vintage collecting, weddings, food and cooking and writing online. Paula A. has also edited other authors' professional work for both print and online use. She owns over 20 of her own niche Wordpress websites for which she does her own writing and SEO.

Paula has a Bachelor's Degree in English and has been a freelance writer since 2008.
Paula A.'s interests include art and design, cooking, writing, science fiction/fantasy literature, parenting, small business, promoting local business, SEO and marketing, research, careers, gardening, steampunk and environmental science. She is the mother of two young women in their 20s, and enjoys spending time with her family.

Paula has written a number of articles for the WriterAccess blog ( and is a member of the following art organizations which promote local artists and art in local schools.

Willoughby Fine Arts Association
Berea Fine Arts Club
Shaker Square Arts
Forest Elementary School Cultural Arts Day

You can find her work on a variety of websites on the Internet on the topics listed above.
Ursuline College English, Accounting, B.A. in English, Certificate in Accounting

Paula A. worked full-time while going to college part-time to complete her Bachelor's degree in English, and a Certificate in Accounting.

Accounting Ursuline College
Paula A. achieved a Certificate in Accounting along with her Bachelor's Degree in English when she attended Ursuline College.

Projects by Industry

Paula A. is a jewelry artist and painter. She has written numerous tutorials and resource articles about making jewelry and watercolor painting.


Paula A. has produced high-quality written content geared toward an online audience for her own Wordpress sites as well as for private clients. To date, her work has been published on sites such as,, and She writes and maintains all the content on LakeErieArtists.

Search Marketing

Paula A. has been writing blog posts and articles about search marketing since 2008. Although self-taught, she has gained experience over the years in SEO techniques, keyword strategy, social media and content marketing. She is an expert at creative ways to gain traffic and clients via the Internet.


Paula A. has written numerous travel articles and blog posts primarily focusing on travel both inside and outside the United States. Her expertise comes from a lifetime of traveling to recreational, historic and luxury locations with family and friends.

Home Living

Paula A. has been writing about general home decor and specifically about antiques and vintage furniture on a variety of websites for 5 years. She uses her expertise as an artist to offer insight on decorating and design for the home.


Paula A. has been writing blog posts and articles about wedding fashion, accessories, decor and invitations for 5 years on the Internet, and maintains two websites on wedding topics. She is also an expert on jewelry topics from how jewelry is made to how it is sold as a jewelry designer and artist.


Paula A. loves to eat, and write about eating, food, restaurants and recipes. She has created several biscotti recipes, and tries them out on family and friends. She has written articles on Jewish cooking, American comfort food and vegetarian cooking. She has also created marketing material for new restaurant offerings.


Paula A. has written articles, blog posts, press releases, whitepapers and brochures for both online and brick-and-mortar businesses. She specializes in SEO, CRO, social media marketing, content marketing, and plans, creates and executes all of the marketing for her own gallery business. She is also experienced with email marketing using Constant Contact.


Paula A. has written a wide range of articles and blog posts about the changes that mobile technology has brought to personal and business access to the Internet. She is an avid fan of mobile technology and loves her smartphone.


Paula A. is the owner of an online retail business with vast experience writing content, product descriptions, category descriptions and general website pages for her ecommerce site. Her experience in content, marketing and promotion from her own site is the foundation for helping other people improve their shopping websites and marketing for them.


Paula A. is a gardening hobbyist and loves to learn more about new plants and flowers. She has created an entire website about unusual flowers and themed gardens, with an emphasis on gothic gardens.


A mother of two daughters, an aunt to a boy and girl, Paula A. has a lot of practical experience when it comes to parenting. She has written several articles on parenting teenage daughters and the issues of having a college-age child. Her other niche in the family category is maternity. Paula has written blog posts and articles on maternity wear, pregnancy gifts, nursery decor and pregnancy health issues and created a website related to this topic.


Paula A. has written numerous articles and blog posts on the hobby of collecting vintage and antique furniture, home decor items and clothing as well as upcycling. She has two websites devoted to these topics.


Paula A. has written over 100 blog posts, bios, website content, whitepapers and reports for health-related projects focusing on marketing for the health industry. Topics have included podiatry, audiology, dentistry, orthodontics, alternative health, ophthalmology, geriatrics, long-term care and general health topics.

She grew up in a family of physicians and was familiar with medical terms from an early age. She has experience working summers as a records clerk in a large medical practice during summers in high school and college and worked part-time as an office receptionist at the same practice.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

When it comes to writing proper meta description tags, Paula A. is an expert. She has written over 500 meta tags for products and services on several ecommerce websites in a variety of industries. Paula understands the value of meta tags for search queries to direct customers to the right product.

Link Building

Paula A. has written content for link building in a variety of topics, both for inbound and outbound links.

SEO Keyword Requirements

Paula A. is an expert of embedding keywords into the context of articles in order to achieve better search engine ranking while keeping the keyword density low enough to have a natural flow for readers.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Paula A. has written numerous blog posts on a variety of topics with a specialization in business, sales and marketing and SEO. She uses a casual, second person tone for most of her blog writing.


Paula A. has written over 100 articles on a variety of topics including marketing, business, sales, development, home and travel for industry newspapers, websites and article sites. She is experienced at researching topics to find interesting and relevant data and resources to include in the article for the intended audience.


With over 20 years' experience in retail and direct sales, Paula A. is an expert at writing copy for websites and brick-and-mortar stores. She can write about any product or service, demonstrating to the reader the features and benefits for product descriptions, marketing pieces or websites. She knows how to write to the target audience from varying points of view.

Web Page

Paula A. has created over 50 websites from scratch, and written content for over 500 more. She can create search optimized content on a variety of topics and customize it for your website. Paula A. uses her sales and retail experience to create marketing and web copy that will drive your target customers to your site.

Product Description

Paula A. has written over 1000 product descriptions for art and jewelry, toys, gifts, books and more.

Press Release

Paula A. has written press releases for a range of industries including lawn and turf care, strategic planning, event announcements, retail and energy. Her press releases are written in a journalistic style, following the standard template for a press release.

Projects By Expertise

Paula A. has 15 years of experience as a professional writing marketing and sales copy for websites selling products and services in various industries. She has written articles, press releases, blog posts, and general content for small business and non-profit organizations.

Research Writer

Paula A. has experience researching topics, and can also write up other people's research information.


Paula A. puts her English degree to use when proofreading and editing other authors' work. She will smooth out the writing without changing the message or the tone.

Technical Writer

Paula A. has been writing technical projects for WriterAccess for 3 years with 84 assignments completed satisfactorily in this category. She is an expert on SEO and working online as well as being well-versed in many related technical fields.


In her 3 years on WriterAccess, Paula A. has completed 37 journalist assignments including press releases and articles for newsletters, websites and magazines.

Projects by Writing Style

Paula A. has been writing authoritative research articles, reports and industry pieces for 20 years in print and on the Internet. She writes on a variety of topics including home decor, food, business, marketing, online content, sales and local business.


Paula A. likes to use a conversational style for tutorials and blog posts. When appropriate for the niche, conversational style is a good way to connect with readers.


Paula A. has been writing promotional material for the retail industry for 13 years, and for the Internet for 5 years. She is well-versed in SEO techniques for online content including link building, keywords, content marketing and semantic search. She has written articles, blog posts, and web copy on a variety of topics.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Paula A. has been the owner and manager of a small business for 9 years. She is familiar with the issues faced by small businesses including everything from purchasing to shrinkage, marketing to customer relationships. She puts all of her experience into her articles about small business.


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