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Location Waterbury, VT
Education Masters Degree
Status Inactive
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Summary of Experience
Kendrick studied journalism while completing his undergraduate studies. While attending graduate school he began to look for avenues to expand his experience and expertise outside of academic writing. Working as a freelance reporter for various small publications around Upstate New York and web outlets he began to cover local events and interest pieces. After the recession began further attempts to expand his marketability as a writer and professional led Kendrick to work with and write for a number of online publications and small, local print publications. Serving as a journalist and copywriter by turns helped familiarize Kendrick with the process necessary to produce clean, focused copy that speaks to readers.

Spending nine months running the web presence of a small technology company brought greater experience in copywriting, editing, social media management, SEO best practices and interaction with other media outlets while promoting work. After moving on to new opportunities Kendrick began working with several start ups in various spheres such as politics, music and the environment. While none of these web based publications flourished further experience gained acting as a writer and editor for various entities has proven invaluable.

Continuing to write for himself, friends and customers Kendrick works constantly to hone his craft and remain cognizant of the latest practices and trends associated with successful writing in the evolving digital era. A breadth of experience has created an adaptable writing style capable of meeting any stylistic requirements. Never content with good enough, he works tirelessly to surpass previous standards of success while remaining professional in an extremely competitive marketplace.
Kendrick has written for a wide variety of publications both print and digital producing content covering topics including news, popular culture, environmental, the arts and copywriting for a range of products, information services, companies and blogs. He is able to effectively craft a piece to meet any requirements, effectively targeting the desired audience.
An Eagle Scout, Kendrick performed well in school academically and athletically. A National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist and member of the Honor Society in high school, Kendrick also lettered in two sports. Attending college on a partial academic scholarship Kendrick made the Dean's List and furthered his studies by earning a 3.7 GPA during postgraduate studies. An avid outdoorsman Kendrick enjoys camping, hiking and skiing as much as possible. An intense interest in the arts also leads him through the wide variety of experiences available in today's multicultural society.
Le Moyne College Education, MST

Completed a graduate studies program for working adults in the field of education while actively employed in local school districts.

State University of New York at Albany History / Journalism, BA

Attended a nearby state college on an academic scholarship after graduating high school within the top 10% of his class. Kendrick studied history while taking almost every journalism course available because there was not a major in the area.

Honors and Awards
National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist Semifinalist for national award based on PSAT test scores compared to entirety of nation.

Eagle Scout Awarded after completing a project creating a map and log of all citizens buried in the town's cemetery dating back to the 1700s.

Association Memberships
Kappa Delta Pi Inducted member of the international honor society in the field of education.

Projects by Industry

A lifelong educator with a Masters Degree in Education, Kendrick brings great depth of knowledge about all aspects related to education from theory to home / school considerations. Years spent working in a variety of public schools allowed Kendrick to easily move into the capacity of a writer covering various issues affecting the state of education. From opinion about the latest trends to fact based displays of knowledge and information he is able to craft complete pieces.


Covering live music and reviewing albums over the last few years has given Kendrick the insight and expertise necessary to fluidly convey ideas to readers that can be difficult to effectively capture. Working for small web and print publications while also creating pieces for artists and record labels gives Kendrick the knowledge necessary to write copy for any purpose or target audience. The experience gained while covering live events and conducting interviews allows the confident completion of any project.


After studying history while an undergraduate Kendrick's interest in the ongoing saga of humanity continues leading through the events shaping society's future. Writing opinion pieces for several small, local print publications helped get Kendrick further into writing. Helping with a pair of attempted web start ups brought further experience and expertise writing informative copy for audiences. A larger base of knowledge and an open mind capable of quickly assimilating information allows the successful creation of a piece for any purpose.


Part of a church going family throughout his youth, Kendrick began studying the world's great variety of religion and spirituality while in school. An open mind and the belief that people should be able to worship freely in the manner they choose led Kendrick to learn about the faith of others as opportunities arose. This same openness allows the creation of copy able to express the ideas associated with any doctrine to effectively reach readers.


Raised in the remains of the great Eastern Woodlands, Kendrick's love of the natural world surrounding civilization grew through his childhood and time spent in the Boy Scouts. Knowledge of the natural world and many of people's favorite outdoor activities allows Kendrick to create copy that exudes the best parts of outdoor living. Writing about the exploration of the world around us and the best ways people can get out and be active gives the experience to create pieces that powerfully reach the target audience.


While managing a small technology company's web presence Kendrick immersed himself in the fast moving world of tech news. Growing through the rapidly evolving tech world of the '90s, his understanding of computers and related technology stems from his own experiences moving with the times. Producing copy for the company's blog about the latest trends and developments gives practical experience gathering and analyzing tech news to create engaging material.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

Working as a copywriter for a variety of publications taught Kendrick the importance of crafting an informative title that is able to easily gain importance in search engines. Coupling this skill with the ability to write succinct meta descriptions that demonstrate the importance and relative importance of an article to searchers, Kendrick is able to effectively craft the portions of copy that attract initial attention.

Link Building

Utilized within all projects while working for the same company. Best practiced while working for a small technology company. Targeted link practices were used within every post on their blog and various pages around the company's main website in an effort to build greater search engine strength.

SEO Keyword Requirements

Blog manager and copy writer for small technology company website covering breaking technology news in an attempt to drive greater traffic toward the company's services. The company utilized its own system of keyword seeding that resulted in choppy writing designed to increase search relativity.

Projects by Asset Type

Sales writing meant to improve the reader's association with the company posting the writing in an effort to drive greater business toward their products. SEO best practices included create a slightly awkward read based on the company's writing guidelines.


Able to utilize a variety of voices and writing styles Kendrick has produced articles about a wide range of topics for both print and digital publications. Employing an adaptable style capable of reaching any target audience, he is capable of modifying content and language as necessary.

Blog Post

Previously managing blog presences for several small companies Kendrick has tailored his voice to the requirements of the position in order to raise readership while increasing interest. Utilizing best SEO practices based on the company's intent and requirements he is capable of writing compelling content while maximizing search engine results.


Copywriter for a variety of digital repositories, companies and print publications looking to expand their reach online, Kendrick has worked for a wide range of interests, products and services while producing compelling copy. Work produced has included sales pitches, copy to drive search engine results toward a company's homepage, informative articles and music writing.

News Story

Kendrick studied journalism during his undergraduate studies from professors who worked for traditional newspapers and alternative weekly publications. After leaving school he continued pursuing journalism while working in other fields due to the current transition period affecting the future of traditional print publication. He has written for journals, monthly and weekly publications as a freelance writer over the last several years.

Facebook Post

Kendrick managed the social media presence for a small technology company and also worked to expand the presence of a property preservation company while serving as a recruiter. Knowledgeable about facebook, its potential to reach a large audience and the best practices involved to promote work, Kendrick has worked with the medium since its inception while a college student.


Kendrick worked as a professional educator for several years before major shifts in the field. A long time presenter, he regularly presented to students, parents and other professionals in a variety of roles. Comfortable speaking to large and small groups, he has worked with the digital format in recent years to present information via the world wide web.

Web Page

Comfortable working with Wordpress and related technology, Kendrick managed the web space for a small company while working within the framework created to produce content for a number of publications, both digital and print. A novice in html, he is still capable of creating content as necessary for a variety of purposes.

Technical Article

Moving across a large number of fields while working through the economic realities of modern times, Kendrick has gained knowledge working with a variety of industries. This information and experience coupled with his abilities as a writer allows Kendrick to produce content covering a variety of topics from instructional to informational.

Projects By Expertise

Freelance journalist in the Northeast covering local music and environmental issues for several years. Did a lot of pro bono work for several small publications, both print and digital, as well. An excellent interviewer with strong basic photography skills.


Copywriter for several entities involving typical office settings and virtual communication programs. Topics and guidelines have involved a wide range. Solid understanding of SEO best practices and writing in a variety of tones to convey meaning while inducing the desired reaction in readers.


Portions of copywriting work involved commenting on and clarifying law related to various topics. An educational background in history allows for easy translation and clarification for readers, putting confusing language into something more easily understandable.

Research Writer

Kendrick wrote a large amount of research during his undergraduate and graduate studies, often receiving high marks and praise for his work and ability to connect disparate information. During graduate courses he conducted a study about special education that was self designed and completed under the guidance of faculty.

Projects by Writing Style

Freelance journalist covering a number of topics for publications both digital and print around Upstate New York over a period of several years. Work has continued at a slower pace since relocating the West Coast. A strong interviewer with a good nose for news.


Work written in a positive tone meant to encourage association with the company's message, products and image. Topics were self chosen based on current interest trends.

Projects by Company Size
Medium Business

Freelance copywriter for a large digital repository. Work mostly involved subcontracting to produce copy for trending search terms in an effort to improve traffic. Topics covered were varied and written based on the company's writing guidelines. All work was completed through a web based interface that allowed writing, revision and communication with the company's editors.

Small Business

Social media manager, copywriter, blog manager and public relations specialist for a small web based computer repair company. Worked under a writing manager to ensure the maintenance and growth of the company's web presence in an effort to increase traffic and business. Improved best practices and SEO maximization at all times to promote positive trends in the company's search relativity.


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