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James completed a Bachelor's Degree in History, focusing on American Engagement with the Middle East at Yeshiva University, graduating with high honors. James's writings have been published in academic works including an official USAF history and a university publication on archaeology. For the last five years, he has worked in the finance and venture capitalism and is well versed in topics ranging from investment to economics to political theory. James has written on business, literature, history, and politics extensively and has worked as a ghost writer for the last several years. His acumen for writing along various styles creates a healthy marriage with his various knowledge of various industries to produce extremely high quality product.
Given his work history, James' specialties have two foci: business and political affairs. Having spent a number of years working in finance and venture capitalism, James is proficient in the composition of financial and business analyses as well as top down and bottom up reviews of specific industries and opportunities.

James' work for government institutions has enhanced what was gained from his undergraduate studies in matters political, particularly with regard to foreign policy and terrorism assessments. In addition, the combination of James' financial and political experience makes his uniquely poised to write about the economics of international relationships, both business and government.
James has an entrepreneurial and ambitious disposition. He has effectively created multiple small businesses and has endeavored to expand his abilities in near every capacity, seeking to be a modern renaissance man. A polyglot, James speaks English, French, and Hebrew. He is also proficient martial artist having trained in numerous styles over the last decade. James has also dedicated much of his time in marrying two of his favorite pursuits: art and community outreach, having worked with communities living below the poverty line to engage their children in art-based community improvement projects.
Yeshiva University Aug 2007 – Dec 2010
History, Political Science, Biological Sciences, Bachelor's in History

James holds a degree in History from Yeshiva University in New York City where his studies focused on the history of the United States and the Middle East. During the course of his studies, James worked as a research assistant to am eminent archaeologist pursuing studies on ancient Israel, Mesopotamia, Babylon, and Greece.

James also pursued the pre-med coursework including Physics, Calculus, Biology, and Chemistry. As a complement to this interest his work extended to the organization of events publication of a materials concerning medical ethics and social responsibility.

Honors and Awards
Award for Excellence in English Language Jun 2006
In June of 2006 James was awarded the Bank of America Award for Excellence in English Language as a tribute to his accomplishments as a writer and student scholar of the English language.

SAFE Comprehensive: School of Mortgage Banking - Course I Mortgage Bankers Association
Aug 2012
In August of 2012 James completed the Mortgage Bankers Association's first level course of the School of Mortgage Banking. This course provided accelerated instruction akin to one full semester in a typical university setting. The subject material covered all basis of mortgage origination, servicing, quality assurance and control, and compliance.

Projects by Industry

James has written hundreds of reports on general business climate and specific business endeavors as part of his full time employment in investment banking.


James has spent a significant portion of his career assessing the global political environment, from a security perspective as a member of the Defense Department, and as an assayer of political impact on business climate as an investment professional. His interest and attention to this field of study shine through his work in the field as a strong knowledge base colludes with an effective research methodology to translate into a superior written product.


James spent a significant portion of his education exploring the intricacies of government and has written extensively on the subject. In addition, as a former employee of the Defense Department, James has keen insight into the day-to-day operations of government and is uniquely enabled in writing about the government using personal experience as a backdrop for effective research.


Working in venture capital, James has been responsible to compose written reports on a varied business interests in nearly ever major industry for clients, investors, and upper management. As such, James has written many analyses of the fitness of particular companies, the dependability of vendors in a given context, the applicability of various business strategies and a slew of other topics.


As a venture capitalist, James' work has necessitated the evaluation and analysis of many corporate management structures. His work has been critical in assessing potential investments and the securing of business relationships. James' experience extends from evaluating key management personnel to methodologies of keeping corporate records and hiring practices.

Projects by Asset Type

James has written hundred of articles for internal publications of various organizations as well as those for the public at large. The subject matter of these articles has been varied with the total number of completed compositions being evenly split between those written for academic publications and those written for business publications.


James has spent many years working in public settings as part of organizational teams for large events. As such, he has often been called upon to deliver, or else compose speeches for these events. He has spoken before audiences of thousands on topics concerning education, political corruption, terrorism, and medical ethics to name a few.


In near every employment capacity James has held, presentation of findings has been an important responsibility. As such he has made many presentations over the last several years, usually using visual aids complemented by detailed notes. Such have been reproduced below.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

As an academic research assistant, an employee of the defense department, and a member of the investment community, James has served as a professional research writer covering a wide variety of topics. His capabilities extend to pragmatic concerns of the business community, in-depth financial analyses, economics, military and foreign policy concerns, and academia.


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