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Lance B

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Having a true passion for writing is a gift that only so many people get to enjoy. They say that if you find a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life. This is exactly what Lance B is trying to accomplish. As an English literature major at Kennesaw State University, he gets to hone his craft by regularly pouring his soul out in an analytical format. This love for the written word reaches far back into this young man's childhood. He often found himself getting lost in the world of imagination and then transferring the idea to paper when he was all but in elementary school.

Working on his Bachelors degree just outside of Atlanta has offered Lance beauty for inspiration as well as the opportunity to meet professionals in his preferred career. The more he takes in about writing careers and business practices, the more excited he gets about joining the field. Although Lance has not yet taken on professional experience, his extensive creative and professional writing assignments as a senior in college have equipped him with the ability to adapt to various topics. A part of learning is preparing for the future and that idea is encouraged greatly at Lance's university where professors teach students how to take their talent into the modern world through the use of technology. It was there that he was introduced to the concept of writing to entice interested parties about products and services offered from companies. Using SEO techniques, such as keywords and backlinks, allow the written message to be extended far beyond a normal reach thus improving the noticeability of a company's website.

Being a student who is interested in so many subjects keeps Lance writing on a regular basis. He currently has articles in the works for do-it-yourself projects such as building a cob oven and geocaching. He is also an avid writer of short stories, poems, and fan-fiction. Lance also had the honor of having a few selections of his poetry published in a varied book of poems. As he nears graduation, the prospect of writing for many years to come is a challenge he cannot wait to fulfill.
Always looking for adventure, Lance found his calling for geocaching in 2011. It is his favorite pastime aside from music. From hiking and symphonies to reading and writing, he always finds something to spark his creativity. He has also found a love for gardening and do-it-yourself projects including building with cob.
Kennesaw State University Jan 2009 –
English, B.A.

Lance is currently working on his bachelors degree in English.

Projects by Industry

Lance has had the pleasure of writing for a small local pet services company. Some of his blogs and ideas have been incorporated into their social media site. He has not yet had many opportunities to write about the pet industry, but he hopes he will in the near future.


Lance B. has recently acquired experience writing for several auto blogs. To date, some of his projects have consisted of writing for RV and car dealerships which range in a variety of topics. His list of projects in the auto industry grows every day and he is eagerly waiting for more.


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