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Mary I

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Mary I. is a writer with three years experience writing for Internet content writing sites. After a lifetime of writing for personal pleasure, she has found professional writing for the Internet to be an extremely satisfying and enjoyable, later-in-life career and has now chosen to write professionally full-time. At the sites she currently writes for, she has a below average revision rate and a zero percent rejection rate with the approximately 1,200 articles submitted.

As an owner and operator of a small, organic farm for 15 years, Mary has extensive business experience as a small scale agricultural producer, vendor, and manager at farmers markets. She also has extensive professional background in the areas of nutrition education and scientific research at the University of California Extension Service and the U.S. Forest Service and received her bachelor's degree in experimental psychology from Cal-State, Hayward.

While her professional working experience has been primarily in the areas of small scale farming, building trades and construction, school-based nutrition education, and as a field research technician on biological research projects, she also has enduring private interests in personal psychology, spirituality, world history, the history of science, and world cultures.

Mary has traveled extensively in Mexico, Europe, Kenya, and South Africa. Her voyages to foreign lands were shoestring adventures where she was able to experience differing cultures and landscapes in a way that has given her a deep appreciation of how people really live in many diverse places in the world. Her broad reading in the subjects of history, philosophy, and personal development give her sensitive insight into many aspects of human experience.

Articles on topics of diet and nutrition, do-it-yourself construction projects, gardening and farmers markets, and factual presentation of a broad range of information are among her most favorite writing assignments. She has also found, somewhat to her surprise, that she enjoys writing advertising copy when the products are not presenting any ethical conflicts for her. Her personal openness can readily combine with her love of words and straightforward way of communicating, producing compelling articles that both inform and encourage the reader to act.
Blog posts, ad copy, and informational writing are Mary's specialties.
Diet and nutrition, science for the general reader, history, small-scale organic farming and farmers markets, spiritual development, and personal growth are areas of strong personal interest for Mary. She also has a particularly strong knowledge base in the subjects of post-traumatic stress disorder, the autism spectrum, and behavioral health.
California State University, Hayward Experimental Psychology, Statistics, BA, with honors

Mary's bachelor's degree in experimental psychology with a minor in statistics has given her a firm grasp on reading and understanding scientific literature.

Projects by Industry

This writer has professional work experience as a nutrition educator, agricultural producer of organic foods, and a strong personal interest in diet, nutrition, and health.


A university science degree, work experience as a field research technician, and enjoyment of rendering scientific concepts into language accessible to the average reader make science article assignments a favorite topic for this writer.


Eight years of working as a licensed general contractor, and dozens of D-I-Y projects give this writer a broad knowledge of building trade products and methods. She has written approximately 300 paid articles in this subject area, receiving high praise from many customers.

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SEO Keyword Requirements

This writer has successfully completed several hundred articles requiring SEO keyword requirements. She uses a natural style for incorporating keywords into articles, resulting in a finished product that reads easily but still meets SEO requirements.

Projects by Asset Type

This writer has written over 1000 paid articles for content writing sites.

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Research Writer

This writer is especially enthusiastic about researching topics in her areas of interest. She can quickly read, absorb, extract, and relate the relevant points in clear and concise language.

Projects by Writing Style

Authoritative, informational articles written in a professional, third-person voice are this writer's best writing style.


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