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Michael E

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Location Roanoke, VA
Education Some College
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Michael E. has written more than 1,500 articles including work for special SEO writing teams, direct orders, website content and articles that promote thoughtful entrepreneurship. Michael has published tabloid newspapers and literary magazines, selling advertising to businesses even before he had a product to show them.

Michael's enthusiasm for reinvention includes starting new careers at several times in his life. After working in advertising sales and publishing, Mike bought a restaurant and explored the other side of the hospitality industry in which he had worked selling advertising.

After suffering a physical disability, Michael returned to his first love--writing. The Internet has created a strong demand for talented writers, and Michael dusted off the writing skills that had served him in the advertising field and qualified him to hold dual editor-in-chief positions at his high school newspaper and literary magazine.

Michael enjoys researching and explaining SEO topics to business owners who have yet to embrace Internet marketing, and he breaks down confusing topics into clear writing that most business owners understand. Michael sympathizes with the problems that running a business entails, so he can bring clarity to search marketing topics, help owners brand their products, and convince entrepreneurs to take part in new strategies to prevent them from becoming marginalized in an increasingly competitive global marketing environment.

Michael's philosophy of writing includes explaining topics in simple but accurate language, organizing topics with subheadings and bullet-point lists for easy scanning and visual appeal, keeping sentences short and on-topic and including clear calls to action. The articles that Mike writes include HTML formatting, and he delivers seamless text in U.K., Canadian, Australian and U.S. English. Michael's accomplishments include writing all the articles for a culinary website, designing a promotional campaign for a major real estate website designer and SEO consultant, and writing direct orders for one of the top online retailers in the world. Regardless of project size or topic, Michael researches meticulously, organizes the material logically and communicates his clients' messages in ways that are informative, inviting and polished.
Michael specializes in advertising copy, search marketing and writing and formatting e-books and how-to guides. Michael has particular facility in conveying the requirements of starting and managing successful businesses, especially restaurants, and he can provide valuable insights for people who run retail businesses or Internet-based companies.
An avid reader, cook and graphics enthusiast, Michael enjoys learning new technologies such as creating spreadsheet programs for restaurant accounting systems and learning about search marketing. Hobbies include travel, public speaking and amateur acting in community theater. Michael has a lifelong interest in publishing that began in the eighth grade when he mimeographed a magazine that he sold door-to-door in his neighborhood. The magazine attracted the attention of a journalist from the local newspaper who wrote a human-interest story on the accomplishment. In later years, Michael published tabloid newspapers and a literary magazine, which he designed and pasted together for offset printing.
University of Virginia Sep 1973 – May 1975
English, writing, no

Michael dropped out of school due to financial difficulties. He came from a humble background and could not afford to keep an off-campus apartment and pay for school.

Honors and Awards
Kiwanis Scholarship May 1973
Michael won a one-time scholarship awarded by the local Kiwanis Club chapter to a graduating senior.

Most Valuable Staffer May 1973
Michael won the Most Valuable Staffer Award for his high school journalistic work, which the local newspaper awarded to one person from each high school in his native city.

Vassar English Award May 1973
Michael received the award as the outstanding English student in Jefferson High School's class of 1973.

State Champion: Spelling Category Apr 1973
Michael won the regional and state spelling competitions for the VICA chapter at his school.

Speaker of the Year Jan 1972
Michael won the speaking contest for the local Junior Achievement branch and made the semifinals at the regional conference in Atlantic City. He was named to the National Speakers Corps. at the national conference in Bloomington, Indiana.

Projects by Industry
Search Marketing

Michael E. has written over 500 search marketing articles exploring such topics as entrepreneurship, outsourcing online marketing, explaining interactive mapping strategies and discussing Web development and social media engagement . Michael's strength lies in his ability to create user-friendly articles that help older business owners understand the benefits and necessity of changing their marketing strategies to include online sales or risk losing their credibility with modern consumers. Michael has worked in advertising, writing and promotion for more than 40 years, learning new techniques to stay current with advances in technology and social media marketing. Tags for Michael's articles include internet marketing, user experience design, contract management, web development, SEO, e-books, content management systems, mapping technologies, marketing, search engine optimization, seo rankings, seo link building services, keyword optimization, metrics, analytics, page authority, domain authority, backlinks, social media advertising, interactive marketing and video marketing.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

Titling and Meta Descriptions Strengthen Click-through Rates

Good titles tell what an article is about so that search engines can find and recommend websites more effectively. Michael works use title tags, meta title tags and meta descriptions accurately to engineer better responses from the major search engines to SEO articles, Web pages and link-building strategies.

Projects by Asset Type
Web Page

Michael has helped to design websites, write copy for sales pages and create articles for blogs and SEO marketing strategies. Clients include an LED lighting manufacturer, culinary school websites, restaurant websites, multiple SEO consultants and a mixed martial arts marketing consultant.

Press Release

Michael has written many press releases to promote business events, product launches, sales promotions and charitable initiatives. Writing clients often use Mike's work as samples for other writers to study because he creates press releases that have topical appeal, follow proper press-release formatting requirements and maintain a professional tone.

Projects By Expertise

Advertising copy often helps to convince business owners to buy advertising, which Michael understood when selling display advertising for newspapers, magazines and yellow pages. Michael has worked with Fortune 500 companies and "mom and pop" operations for about 40 years, writing colorful and creative copy before computers became common.

Projects by Writing Style

Promotion, in one fashion or another, stands as the raison d'être for most writing projects, whether promoting ideas, products, reputations or entertainment. Michael has been promoting companies, products and people for years by writing descriptive articles, advertising copy, biographical pieces and website copy.

Writing clear copy depends on targeting the audience so that repetitive information doesn't bore sophisticated readers or that technical jargon doesn't make the writing impossible for laypersons to understand. Passive voice weakens promotional messages, and adding too many adjectives could obscure or detract from what readers take away from reading the material.

Michael tries to tailor each project to its audience, creating fresh content that tells stories and strikes chords with large percentages of the targeted demographic group. Michael's writing will position his clients as authorities in their respective fields while adding touches of humor, authoritative references and solid organization and graphics design for easy reading. Michael has written for websites, trade journals, custom publications, self-publishing ventures and government agencies.

Projects by Company Size
Fortune 500

Michael has promoted tourism, directory advertising and vanity pieces for internal use, corporate training and online promotion. Clients include two "Baby Bell" corporations and a major online retailer.


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