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Gayla G

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Gayla G. is from the Kansas farmlands, but travels throughout the US, Europe and the Middle East to broaden her horizons and feed her curiosity. Her years of experience include owning a typesetting and graphics studio where she not only set type, but was hands on as the key proofreader and editor; checking the galleys as they came out of the processor and again before handing them over to the printer. In addition, she owned a specialty advertising business but left it all behind some six years ago when she could not escape the urge to become a professional writer. She trained as a technical writer and, as they say, the rest is history.

Technical Training

Finishing the technical writing course, Gayla G. set out on a career of User Guides and Owners Manuals. Fun stuff, but that career was short-circuited by freelance writing jobs that were thrown her way. One article lead to the next and five years later she has become a busy (and very satisfied) content writer. She writes individual and corporate bios, pens posts for international blogs on varying subjects, creates travel articles for Yahoo, writes book reviews and summarizes short videos. Additionally, she writes loads of content covering a multitude of disciplines including medical issues, women's concerns, the wine industry and business. She is a ghostwriter of other people's autobiographies as well as a proofreader and editor. She takes advantage of her background in the medical field to work as a medical transcriptionist. While working with a journalist for a year she wrote for his news site, Israel News Agency, which is indexed by Google. During that period, she also wrote numerous marketing texts and press releases for hi-tech companies and helped prepare marketing campaigns. Of course, everything she writes is optimized for the web.

Out for Fun

Gayla G. loves to write, but she makes time to be stimulated by the world around her. She's a doula who helps women throughout the birth experience, a folk harpist who plays with two groups and a volunteer policeman who suits up for weekly patrols. She has worked in busy emergency rooms, cared for with hospice patients, listened to the stories of the elderly and currently transcribes radiology reports. She accompanies her husband around the world to visit museums, absorb nature and enjoy meeting interesting people.

From the Mouth of Michelangelo

Michelangelo said that you don't have to be talented to learn to draw. Anyone who spends ten minutes a day drawing will become talented. Gayla G. found the same holds true for writing, as not a day goes by where she doesn't make time to put down words.
My specialties lie in the work that I am the most experienced in. That would be wine, technology, travel, environment and the medical field. I have not yet touched the categories that I am especially interested in that suit my particular hobbies, including the harp, issues surrounding pregnancies and challenges faced by the elderly.
Gayla G. has many interests, which flow into her writing material. As a traveler, she loves to write about the places she has been and to give tips to those who might follow. She has worked in the medical profession since she finished high school. Beginning as a medical assistant in a doctor's office, where she performed lab and radiology work, she moved on to work in a private lab. She has worked in hospitals, as a private caregiver and in hospice caring for those who were in their final days of life. This serves her well as she now ghostwrites for elderly individuals who want to see their life in words. Along with writing original books of some 150 pages, she also proofreads for other authors.

Remaining in the medical profession, she takes medical dictation from radiologists, deciphers it and rewrites it into a language that is understandable. Music is another major part of her life. As a folk harpist, she attends international conventions and workshops and belongs to harp organizations. She is in a band that plays old timey music as well as a gypsy jazz combo.

As a doula, she also shares her time (usually nighttime!) with mothers who are giving birth . She shares information with them and stays by their side during the birth process; encouraging them and helping them through a beautiful experience. In addition, she is a local volunteer police officer. She goes to regular training courses, to the firing range for practice runs and drives the police vehicle throughout her neighborhood once a week. Among her other passions are sailing, snorkeling, hiking and, of course, reading.
YEDA Center for Technical Communication Mar 2009 – Jul 2009
marketing, technical writing, certificate

Gayla was one of the best students at the technical school. She understood the concepts of marketing and went on to use them in writing white papers or brochure copy. Although it was an online course, she was in close contact with the teacher of the course and she learned a great deal from him. Along with the writing assignments, she enjoyed learning basic electronics.

WritePoint Nov 2008 – Jan 2009
Advanced Microsoft Word, Robohelp, advanced editing, certificate in three subjects

Gayla continued studying while working in freelance positions and job-hunting. She uses everything she learned as a basis for the work she does today.

In Other Words Jun 2008 – Jul 2008
Framemaker, certificat in Framemaker

Gayla continued her studies to take an additional course in Framemaker. It is a program that she is very interested in due to its strong capabilities. Following her successful completion of the course and the assignments, she earned a certificate in Framemaker.

In Other Words Sep 2007 – Jun 2008
Technical Writing, Certificate in Technical Writing

Gayla loved the technical writing course, where the teacher taught everything from grammar to producing technical manuals. She excelled in the course and her final project was a complete (and complicated) user guide for a product that she invented. It was a great success both in the writing, the layout and the final printing. She also learned technology in regards to the inside components of a computer and how they operate so she would understand how to explain them in text. She handled many assignments well and was successful in everything from quick guides through to final projects. Most of the work was done in Word, but she also learned Framemaker and Robohelp, including the production of online teaching manuals.

Association Memberships
Techshoret Techshoret sponsors many types of educational workshops and annual technical writing meet-ups. Gayla enjoys attending them to learn about new products and changes in the field of technical writing. She is also involved in their forum as a way of continuing her education.

FrameMaker In Other Words
Jun 2007
Gayla learned the ins and outs of using FrameMaker, which is a very powerful program. She successfully completed all of the required assignments and had a good knowledge of how to use the program.

Technical Writing In Other Words
May 2007
Gayla learned all the rules and procedures for writing technical manuals. She also learned rules for grammar and the basics of writing. She submitted a final project that was a complete technical manual that she wrote, designed and printed.

Projects by Industry

Gayla G. has been writing search engine optimized copy for the web for nearly five years and can tackle a variety of subjects. She has written hundreds of individual and corporate bios as well as online profiles and original content covering everything from medical issues to new developments in hi-tech to wine to Brazilian forestry. She has written blogs relating to women's health issues, wine as an investment, beauty products and environmental issues. The past two years have also found her ghostwriting the autobiographies of interesting people as well as proofreading books before they go to print. With a background in technical writing, she writes user manuals, quick guides and product instruction sheets. Her work is fast, accurate and written according to customer specifications.


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