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Teresa R

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Teresa R. is a writer and researcher whose work has appeared on many high profile websites. Some of her work has appeared on websites such as USA Today, GardenGuides, Trails Travels, and GolfLink. Her diverse knowledge and background allows her to write on numerous topics such as home and garden, pets, alternative medicine, travel and entertainment, sports, outdoor recreation and careers.
In addition to writing articles, Teresa also enjoys editing and is currently the lead editor for a legal newsletter as well as an online content broker. She enjoys sharing her love of writing and language with others and often encourages those around her to broaden their writing horizons.
Teresa holds a Bachelor's degree in Legal Studies from an ABA-accredited university and is therefore able to write on a variety of legal topics. As a paralegal, Teresa has also created numerous legal documents and written dozens of research papers. Editing and fact-checking legal documents is something she is very passionate about. She enjoys blogging, and often does so for attorney websites.
In the future, Teresa would like to write and edit e-books. Some of the topics she is interested in writing range from crime and justice to cooking from scratch. She believes the best part about being a freelance writer is the opportunity to learn new things every day, and then share that knowledge with others through the power of the written word.
Her professional writing goals are to create content that flows smoothly and is engaging for the reader while being entertaining and informative at the same time.
Teresa R. has extensive knowledge of the courts and legal system. She also has a vast knowledge of supply and logistics thanks to her background in the U.S. military.
Teresa R. enjoys a wide variety of hobbies including cooking, crafts, gardening, and outdoor recreation. She has a love of travel and world cultures that often inspires her to pen articles to attract visitors to destinations around the globe.
South University Legal Studies, Bachelor

Teresa R. received her Bachelor's degree from South University, Montgomery, Alabama in 2012. During her time at South University, Teresa was recognized for many academic achievements. She was a regular on the President's list and was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society. Her final GPA was 3.9.

Honors and Awards
Inductee Oct 2010
For her outstanding academic achievements, Teresa R. was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society in 2010. This honor is bestowed on college students who achieve a high grade point average and show leadership potential and high moral character. Teresa earned her Bachelor's degree in 2012 with a final GPA of 3.9.

Projects by Industry

Teresa R. has provided hundreds of articles on various legal topics ranging from civil lawsuits to divorce. She has also produced dozens of blog posts for attorney websites throughout the country. Teresa has also worked for a criminal defense attorney where she prepared legal memorandums and performed legal research. She is very familiar with legal terminology and citations and enjoys creating legal documents for clients.


Teresa R. has written hundreds of articles on gardening and landscaping. Some of her work has appeared on high traffic websites, while other articles have been self-published. When producing gardening articles, Teresa likes to appeal to amateur gardeners to help them develop a love of plants and nature. Her areas of expertise include flowers, vegetable gardening, fruit trees, and container gardening.


Teresa R. has written over 300 articles on health and medicine. Some of her topics have included natural health, herbal medicine, and ways to improve overall health. She has also written on a number of specific diseases and medications used to treat them. One of her favorite pastimes is learning more about alternative medicine.


Teresa R. has written and published hundreds of articles on recreation and the outdoors. Many of her articles have appeared on high-traffic websites. Some of the topics she has covered include camping, gold prospecting, and bird watching. She has also written numerous articles on hiking and specific trails throughout the United States.


Teresa R. is an avid travel writer whose work has appeared on tourism blogs and websites providing travel advice. She has written on a number of destinations, giving advice on the best hotels and restaurants to visit in a given area. Her love of visiting new and exciting places drives her to find out information about a destination that others often overlook.


Teresa R. is passionate about helping others develop their potential by starting a new career. This has prompted her to write hundreds of articles relating to careers and education. She has covered employment industries ranging from engineering to law enforcement. Some of the educational topics she has written about have varied from heavy equipment certification to receiving an MBA.

Projects by Asset Type

Teresa R. enjoys writing articles and has done so for dozens of websites. Most of her work has involved a great deal of research and fact checking, which is something Teresa truly enjoys doing. Her articles have covered a wide variety of topics, but some of the subjects she frequently writes about include home and garden, outdoor recreation, travel, and legal issues.

Blog Post

Teresa R. discovered blogging some time ago and has used her love of writing blog posts to help business owners drive traffic to their website. Since Teresa has a background in law, she often writes posts for law firms to place on their blogs. Other work has appeared on blogs for insurance companies, real estate agents, and automobile dealerships.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Teresa R. enjoys research and has completed a number of writing projects that have involved in-depth fact checking. When writing these pieces, her goal is to be accurate and informing without overwhelming the reader with too much information. Some of her research projects have involved biographies, history, and current events.


Teresa R. holds a Bachelor's degree in Legal Studies from an ABA-accredited university. She has completed articles on a number of legal topics ranging from divorce to personal injury. Her work has appeared as practical information on several attorneys' websites as well as a popular website that offers simple answers for a variety of everyday questions.


Teresa R. is an accomplished editor and currently does so for an online content broker. She has edited more than 300 pieces ranging from information articles to press releases. Teresa is familiar with many styles of writing. She has written pieces in AP, APA, and MLA formats and is also familiar with legal and military writing.

Projects by Writing Style

Teresa R. regularly writes promotional content for businesses in the service industry and travel websites. She has dozens of product descriptions under her belt as well. Her promotional content has centered on hotels, restaurants, shopping venues, and colleges. She regularly contributes to blogs that serve to promote expert services such as real estate sales and legal representation.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Teresa R. regularly contributes web content for small business owners and sole proprietors. In doing so, her goal is to present a positive image of these businesses and spark an interest in a company's product or services. She regularly writes for law offices, insurance companies, and realtors. She has also created policy manuals for offices with fewer than 10 employees.


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