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Daniel M

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Daniel M is a freelance writer living in New Jersey currently pursuing a MA in English - Writing at Monmouth University. He graduated summa cum laude from Towson University with a bachelor's degree in philosophy and English. Daniel has over five years experience in Digital Marketing with web design, social media campaigns, marketing strategies and business development. He offers writing services for articles, website content, copy writing, ghost writing and editing. Daniel specializes in online businesses, career services, health and nutrition, personal finance, technology and education.
Daniel composes website articles, blog entries, marketing copy, product descriptions, press releases, and reviews. He has strong knowledge in marketing strategies and business development.
Education, health and wellness, personal finance, and independent businesses
Towson University Aug 2006 – May 2010
Philosophy and English, Bachelor of Science (summa cum laude)

Daniel studied how to critically analyze material, research relative content, and write clear arguments. As Editor-in-Chief of Towson’s Journal of Philosophical Ideas, he developed strong grammatical skills and a passion for revising.

Honors and Awards
Ian Moore Memorial Scholarship Daniel won Towson's Ian Moore Memorial Scholarship award in back to back years for his essays on philosophy.

Beulah M. Price Memorial Scholarship Daniel was awarded Towson's prestigious Beulah M. Price Memorial Scholarship for his overall academic achievements as Editor-in-Chief of Towson's Journal of Philosophical Ideas, published academic papers, conference presentations, and contributing efforts to the school's Philosophy department and Academic Affairs Committee.

Projects by Industry

With over ten years experience in retail pharmacy, Daniel has been active in learning and keeping up with the health industry. Through firsthand experiences of medical procedures, diagnostic processes and alternative therapies along with research of medical journals and websites, Daniel has studied various approaches to health. Believing that each human body can react differently, Daniel thinks it is vital for people to learn and try a variety of solutions.

Self Help

Daniel is an avid reader of self-help books focusing on mindfulness and recovery. He has also observed and participated in non-profit support groups engaged in self-help practices. With a belief in the importance of overall health, Daniel writes to inspire others to focus on themselves, their well-being and the special gift of living life as a human being.


Personal experiences inspired Daniel to investigate varying approaches to nutrition. A ten-year background in pharmacy has informed Daniel of the health industry, both its successes and failures. After extensive research and study of nutrition, including discussions with nutritionists, dieticians, medical doctors, and health-conscious chefs, it is Daniel's hope to bring greater attention to nutrition so that people may avoid serious health problems through natural solutions.


Daniel has presented papers at college conferences and given guest lectures. While working with educators, Daniel helped prepare assignments and reviewed students’ work. As a freelancer education writer, Daniel covers topics from technology in the classroom and motivating students to lesson plans, blog resources and online education. With a focus on helping teachers engage with their students, Daniel writes articles that implement real solutions into the classroom.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Daniel’s writing services include analysis of a proper SEO strategy for each project, researching the best keyword choices and the level of keyword competition. By gently implementing the right keywords to flow into clear and concise content, Daniel produces work that search engines favor and readers enjoy following.

Projects by Asset Type
Web Page

Daniel has written content for small business webpages and blogs, establishing an appropriate style that matches the company’s philosophy and prospective audience. Having designed webpages for retail businesses and company’s providing online services, Daniel has experience in targeting local and global customers. Using SEO research and clear writing, he produces webpage content that is easy to read and navigate.


As an article writer, Daniel’s experience has taught him to ask who will read the piece and how will they find it. By using thoroughly researched SEO content and writing for the correct audience, Daniel produces informative and exciting articles woven with targeted keywords.

Facebook Post

The importance of social media in broadcasting blog articles, advertisements and company messages cannot be understated. Daniel works with small businesses, websites and blogs to prepare Facebook posts that capture attention and demand a click-through for a full read.

Blog Post

Daniel believes blog posts should be concise, engaging and grip a reader from the title to the end. By speaking to audiences with a style to match the demographic, Daniel structures blog posts to center around new ideas that both compel and entertain readers.
Daniel’s work has appeared on blogs covering topics from health, nutrition, self-help, etiquette, career building, writing, pets and technology.

Projects by Writing Style

As a result of his thorough research and ability to present strong arguments, Daniel’s clients have testified to his “authoritative voice” that captures readers’ attention. When writing health and nutrition articles, an authoritative voice is required to show readers that information is accurate and beneficial. Daniel presents this style as informative and knowledgeable rather than demanding or threatening.


Daniel combines a creative and comforting style in his self help writings, making readers feel more serene and part of an ongoing conversation. By speaking to readers as people, rather than as customers, he invites them to join in his openness and honesty, building a relationship of trust.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Having worked at a small retail pharmacy for over nine years, Daniel is experienced in the operations of independently owned businesses. Focused on customer service and quality management, Daniel has written articles concerning how small businesses can beat out their larger competition. Instead of quick-fix tips, Daniel’s articles offer real business solutions that can be implemented with hard work and quality management.


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