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Heidi C

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Heidi C. is a freelance writer with a background in human resources and business administration. She has been published in Chicago Parent Magazine and Herb Companion Magazine and has written guest blogs for,, and
Heidi C. writes in a wide variety of formats, including feature articles, online content, press releases, business profiles, speeches and presentations, white papers, manuals and handbooks, promotional copy, and new media content for blogs, tweets, podcasts and webinars. She loves writing about home and garden, business and human resources, alternative energy like solar and wind power, and recycling and natural living.
Her writing interests encompass a wide range of business and creative areas, including recruiting, career development, job search and interviewing skills, human resources issues, business promotion, home and garden topics, and green living and natural living topics. Personal interests include gardening, landscaping and horticulture, crocheting, reading and family. Her three favorite places to spend time in are gardens, libraries and greenhouses.
College of Lake County Business Administration, Associate

Heidi has studied business administration and horticulture and is considering continuing on to complete a bachelor's degree in business or journalism.

Projects by Industry

Heidi has first-hand insight into business administration and organizational issues and human resources topics from her background in these areas. She has written about career planning, colleges and universities, how to get work in a particular field, recruiting, interviewing skill, salaries of different professions, employee benefits, degree requirements, and career advancement. Her straightforward writing style makes it easy for a career-focused audience to get the information they need from her content.


Heidi has taken horticulture classes and worked for a large Illinois landscape contractor. She has written many articles and blog posts about home and garden topics including gardening, vegetables and flowers, herbs, natural living, home improvement projects and landscaping. Heidi guest blogs for and about gardening, landscaping, and natural living topics.

Green Living

Heidi has written guest blogs for,, and including green living topics. In addition to home and garden topics, she has written green living content about recycling, natural living, how to use herbs instead of chemical-laden personal care, cleaning, and medicinal products, and how to make your own useful items.

This is an excerpt from an article titled "Healthy Household Cleaning Solutions."


Heidi has more than 10 years experience in recruiting for small to medium size employers. Her recruiting knowledge and experience include employee requisition systems, recruiting campaigns, on-site job fairs, employment advertising, applicant screening, skills testing, interviewing, background screening, pre-employment drug testing, on-campus recruiting, and employment agency sourcing and partnering. Her hands-on experience in all aspects of the recruiting process along with excellent research skills enable her to write informatively about current recruiting issues.


Heidi has written numerous blog posts and articles about business topics for various clients. Her background is in business administration and human resources and she loves writing about small business issues.

Human Resources

Heidi worked in human resources roles for more than 15 years and has first-hand insight into what employers want in candidates, employees, supervisors, employee programs, and more. She's written about payroll, benefits, employee engagement, company culture, and the newest human resources trends.


Heidi has written about types of health insurance and business insurance, how to use insurance, how to understand insurance, and other insurance topics both as a freelance writer and as part of previous jobs.


Heidi has written about various office topics such as ergonomics, office environment, office layout, office furniture, and others. Her business administration and human resources experience gave her a lot of practical experience with these type of office topics.

Projects by Asset Type

Heidi has written many articles for online content including USA Today Travel and, as well as feature and specialty articles for Chicago Parent Magazine.

Press Release

Heidi has written press releases and business profiles for varies businesses, including landscape contractors, machinery vendors, and specialty seed sellers.

Projects By Expertise

Heidi has produced web content for the past six years and recently started full-time freelance writing, including copywriting.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Heidi has a background in business administration and human resources. Here is the introductory paragraph of an article about going green policy.


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