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Location Gunnison, CO
Education College Diploma
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Summary of Experience
Ryan began writing for publication during college while writing for the Gunnison Country Times. Covering city council and county commissioners’ meetings over a three year period, Ryan had 133 of articles published.

After college Ryan was a content editor and web-site designer for eCollege. In addition to writing and editing copy, he learned five software languages. He left the company as the course developer department’s copy editor.

After eCollege, Ryan wrote bid proposals and designed the website for David Owen Tryba Architects. He also wrote the company profile and modified it per bid. As a proposal writer, Ryan was awarded 62 percent of the planning and development bids he wrote proposals for and 46 percent of the residential and commercial construction bids.

Ryan can write and/or edit content for web-sites as well as bid proposals. In addition, this writer can report using AP style grammar. Ryan can also write reviews and blogs.
Ryan specializes in the composition and modification of technical writing focusing on grammar and syntax to create efficient, comprehensible text in order to maximize the informational content of copy while minimizing verbose language.
He spends his free time kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, hunting and rodeoing. Ryan enjoys classical literature and alternative news sources. This writer grew up on a working ranch in Colorado and remains an active part of the family business.
Western State College English Composition, Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts

Ryan H. graduated in 1999 with degrees in English and Philosophy and in the top 10 in his class.

Projects by Industry

Ryan worked in high school and college as a mechanic/operator. He has mechanical experience with diesel, gasoline and bio-diesel engines. In high school, Ryan rebuilt to Chevrolet Chevelles, a '67 and a '69, one of which his father still owns.


During an internship with Riot Kayaks in Montreal, Canada, Ryan learned to use an industrial sewing machine and an ultrasonic welder making spray-skirts and dry-tops. Ryan also makes and sells Kevlar kayaking helmets using a laser etcher to embed the graphics.


Ryan uses a custom made computer, one of the two he and his brother built using after-market components to ensure ultra-high processing speed. The machines have liquid cooling systems and duel processor motherboards.


Ryan has completed dozens of landscaping, home and garden and irrigation projects. In addition, he and his wife have a greenhouse that produces through the winter as a result of a hydroponic watering system, solar heating and retractable radiant barrier cover.

Green Living

Ryan and his family only purchase 60% of their food. The remaining 40% is the product of a strict sustainable living lifestyle. Almost 100% of the meat and vegetables the family consumes is from the farm. This includes milk and eggs.

Green Products

In addition, the Ryan and his wife make a chemical-free insecticide for the gardens and greenhouse. Ryan's two toddlers play with non-toxic, generally homemade, toys.

Green Services

To generate income, Ryan and his wife sell eggs and cheese to family, friends and two restaurants. The chickens and goats are free range animals and are raised steriod and free.


Ryan has both pets and livestock. Animal care components -- particularly feed, shelter, and health promotion measures -- are animal issues Ryan is familiar with both from experience and literature.


Ryan covered city council and county commissioner meetings for the Gunnison Country Times for three years while attending college. He also managed two re-election campaigns for Fred Field, the longest standing elected official in the county.


Ryan was a three sport athlete in high school participating in track, skiing and football. In college, he was a four year letter-man in skiing and went on to participate in the Colorado Kayak Rodeo circuit for four years after college.


An avid outdoors man, Ryan enjoys kayaking and rafting, hiking and biking, horseback riding, hunting and fishing and sailing and snorkeling. He has descended every portion of the Colorado River, the Middle Fork of the Salmon and almost 60 other rivers nationally and internationally. Ryan worked one season as a wilderness ranger in the High Uinta Wilderness and is a certified Leave No Trace Instructor, Swift Water River Rescue Certified, and is ACA certified to instruct kayaking.


Ryan remains fit through outdoor activities, but also maintains membership at a gymnasium and lifts weights five or six times a week. In addition to the endorphin rush, he enjoys the social aspect of a weight room.


As an athlete, Ryan became accustomed to eating large quantities of protein, vegetables and carbohydrates. He studied nutrition in order to maximize the results of his training and diet. As a middle-aged man, Ryan concentrates on a diet that will sustain bone strength and muscle repair without adding unnecessary weight.


Ryan spent summers working construction and excavation for a car in high school and tuition, books, room and board in college. He also worked construction in order to save money for traveling after college. Ryan's area of expertise is laying water and sewer pipe. He understands building codes and estimating project cost as he wrote bid proposals for David Owen Tryba Architects. Rarely did the jobs he bid underestimated


Raised on a ranch/farm, Ryan understands the intricacies of agriculture. From crop rotation to castrating calves, from 4-H to building fence, from breaking a horse to rebuilding a tractor, he had the opportunity to learn.

Projects by Asset Type

Ryan has written instructional articles for Demand Studios pertaining to a wide range of topics. The variety of topics include how-to articles on agricultural projects, recreation & sports activities, mechanics, firearms and green living. In addition to instructional articles, Ryan has written an large number of blogs for several different online publishing companies.


Ryan has written copy for college professors whom provided outlines for the implementation of course material into websites. In addition to editing content for college professors who post their courses online, Ryan has also created and edited content for architecture and construction companies. Ryan has also written advertisements for several outdoor equipment companies.


Ryan wrote over 85 bid proposals for David Owen Tryba Architects. In addition, he wrote contact bids while working for Mays Concrete. His expertise writing bids and proposals lead to the awarding of over 100 construction jobs. Included in his portfolio of earned bids is the Gateway Park East Planning Area Study (the re-development of Stapleton Airport after construction of Denver International Airport).

News Story

Ryan H. wrote for the Gunnison Country times for three years covering city council and county commissioners' meetings and sports and recreation. At the same time, Ryan wrote for the college paper a feature journalist and part-time editor. He covered sports for both the local paper and the college paper in addition to covering politics for both papers.

Press Release

Ryan wrote press releases to existing and potential clients for David Owen Tryba Architects. The purpose of these releases was to keep the construction world abreast of the developments and successes of the heralded Denver based firm. In addition to advertising future projects, the press release was used to illustrate past successes.

Technical Article

Ryan has written a plethora of technical instruction articles about a wide range of subjects including electronics, construction and excavation and auto and implement mechanics. He has developed a means of writing non-fiction, un-creative material with an original flavor and style that does not burden the reader, yet keeps them engaged.

Product Description

Have worked writing product descriptions of computers, software, online services, cameras and photography supplies, office supplies, pistols, rifles, archery equipment, sports equipment, shoes and clothing... among others.

Projects By Expertise

Ryan has written and edited copy for newspapers, education institutions and construction and architecture firms. In addition, he currently edits copy for an international biological research center.

Projects by Writing Style

Ryan wrote for and edited the high school newspaper as a young adult. After graduation, He wrote for the local newspaper and wrote for and edited the college paper while earning two bachelor degrees.

Projects by Company Size
Large Business

-Research, formulate, write, edit and revise original and pre-formulated copy focusing specifically on grammar, syntax, and style.

-Create brand-consistent, on-strategy, compelling original user-interfaces: Flash interfaces, graphics and other design elements, for use in websites.

-Establish, plan and expand utilization potential of websites through continued, editing and censorship and cross-training of additional resources.

-Work with internal creative team in the development and execution of large, complex projects including the establishment of clear art direction and production of graphic, print and web content to support business’s objectives.


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