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Delany M

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Location Winston Salem, NC
Education Some College
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Summary of Experience
Delany is a well-rounded freelancer with an emphasis in product descriptions, landing pages and articles. With over a decade of experience to her credit, she has enjoyed writing for national chain retailers, small e-commerce boutiques and a wide range of service providers. She prides herself in going "beyond the word" to capture the essence of a brand or company, ensuring copy that is as noteworthy as the goods and services her clients provide.
With her enthusiastic and dynamic approach to product copy and landing pages, Delany has delighted thousands of niche customers looking for something inspired. Some of her more unusual specializations include logistics and supply chain practices, adult industry news and products, and medical/dental office site copy.
A proud geek, Delany enjoys reading Sci-fi like the Discworld series and playing immersive video games like Fallout 4 and World of Warcraft in her spare time. She also coupons with her husband, tends to a small herd of demanding housecats, sews (poorly) and makes her own handmade pasta, in addition to other kitchen escapades. She is also currently attending college part-time in pursuit of a copy-focused marketing degree.
MRHS Marketing, Diploma

Delany attended High School in central New Jersey, taking a particular interest in marketing. She competed in both speech and debate and DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) tournaments, bringing home several trophies and awards from both organizations. She wrote poetry and papers throughout her High School career, later channeling these skills into freelance writing.

Association Memberships
The Freelancers Union Delany became a member of the Freelancer's Union, a 200,000-member New York-based organization dedicated to advancing and supporting freelancers, in 2010. She continues to further her career through their guidance and writer resource network.

Inbound Marketing Certification HubSpot
Oct 2016
Through dedication and an intensive 12-part course, Delany is now proud to offer Inbound Certification as a benefit to her clients. By leveraging the skills, techniques and tips learned throughout the course, she is able to add targeted structure, buyer journey focus (Awareness | Consideration | Decision) and appropriate tones into her already-polished content approach.

Projects by Industry

A proficient cook, Delany writes from experience on topics such as recipes, kitchen safety, kitchen decor and even interesting trivia about food. She is passionate about spices and herbs and happily shares her years of knowledge with hungry audiences. Delany also enjoys sharing unusual tips for keeping the kitchen under control - such as a dash of olive oil to prevent a pot from boiling over, or tossing an onion in the freezer to prevent tears during chopping.


As an avid gardener, Delany loves to write about various gardening topics, especially cooking herb cultivation, small urban gardens, and medicinal herbs. She specializes in articles for budding horticulturists, guiding new gardeners in their planting pursuits. Mulch, box gardens and themed plantings have all been brought to lush life in her articles.


Featuring a distinctly wry tone, Delany excels at dead-panning the incredible and making the everyday worthy of a grin. Towel etiquette, weird sex toys, and social commentary are only a few of the pieces she's applied her particular brand of humor to. If you need a little tongue-in-cheek treatment for your product, cause or business, she has the smirk-worthy copy you're looking for.


Delany has written index pages, catalog text, and mission statements for a wide variety of manufacturers and industries. She is very quick on the uptake when it comes to research, and capable of taking an authoritative tone with relative haste. Past work has included portable generator sales copy, advertising scripts for soy-based paint removers and plumbing service descriptions.


When it comes to capturing the interest - and appointments - of potential patients, Delany understands how vital a compelling website can be. She has written website copy, advertisements, and social media postings for medical providers and dental offices nationwide. From therapeutic massage sessions to high-quality dental crowns, she is adept at highlighting the strengths of a practice and seamlessly encouraging contact between the office and new clientele.


Delany has owned pets ranging from rabbits to exotic parrots, and has, through the years, cultivated a unique database of pet care experience to tap into. From nutrition to grooming tips, she excels in delivering top-quality information to pet parents everywhere. If it flies, barks or wiggles, Delany is ready to talk about it with authority.

Consumer Goods

Delany has an extensive background in item description for both catalog and internet retail applications. Her past clients include large chains such as Sears and Target as well as smaller niche boutiques. In addition to product descriptions for direct sale, she has also provided hundreds of descriptions for wholesaler databases. Her areas of expertise include a wide range of items, such as adult products, jewelry, novelty and home goods.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Delany writes with an excellent flow, incorporating keywords and matching required density without breaking tone. Unlike some SEO articles that use keywords awkwardly and obviously, her work appeals to the reader while still performing reliably in search engine results pages.

Projects by Asset Type

Delany is very strong in the 300-600 word range, offering fast turnaround for articles regardless of subject matter. She works best with clients needing a conversational yet informative tone, and is skilled with adhering to specified keyword densities. Delany's articles have appeared both in print and online, offering information and marketing benefits to readers and clients alike.

Blog Post

Delany has kept and maintained several blogs for clients and her own interests for years. Her currently maintained blogs include a local food critic blog, a how-to freelance guide and a coupon savings blog. She has previously written for a daily deals site, a relationship blog and an adult product blog, among others.

Product Description

Product description is Delany's favorite format, and it shows in her work. As the writing format that launched her career, her passion for product description shines through her words, and in turn her client's SEO metric feedback. Give her a potato sack and she'll talk about the flowing script on the front; a worn-out butter churn becomes a rustic and primitive piece of home decor. Clothing, jewelry, home goods, gift baskets, electrical components - if it has a bunch of SKUs, she happily has the words for them.

Projects By Expertise

Delany has been writing under the pen name "ThatWordChick" for over ten years and has placed her work with clients like Sears, Target and Walmart throughout her career. She maintains several successful blogs and continually seeks new clients and jobs to keep her skills sharp. If you have a need for copy, she's not your average pen jockey: she's better.

Projects by Writing Style

Delany is adept at highlighting product features and benefits, often with no more than a picture and short synopsis to build from. She incorporates customer feedback, new features and other important considerations into every piece of work, ensuring readers get an excellent overview.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Delany has written a number of press releases, advertising copy, and website text for small businesses, both local and otherwise. She enjoys furthering the goals and image of businesses through the written word, increasing search engine visibility and customer interest. If your business visibility needs a little push, Delany is the woman you want behind it.


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