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Jared has experience writing for a variety of online and offline publications. His extensive foreign travel provided ample opportunities for international writing assignments and he currently specializes in writing product descriptions, travel, food and educational content. He has a good understanding of SEO and incorporates natural, but effective, keyword placement.

According to Jared, the key to writing great content is to fully understand the needs of the client, to ask critical questions as needed and to be open and accepting to the changing needs of customers. Focusing on providing quality and timely content has made him a favorite among many clients.

Jared has recently finished an eBook on how to create a continuous stream of income by using to-do lists, and is working on a new eBook on crowdsourcing.
Travel narratives
Product descriptions
Home design and furnishing
Curriculum development
Jared has a variety of interests. He worked and lived abroad before returning to the US to work in the restaurant industry. After leaving the restaurant field, he wrote curriculum for EFL training centers. He loves to travel and spends much of his free time reading and studying Chinese and Indonesian. He is an active trader specializing in Forex and stocks.
University of Pittsburgh English Writing, BA English Writing

Jared B. graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in English Writing. While at university he wrote for a number of journals and literary magazines. He was a member of the Poetry Society and read weekly at the open mics.

TEFL New World Teachers
Jun 1998
Jared received a TEFL certificate from New World Teachers which certified him as a trained English teacher for speakers of foreign languages. This course combined classroom instruction and practical teaching experience.

TESL Pittsburgh Public Library System
May 1998
Jared received a TESL certificate from the Pittsburgh Public Library System which trained him to teach English to non-native speakers in the US. This course combined practical teaching experience and classroom instruction.

Projects by Industry

Jared has written a number of articles on the methodology of teaching English to speakers of other languages. He has written blog posts and print articles for English students and others teachers. His largest educational project was rewriting dozens of lesson plans for an international EFL company, as well as lecturing in the fundamentals of language acquisition for the company. He is currently working on a guide to TEFL in Southeast Asia.


With a degree in the Culinary Arts and seven years of professional cooking and management experience in New York City, Jared is well equipped to write about cooking, recipes, restaurants and food in general. He has operated a restaurant in NYC and a cafe in Jakarta, so he can also write about the business side of the food industry. He loves writing articles on Chinese, Korean, Southeast Asian, Italian and classic American cuisine.


Jared has written many articles on gardening and lawn care for clients. He has firsthand knowledge of small-scale farm and aquaponics techniques, especially growing fruits and vegetables in the tropics. He is excited about permaculture, sustainable agriculture and loves to share his knowledge.


Jared has essential travel experience and concentrates on Southeast Asia. He has lived and worked throughout Asia from Indonesia to Vietnam. He speaks Indonesian and Tagalog well, and is learning Mandarin now. He is well suited to write general travel stories, as well as destination and what-to-do pieces, particularly in the Asian market.


Jared has written hundreds of reviews, blog posts and product descriptions for products and services across dozens of types of industries. He has extensive knowledge of SEO and natural keyword integration. He particularly enjoys writing about online marketing, business start ups and incorporating social media into existing web sites.


Jared has written a number of articles focusing on relationships and dating. He is comfortable in writing quality articles on intimate subject matter and he is comfortable writing from both a male and female perspective.

Consumer Goods

Creating compelling product descriptions is a speciality of Jared. He has written about consumer products from a variety of industries. He is equally skilled in long- and short-form PD writing. Jared understands that being creative in writing copy is important, but as David Ogilvy said, "If it doesn't sell, its not creative." Jared puts this advice into practice when he writes for consumer goods.


Jared has written numerous articles on health and wellness for a variety of clients. He has written on dental issues, alternative medicine and preventative care. With a background in TCM and Tui Na, he loves to write about using alternative medicine to treat modern health issues.


Jared has a degree in Culinary Arts from the Institute of Culinary Education and has written articles and blog posts focusing on restaurants and professional cooking. He has written a number of articles about restaurant and hotel management. His years of working as a chef in some of the top NYC restaurants allow him to write as an insider in the industry.


Jared has experience operating a recruitment website for people looking for work abroad. He has helped dozens of jobseekers find positions in well-paying jobs in their chosen fields. He has written on proper interviewing techniques and on issues of staying legal while recruiting.

Home Living

Jared has written a variety of articles and blog posts on designing and decorating the home. He has experience with decorating smaller spaces and is interested in all aspects of landscaping and gardening. Explaining to readers how to get the most from their current home is one of Jared's specialties.


Clients love Jared's retail writing. The author's ability to describe products, along with his expert creation of readers' desire to make a purchase, has made writing about shopping a large percent of his writing portfolio. Jared loves to write catalog descriptions, especially in the style of the old J. Peterman catalogs.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

Jared is skilled in choosing titles and meta descriptions that increase a webpage's search engine ranking. He understands the influence of meta tags has been downgraded in recent search engine upgrades, but knows great titles are still important for page ranks. His experience can help to increase the ranking of clients' pages.

Link Building

Building organic traffic is more important these days than ever before. Jared has extensive experience and knowledge on building quality links to generate real, motivated traffic for a variety of sites. Having built a number of personal web sites from the ground up, as well as helping businesses improve their own traffic through quality link building, he is a good choice for helping your site gain traffic.

SEO Keyword Requirements

Jared has an extensive skillset and experience with integrating SEO and keywords in a natural and effective manner. He has honed his SEO experience with several personal blogs and a recruitment web site. Through this experience he has found what works and what does not.

Projects by Asset Type

Jared has written many articles, for both online and print outlets. Most of his articles focus on travel, cooking, small scale and alternative farming methods, as well as teaching and the learning of languages. He is very interested in long form documents, but has experience with shorter blog posts.

Blog Post

Jared has written many blog posts for his own blogs and for customers' blogs. He has written blog posts on many different subjects. He is well-versed with the format of blog posts and has a good understanding of the backend of Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. He uses SEO in his blog posts to rank well on Google, even after the Penguin update.

Direct Mail

Jared has written direct mail content for a variety of industries. Most of his direct mail content has focused on the educational industry, but he has also written direct mailings for restaurants. He understands effective ways of selling through direct mailings.

Product Description

Jared has written product descriptions for a wide range of clients who sell a variety of products. He has experience creating compelling content which showcases a product's tangible benefits to a customer. Jared writes product descriptions by focusing on finding the ideal target customers and tailoring his content to appeal to these customers' imagination.

Web Page

Jared creates compelling web content which converts browsers into customers. He understands the proper use of keywords, and utilizes the most up-to-date best practices when writing web content. Jared has create numerous sites specializing in overseas staffing and e-commerce. He fully understands the physical and psychological differences between how readers read online and in print, and he uses this understanding to benefit his clients' sites.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

Jared is a trained professional chef and has the experience and education to write food-based articles. He has written articles for the home cook, as well as the professional chef. He also has taught English since 1998, mostly in Asia, so he has extensive knowledge on writing about education and particularly the EFL field.


Jared has been a copywriter for many years. He has worked for a variety of online content brokers in addition to private clients. His engaging style and ability to understand exactly what a client wants means he receives high marks from customers.

Projects by Writing Style

Jared's natural writing style is conversational. For most of the articles that he writes, he believes that a conversational voice is the best match for the readers. By using a conversational tone, he believes that his articles can better relate to the general reader. But he has written in other styles.


Maintaining objectivity when writing is often difficult, but Jared's journalistic articles are always balanced, fact-based articles. He has written political and general news stories, as well as long-form travel pieces using the journalistic style. He enjoys writing creative non-fiction, but has experience writing in a straight news style.


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