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Medha R

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Location San Jose, CA
Education Masters Degree
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Medha has been an avid writer for as long as she can remember. But she has been writing professionally for more than seven years. She is also an editor with excellent proofreading skills and an eye for making content better and beautiful. She is equally adept in handling long essays as she is in concise, word clips for short ads or messages. Her writing has ranged from technical articles to articles on travel and tourism, literature, music and cooking.

Other than creative and technical writing, she has worn multiple hats in the IT and publishing industries. She is experienced in content management and strategy, program management, SEO, and analytics. She is also an organized thinker when it comes to planning a web portal.

She is also very good at intercultural communication and likes to write about intercultural experiences that shape and define us today.
Articles, blogs, essays, newsletters, help centers, educational documents, web pages, keyword-rich SEO content.
Writing, reading, cooking, gardening.
San Jose State University Aug 2010 – May 2012
Communication Studies, Master of Arts

Medha earned her M.A. in Communication Studies with a GPA of 3.9. Her field of specialization was Intercultural and Organization communication.

Her special project was on acculturation and was titled: The effect of the Internet on the acculturation of Asian Indian employees in the United States.

Projects by Industry
High Tech

Medha has written articles, newsletters, sales pitches end email marketing documents for multiple high tech companies and e-commerce companies. Her clear, engaging and persuasive content has led to leads that has resulted in growth in sales of the companies.


Medha has written both long and short articles (word count - 300 to 1500) for travel and tourism websites. Articles dealt with hotel descriptions - location, amenities, services, accommodation and activities. Other articles involved city/location descriptions that would lure travelers to the city/location in question. This travel and tourism experience allowed Medha to blend raw facts and figures with imagination and style - information crucial for travelers to make travel plans and make reservations, and an imaginative journey to the city through Medha's description of the place.

Home Living

Medha has written on home living - home decor, clothing, gardening, hobbies and much more. She has written keyword-rich SEO articles as well as informative and fun-to-read articles for leisure reading. Her experience in this industry has won her accolades from her clients and has helped her increase revenues for them. She enjoys writing on these topics because these topics are close to her heart and she loves to share with her readers what she has learned from her own experiences. Her articles are always well-researched, informative and reflect a style that goes well with her topics. She is adept in changing her style and tone of writing, depending on the topic that she is writing on.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

Medha is known for her SEO skills in article generation, which includes title and meta-descriptions. Her creative use of keywords has won her accolades from her clients ever since she learned the ropes of the trade. She knows that the title of an article is the face of what comes next. It is by the title that one judges the content of the article/email/newsletter. Appropriate and intelligent use of meta-descriptions help articles rank higher in search engines. Medha has the required skills to make her articles reach the highest rank on search engines, as far as content is concerned.

Projects by Asset Type

Medha has written articles of varying lengths and complexity, depending on the project requirements. Starting from 300-word articles on gadgets to a 1000-word description of luxury hotels come easy to her. She is a phenomenal researcher and is very organized in her writing. She writes convincingly and keeps her readers engaged. With her SEO skills, she has mastered the method of inserting SEO-rich keywords in her articles, without making them read like keyword-loaded paragraphs. She blends style and technical aspects in her article with sophistication and grace.

Projects By Expertise

Medha has also worked on several projects as a copywriter, most notably when developing brand strategies for client products. Her use of brief, powerful messages in headlines and titles have awarded her many accolades among her clients.

Technical Writer

Medha has authored and edited several technical articles. She likes to break down complex technical functions into easily readable and digestible information for non-technical readers. Her articles are crisp, confident yet written in a tone that is conversational. This tone engages readers easily and makes them less averse to technical articles.

Projects by Writing Style

Medha's specialization in writing is known for the conversational style she uses in her writing projects. Of course, it depends on the kind of project and client requirements. But her usual conversational style makes her articles and other writing assignments easily readable, digestible and engaging. Her readers are immediately interested in what she has to say about a product, service or event.

Projects by Company Size
Fortune 500

Medha has been a content specialist in the Google Chromecast team. She had written and edited Help Center articles. Her additiona lresposibilities included - auditing entire Help Centers, managing 12-language spanning localization project, tracking and resolving content-related bugs, tracking and analyzing performance of Help Center articles with the use of metrics calculators and much more.


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