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Gwen knew she wanted to be a writer as soon as she discovered there was a word for this thing inside of her. She's had the privilege of studying and applying the mechanics of good writing throughout her life as she's participated in many different writing programs. Gwen especially benefited from her studies in Print Journalism, where she fine-tuned her ability to measure the weight of a single word and to craft a message characterized by both its precision and its ability to intrigue, entice, and educate the reader.

Gwen also had the privilege to work within the small business community for over 10 years. She has studied business, marketing, and communication in the trenches of the real world. She's worked extensively in the field of online marketing campaigns, doing email sequences, web copy, press releases, articles, and more. Gwen has worked with small business owners on books ranging from medical practice, life coaching, and business credit. She's a versatile writer who quickly adapts to her environment.

Her experience in both academia and business means Gwen wields a double-edged sword. She has the technical skills you're looking for (i.e. She knows where to put a comma), but Gwen also understands the importance of making sure that your information is being presented in the way that will make the biggest impact on your audience.

Gwen has a passion for telling stories and conveying messages in their most optimum form. She has the unique ability to manage the smallest details and weigh them against the bigger whole. For instance, if she's working with a client on a book project, Gwen can sort through a mountain of information and immediately recognize where each part of that information should go. A page of notes becomes a map in her mind, as she can see which bullet points belong in chapter one, which principles belong in chapter 10, and which partial sentence would make the best first line in the intro. Her mind is constantly sorting through the little details like this, while keeping the book project as a whole her main focus. This enables Gwen to guarantee the optimum flow of content for a clear, concise, and poignant message.

She works quickly and efficiently, and is easy to work with. Gwen offers drama-free services. She strongly believes there is no room for her ego in your project. Gwen promises to hold space for your passion in hers so that your heart and voice is represented in every aspect of your project.
Books, Interviews, Marketing Copy, Manuals
Self-help, Spirituality, Alternative Medicine, Social Reform, History, Humor, Memoirs
University of South Carolina Print Journalism, Sociology, Journalism and Mass Communications

Gwen majored in Journalism and Mass Communications, with a focus in Print Journalism, and minored in Sociology. In her studies, she fine tuned her ability to measure the weight of a single word, while also developing an understanding of the value of gathering and sharing information from many different perspectives. She is able to craft a message characterized by both its precision and its ability to intrigue, entice, and educate the reader.

Projects by Industry

Gwen has worked closely with small business owners of all types, working on all writing projects imaginable: books, web copy, press releases, procedural manuals, forms, policies, and more. In addition, she has attended innumerable conferences held for entrepreneurs and small business owners, and has co-owned two different small businesses with a partner. She has real-life experience from the trenches that gives her a unique understanding of what is required to make business writing readable, usable, and marketable.


Gwen has ghost written two books in this field, both of which required research and collaboration with the client.

1) A book about personal credit repair and how to maintain on-going financial fitness
2) A book about how to get business lines of credit.


Gwen has assisted with several book projects in this industry, as well as created other materials such as speeches, video scripts, audio scripts, web copy, and blog posts. She has a firm grasp on the subject matter and is able to convey a spiritual message so that it resonates spiritually with the intended audience.

Projects by Asset Type

Gwen has worked on a wide range of book projects, covering such varied topics as alternative health, spirituality, business credit, personal credit repair, marketing, personal branding, and faith. She labels herself "the finisher," as her expertise lies in her ability to bring a book to completion, regardless of what stage the book is in. She has a unique sense of how to construct a book so that the information is presented in an informative way that triggers the readers' emotions and moves them to take the author's desired action, whether that be to call, to invest, or simply to change.

Gwen is able to work closely with the author and weave in the author's personal content without it seeming out of place or clumpy. She once took an author's 143 pages of notes and turned it into a thorough 5 page introduction to his book. She is also able to look at client content or notes and immediately recognize where it should go: one paragraph may serve best in chapter two, another paragraph would complement chapter 8, and one sentence may be the introduction she was looking for in chapter six.

She is also able to work exclusively on her own with little direction and input. Her background in Print Journalism qualifies her to do extensive research and interviews when necessary. Her writing process is intensive and thorough. She holds space for the author's passion on every level in order to write material that is valuable, totally avoiding "fluff," while maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the author's mission.

Projects by Writing Style

Gwen is able to write in a conversational tone with ease. In fact, this is her preferred writing style. She has used this style in books, talks, blog posts, web copy, SEO articles, and more. This style disarms the reader, which makes it idea for topics that are complicated or controversial. In this way, the content is broken down into a format that is easier to understand and to digest.


Gwen received her degree in Print Journalism. She has used this background in her career working with small business owners in need of press releases, articles, and more. Her training has taught her how to make each work count, while also being informative, concise, and providing value.


Gwen has extensive experience writing in a promotional style. She has written copy for flyers, sales ads, web copy, email campaigns, squeeze pages, and more. Her experience in the business and marketing industry has given her hands-on experience in what clients are looking to convey and move their clients to do. She understands the finer aspects of this voice and employs it without shock and awe. She is able to harness the power of emotion to engage the desired audience, and inspire them to action.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Gwen has worked intimately with small business owners to meet their wide spectrum of writing needs. She has helped virgin startups produce policy manuals and procedural manuals. She has worked with mature small operations who were transitioning into internet marketing for the first time. She has helped business owners who are pioneering new technologies or new ideas in their industry write books that would educate their target market, while also moving them to adopt their services. Gwen has also been a small business owner, so she is very familiar with the rules of the game, and what business owners need in writing to help their business operate, flourish, and inspire.


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