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Lizzy B

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Location Marysville, WA
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Lizzy worked with an SEO firm as a content marketer. She wrote thousands of articles on a plethora of topics. In addition, she edited writing that was contracted out by the firm and formatted it using the Wordpress platform.
Lizzy's biggest strengths in topics, include: health, fashion, home fashion, decor, content marketing, social media marketing, addiction, recovery, SEO, survival, how-to and tips lists.
Home decor, fashion, politics, spirituality and health.
Trinity Lutheran College Sep 2009 – Mar 2013
Biblical Studies and Theology,

Lizzy studied Biblical and Theological courses at Trinity Lutheran College. Courses she excelled in included: Reformation History, Psychology and Luke/Acts. In addition, she took several courses in Early Childhood Education, working her way into her senior year of her BA. Lizzy maintained a GPA of 3.7 to 4.0, while working F/T and being a new mother.

Bryman College Sep 2000 – Apr 2001
Medical Administration and Billing, Certification in Admin and Billing

Lizzy maintained a 4.0 GPA while completing her certification in Medical Administration at Bryman College.

Marysville Pilchuck High School Sep 1995 – Jun 1998
High School, Diploma

Lizzy attended Marysville Pilchuck high school where she obtained her high school diploma. She earned writing awards and excelled in English, History and Science.

Honors and Awards
Writing Excellence Mar 2011
Lizzy received the Writing Award for her exegetical paper on Jesus and the transfiguration. This award also afforded her a scholarship.

Dean's List Honor Roll Dec 2010
Lizzy was awarded a certificate for her 4.0 GPA. Earning her a spot on the Dean's List and Honor Roll.

4.0 GPA Apr 2001
Lizzy was awarded a certificate for completing her entire eight month certification program with a 4.0 GPA.

Administration and Medical Billing Bryman College
Apr 2001
Lizzy completed her 8 month certification program with Bryman College.

Projects by Industry

Lizzy was contracted to write for a Doctor. Every month she would write 8 blog posts for the client's personal blog. Each blog post was 350-500 words. Upon completion of each post, Lizzy would format the content within the client's WordPress site. Formatting included adding viable links, images and scheduling the posts with featured images that she created to coincide with the content. Once the posts were published, Lizzy would share the content on the client’s social media venues. In addition, Lizzy would write 12 articles (500 word), and place them offsite creating links back to the client’s website. This helped generate traffic to her client's website and assisted with sales.


Lizzy worked with an SEO firm. She helped manage the content and social media marketing. A big role in her responsibility there was not only writing for their client’s blogs, but also writing for the firm’s blog. She wrote many pieces on marketing within the SEO, content and social media genres.


Lizzy is skilled in researching the latest fashion trends and creating content revolving around her finds. Lizzy has written several articles and blog posts about fashion, including: men's fashion, women's fashion, jewelry, handmade accessories, make up, hairstyles and trends. She is experienced with writing in generic fashion terms, or revolving content around specific pieces and fashion brands.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

While working with an SEO firm, Lizzy was responsible for conducting keyword research for a multitude of subjects. She implemented the use of keywords within the content she was creating for the firm and their clients. The content was then monitored via analytics and keywords with valid hits were used to further assist with organic search and traffic.

Link Building

Lizzy has experience with both keyword research and link building. While writing for her SEO firm and their clients, she was educated about what constitutes as a spam link versus a viable link for generating traffic and creating noteworthy content. Lizzy was responsible for creating 12 offsite links each month, per client. In addition, content that was posted directly to a client’s site would often contain one or two reputable links within its text.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Lizzy operates her own blog and is experienced in creating blog posts that tell a story while generating traffic. She has written for numerous blogs over the last couple of years. Covering a wide range of topics and products. She understands the need to put a fresh spin on old news and how important it is to engage readers without sounding like a marketer only interested in pushing their product or brand. She is experienced in writing the popular, "How-To" and "Tips Lists" blog posts that tend to generate more social media shares.


Lizzy has written a book called, "Epidemic." The book is a very raw portrayal of the heroin epidemic in our nation. It is written in narrative form and outlines her own personal hell as a homeless heroin junkie. The book takes its readers through her experience in a way that engages the reader to feel as though they are right there going through it with her. She has been clean since 09-27-13. She opted to publish it online for free because she receives messages from all over the country from addicts who have sought out rehab and even achieved sobriety, in part, because they read her story. She believes if her book can prevent even one person from picking up a needle, then it is worth making it available to the public without profit.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Lizzy has been involved with many research projects. She has researched and written about numerous subjects, including: biblical studies, autism, skin care, early childhood development, psychology, quantitative and qualitative research studies, scripture presumptions, addiction, reformation history, behavioral issues, prayer and much more.

Projects by Writing Style

Lizzy has experience writing with humorous tones. One of her most organic and popular blog posts was about her freak out when being confronted with a large wolf spider. It was a terrifying experience, as she suffers from arachnophobia. However, she managed to put a humorous spin on it. The result? One of her biggest blog posts for keyword and organic search.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Lizzy has worked with many small business clients while being employed at an SEO firm. Through her keyword research, link building, offsite outreach and content curation, she was able to boost many of the firm's clients to the front page of Google, while generating organic traffic and increased sales and distribution.


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