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Rowan is a genderqueer, Millennial author who lives to write. As a child, they would sit at the family computer and pound at the keys to enjoy the sensation of them beneath their fingers, and they have been hooked on the craft of language and literature ever since. Rowan specializes in storytelling and copywriting for websites and products, but has also authored technical, persuasive, and academic content in educational and employment environments.

Rowan's second passion - game design - provides a unique perspective on the way consumers interact with content, the relationship between precision and creativity, and how to produce results with client expectations in mind.

Savoring the act of writing as more than a livelihood, Rowan also writes novels, blogs, and scripts for the simple joy of crafting words and communicating ideas with readers. Rowan views writing as an educational pursuit, and hungrily seeks out courses related to writing styles and skills. Their academic experience with writing taught them how to research, meet requirements, and work to deadlines.

Rowan is a motivated, versatile writer who will use the power of words to help you succeed.
Rowan is experienced with a variety of fiction and non-fiction forms. Rowan's specialties include:

* Creative Writing
* Scripts (for Videos, Games, Comics, etc)
* Website Copy
* Product Descriptions
* Blog Posts
* Newsletters
* Reviews
* Articles
* Surveys
* Design Documents
* Tutorials
* Manuals
Rowan is eager and willing to research new topics, and their current interests include technology, productivity, gaming, writing, reading, music, film, entertainment, fantasy, science-fiction, horror, pets, travel, education, politics, mental health, world news, social issues, and LGBTQ+ topics.
DigiPen Institute of Technology Sep 2015 – Apr 2019
Game Design, Interactive Design, Computer Science, Traditional and Interactive Narrative Design, Bachelor of Arts in Game Design with English Minor

Rowan currently studies at DigiPen Institute of Technology, where they pursue their passion for computer game and interactive media design. This diverse program, focused on crafting ideal user experiences, encompasses topics related to interactive design, computer science, mathematics, storytelling, physics, art design, sound design, marketing, and the psychology of consumer interactions with content and media. Rowan has lead and worked on several large scale game projects in student groups, participated in student clubs focused on diversity and narrative design, and engaged with a wide variety of courses.

Rowan's love of writing lead them to an English Minor, which includes advanced fiction and non-fiction topics, including research, scriptwriting, literary history, mythology, speculative fiction, communications, and interactive storytelling.

Edmonds Community College Sep 2010 – Jun 2012
Computer Science and Game Programming, Computer Game Development Certificate

Rowan attended Edmonds Community College as a student game developer after discovering a passion for the art and science of game design. They spent several quarters working with student teams on large scale projects, studying mathematics, learning to write in the language of computers, testing software products, and creating digital art.

Skagit Valley College Sep 2007 – Mar 2010
General Education, Associate of Arts Degree

Rowan entered college at the age of 17 to pursue a well-rounded and diverse general education. The topics they explored ranged from humanities such as world history, music, and photography to sciences such as astronomy, biology, and chemistry. Rowan's favorite courses included technical communications, storytelling, psychology, sociology, and research. Rowan graduated as an honors student.

CompTIA A+ CompTIA
May 2014
The CompTIA A+ certification demonstrates an essential understanding of computer hardware and software. Rowan obtained these credentials while employed as a technical support agent.

Projects by Industry

Rowan has written many blog posts, websites, and articles about hobbies and professional crafts. Many of these have focused on Rowan's passions of writing and game design, but Rowan loves learning about and expressing new crafts. Whether you're looking for instructive text, or something more conversational in nature, Rowan will dig deep into the products, hobbies, or industries with which you want to reach your audience.


As a lifelong gamer, game design major, and indie game developer, Rowan has a thorough and academic understanding of the game industry and all of its facets. From the latest home consoles, the hottest mobile games, game development tutorials, detailed game reviews, walkthroughs, industry news, or the indie scene, Rowan is always on top of the industry's latest happenings, and their passion for video gaming comes through in their writing.


A certified IT expert, with experience as a computer programmer and as a tech support agent, Rowan has familiarity with all things technical. Rowan has written about a variety of high tech topics, including computer hardware, software, networking, game development, programming languages, and, of course, the latest devices. If you're looking for content about anything geeky or digital, Rowan has the knowledge and experience to deliver.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Rowan understands the importance of SEO to online content, and does any necessary keyword research required to produce text that search engines will notice. Examples of their previous SEO oriented projects include website home pages, 'about' pages, blog posts, articles, tutorials, and product descriptions. When writing website copy and media, Rowan emphasizes a variety of natural, tastefully included keywords, relevant titles, and effective meta descriptions, without compromising the quality of the content or the user's experience.

Projects by Asset Type

Many of Rowan's favorite projects are large scale in nature, including full-length books. Rowan is a published novelist, and has written several ongoing serials online. While mainly focused on novel-length fiction, Rowan also has extensive knowledge of the crafts and structures of non-fiction forms, including guidebooks, cook books, self-help books, biographies, and instructional books. They are also familiar with the formatting requirements of eBooks and online reading apps.


Scriptwriting is a unique art, and Rowan understands the importance of crafting concise and affecting dialogue, expressed in strong voices. Rowan is most experienced with scripts for video games, but they are also familiar with writing scripts for more traditional media, including videos and films, comics, and stage plays. Additionally, Rowan is experienced with the distinct formatting conventions and structures of scriptwriting.

Web Page

Rowan has completed web pages and full websites about topics ranging from computer repair to professional dance teams, and with styles ranging from academic to promotional. Rowan is also experienced with blog posts, newsletters, and many other types of content meant for consumption on the web.

Projects By Expertise

Rowan has written many different forms of copy for the web, including content for websites, blog posts, newsletters, and product descriptions. Their past projects include filling out complete websites from scratch, running blogs focused on storytelling, game design, and software, and writing promotional newsletters. Rowan also understands how each of these distinct types of copywriting differ, with varying strategies and techniques, and the value of promoting products and ideas without sacrificing the quality of the content your audience will read.

Technical Writer

Rowan's knowledge of hardware, software, mathematics, and other specialized technical topics arms them with understanding used to easily write technical documents and articles. Examples of past projects include tutorials for game engines, educational materials used in computer classes while volunteering at a local senior center, technical reports written in academic settings, instructions produced while working as a technical support agent, manuals and walkthroughs for video game software, and tips, tricks, and tutorials for software and hardware posted on blogs and websites.

Research Writer

Rowan has written about many complex topics in academic settings. Their experience with research, data gathering and summarizing, and guidelines allows them to easily adapt to projects requiring a significant amount of knowledge. Topics they've previously covered include social problems, critical analysis of media, technical guides, and concept proposals. They've also lead efforts to obtain data for projects from surveys and testing sessions, and successfully summarized that data in easy to read conclusions and reports.

Projects by Writing Style

Rowan's academic experiences with writing have imbued a clear and confident voice. Whether your goal is to inform, persuade, or analyze, Rowan will eagerly perform the research required to lend an expert tone to any topic.


Rowan's familiarity with creative writing and diverse forms of non-fiction gives them a wide pool of voices and styles to draw from. Regardless of your company's flavor, and whether you speak to your audience through strong web copy, blog posts, or another form of media entirely, Rowan will help you connect in a way that feels authentic, friendly, and alive.


Rowan's strong observational, research, and analytical skills allow them to summarize with clarity and flavor. Their experience with creative writing adds flare to their words, while their familiarity with academic styles lends accuracy and objectivity. Whether you're looking for an unbiased account of events, a compelling argument, a style rich with atmosphere, or simple reports on complex data, Rowan can translate any experience or idea into an engaging story for your consumers.


Rowan has written a diverse range of promotional materials, including product descriptions, blog posts, newsletters, and website copy. Rowan aims to excite consumers and sell products, without sacrificing the quality of the content or the experience of your audience.


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