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Linda E. has been a professional paid copywriter for over 45 years. She has excellent skills and is highly respected by peers and clients alike. Linda received her B.A. degree in Communication Arts from Michigan State University in 1972. Her minor area of study was Psychology.

Linda has been an author since childhood, when she started writing a small book. While in college, Linda accepted a job as a local radio station copywriter. That initiated decades of employment in media, radio, television and advertising agencies, as a professional copywriter.

More recently, Linda has been busy with Internet writing, with 7500+ articles completed and paid for during the past six+ years. Favorite projects include legal articles, blog entries, video scripts and writing about marketing, business and health topics.

Linda has also owned her own ad agencies. An eBook she created about writing for a content provider has been very successful since it was first listed for sale online. She now has 23 eBooks on sale at Amazon, Smashwords and her website.

While working for ad agencies, Linda also was a professional photographer and slide show producer/writer. For one major ad agency freelancing project, she wrote all the copy and created photos for a Guide for Newcomers to the tri-county area of central Michigan that includes the state capitol, Lansing, in Ingham Country.


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Industry Projects

  • Legal1,000+
  • Banking1,000+
  • Marketing500+
  • Business500+

Summary of Industry Experience


All topics, personal injury, liability, estate planning, business structure, etc. Linda is a certified Paralegal and enjoys writing articles about many areas of law, especially personal injury and constitutional law. She likes creating legal blog articles, about 250 to 450 words in length about current legal news topics. She has enjoyed writing and doing research for thousands of articles about wrongful termination, negligence, family law, personal injury, workplace and product liablity issues.

Some of the interest Linda has in the law is related to her course of Paralegal studies, and an interest in fairness and the Constitution of the United States.


Linda has written hundreds of articles on banking topics like loans, interest rates, mortgages, etc. Many articles are about payday loans, a product she believes in and has also used when needed. In addition to banking products, Linda also is familiar with credit unions and what they offer.

Linda has authored hundreds of articles on various aspects of the financial and banking industry. Most present general information with some special particulars related to a specific topic that the client wants to market.


Linda's background in radio and television broadcasting stations and advertising agencies has provided in-depth experience with all aspects of marketing for businesses and products. Recent experience over the past few years with online clients has broadened that knowledge to include internet marketing.


Linda takes a personal interest in business writing, and she has written well over 500 for online websites. What she enjoys most is the start-up phase of business. Linda has created and run her own sole proprietorship companies and a partnership in the past, and she continues today with freelance writing.

Small businesses are an area of special interest, including benefits that are available to small businesses from the government sponsored Small Business Administration. Linda understands and does business planning, writing business plans and website creation for clients. Her articles span all areas of small business, including legal concerns.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Script/Video1,000+
  • Blog Post500+
  • Press Release100+
  • Book20+

Summary of Product Experience


All of these 5000+ articles were created for clients of online article providers since late Aug, 2008, plus some additional personal projects for Linda's website. With a broad education and range of experience, she excels at article creation. Due to her years in the broadcast industry, Linda knows how to take even technical or large amounts of information and craft it into short form articles, blog posts, ads and other written text.


When Linda worked at radio and television stations and ad agencies, she devoted all her time to creation of scripts for audio and video productions. She also particpated in creating the audio tracks by role playing and providing voice talent. At one radio station, it was not unusual to write 300 radio spots per month. Linda worked with station salespersons, and she also had some contact with clients. One double projector slide show was praised as a movie by the client.

Blog Post

Many of the articles Linda writes are destined to become blog entries. In addition to writing blog entries for clients, Linda has had a few of her own articles requested as guest blog posts for other website owners. She has a vast store of knowledge about different subjects and is skilled at creating concise posts.

Press Release

Many for online content providers and Linda's private clients. These generally are designed to introduce a new product or service to the public. Most clients have their own ideas about what to include in a press release, but all press releases should follow a similar general format used by most publications.


1- Guidebook - traditional visitor book published and distributed in several counties in Michigan.
2- Linda's first and best selling eBook about writing for a content provider website.
3- Many more eBooks Linda has written for her own benefit are for sale at her website and also on Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Barnes & Nobel and Sony.

EBooks are a great way to transmit information to readers in an organized manner. They can be priced affordably, sold globally and eBooks can easily be customized to any business, company, organization, individual or idea.

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