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Peg has 20+ years of solid writing, editing, and management experience in:

1. Technical writing--
• How-To guides.
• System requirements.
• System specifications.
• User documentation/procedures.
• User interface design/coordination.
• Technical interviewing - stakeholders and subject matter experts.

2. Marketing writing--
• Branding - colors, logos, tag lines.
• Marketing brochures.
• Marketing handouts/collateral.
• Marketing plans/analysis/coordination.
• Presentations.
• Trade show materials - handouts, banners, signs, gifts.
• Website analysis/content development.

3. Corporate writing--
• Business plans.
• Contracts.
• Forms.
• Internal communication.
• Press releases.
• Proposals - responses to RFPs.

4. Policy and procedures--
• Administrative.
• Interviewing - staff and stakeholders.
• Operations.
• Security.
• Systems management.

5. Editing--
• Corporate documents.
• Marketing materials.
• Policy and procedures.
• Project documents.
• Technical documentation.
• Training materials.
• Websites.

6. Project writing--
• Meeting minutes.
• Plans.
• Reports.
• Requirements.
• Specifications.

7. Project management--
• Agile or Traditional.
• Change control.
• Planning.
• Reporting.
• Scheduling.
• Team coordination/Meetings.

8. Training--
• Materials.
• Presentations.
• Writing workshops - "Painless Proposals".

9. Creative writing--
• Advertisements.
• Branding.
• Editing.
• Essays.
• Poems.
1. Technical writing.
2. Editing.
3. Marketing writing.
4. Corporate writing (proposals).
5. Project writing.
6. Policy and Procedures.
7. Project Management.
8. Training.
9. Creative writing.
Peg's interests include:
• Creative writing (essays, poetry).
• Reading.
• Painting.
• Multi-media art/crafts.
• Hiking and working out.
• Cooking and entertaining.

Here an an example of one of Peg's poems--

"A Butterfly for Hannah"
A caterpillar had a dream
Of becoming more than she would seem.
Believing in her inner voice
Sensing that she had a choice.
Sprouting wings to fly away
Waiting for the special day
When her wings could be unfurled
And she could explore the world.
Then one day a magic hour
When she became a living flower.
The butterfly found in conquering fear
We are much more than we appear.
Katherine Gibbs Business School Business, Entree Program Certificate

After graduating from Hartwick College, Peg attended Katherine Gibbs Business School's Entree Program in Montclair, N.J. It is a program to acclimate recent college graduates to the business environment.

APS - Arizona Public Service Electric Company - Diverse Supplier Training Program Diverse Supplier Training Program,

Peg was selected for, participated in, and completed the APS Diverse Supplier Training Program DTSP.

Hartwick College English Literature, B.A.; High honors in English

Peg majored in English; she graduated with a B.A. in English and was awarded High Honors. She was on Deans List consistently from first semester Sophomore year through graduation.

Honors and Awards
Honors in English Literature Peg graduated with a B.A. in English and was awarded High Honors. She was on Deans List consistently from first semester Sophomore year through graduation.

Association Memberships
Women in Technology International Peg is a member of Women in Technology International.

Project Management Institute Peg is a member of the Project Management Institute and has completed the course work and application for the PMI Project Management Professional test.

Society for Technical Communication Peg is a member of the Society for Technical Communication.

Supplier Clearinghouse WBE Certificate of Eligibility California Public Utilities Commission
Jan 2016
Peg is the President and Owner of Systrends USA. Systrends USA became a registered Woman Owned Business Enterprise in 2013. This was renewed in January of 2016.

Projects by Industry

Peg has been actively involved in writing for the Energy Industry (i.e., Utilities and Energy Retailers) for 15 years; she has written both internal (Systrends) and external (client-focused) materials. Peg has worked as a project manager and project writer for:
• Exelon Energy.
• ISO New England.
• New York ISO.
• PJM.
• SPP.

For the energy industry (i.e., utilities and retailers in regulated and deregulated environments), Peg has written:
• Project proposals.
• Project plans.
• Project requirements.
• Project and technical specifications.
• Procedures for operations and technical processes.
• Presentations.
• Training materials.
• User conference materials.

In 2014, Peg applied for, and was selected to participate in Arizona Public Service's (APS) Diverse Supplier Training Program DSTP (APS is a Systrends tariff management software customer). This program is a class, forum, and network for diverse suppliers working with the energy industry. Peg received a Certificate for completing the program in 2015.

Based on her writing and communications skills, she currently serves as an adviser to the program; and teaches a "Painless Proposals" workshop to current DSTP attendees as part of that program.


Peg has been co-owner of a consulting and software company, Systrends (also a certified woman-owned business), for over 20 years. She writes all company materials for her business and her customers. These include:
• Proposals, sales presentation, and white papers.
• Policy, procedures, and guidelines.
• Software requirements, documentation, and instructions.
• User interface design and graphics.
• Training and user conference materials.
• Marketing materials including brochures, handouts, and trade show displays.
• Website content.
• Graphics for all technical and marketing materials.
• Project documentation including: requirements, schedules, project management plans, work performance data, change control, and stakeholder communication.
• Graphical representations of project data and structured analysis diagrams.

Peg's company has worked in the energy industry--transaction development and management, and tariff and forms management--over the last few years, but also has solid experience in the electronics industry; supply chain; big-box retail; and financial services. Peg's partner has recently become certified in four advanced levels of cyber security auditing and analysis; Peg manages projects and writing for all such endeavors.

Peg worked for a major financial institution as a Technical Writer, Procedures Analyst, Editor, and then Manager of the Technical Writing department. In these capacities, she wrote, edited, and managed documentation for:
• Administrative policy and procedures.
• Branch and Departmental policy and procedures.
• Commercial Lending policy and procedures.
• Human Resource policy and procedures.
• Operations policy and procedures.
• Retail Lending policy and procedures.
• Security policy and procedures.
• Systems Management policy and procedures.

Peg is now interested in taking on other writing projects and sharing her expertise with your organization!



Software Marketing
Peg documents her company's software, in marketing and sales materials, such as:
• Brochures and handouts.
• Trade show displays.
• Web site content.
• PowerPoint presentations.

Software Development
Peg is directly involved in documenting projects to create and update software--i.e., determining and documenting requirements. She has provided user procedures to all customers for the two branches of Systrends* software--transaction management and tariff management. And has also designed and developed training materials for these products. These offerings include:
• Conference handouts for software user conferences.
• Software requirements documentation and graphical representations (e.g., structured analysis diagrams).
• Software overviews.
• Software procedures, "how-to" guides.
• Training materials.

(* PLEASE NOTE: Although using an apostrophe for the possessive form of Systrends (e.g., Systrends' software) is grammatically correct, we have eliminated the apostrophe from our materials, as it becomes distracting when used many times in one document.)

Peg was a senior technical writer for a software company (Viasoft, Inc.) that created systems to automate analyzing and understanding COBOL logic. Working for this software company, Peg wrote:
• User-friendly "how-to" guides for all software products; these guides replaced software manuals that were overly technical and not geared to the needs of the end user.
• The company's first web site, and she was named "Development Employee of the Year" for this effort (nominated and chosen by Development Department staff).

Peg worked as a Technical Writer, Procedures Analyst, and Editor for a major financial institution in the greater Phoenix area (now Bank of America). In that capacity, Peg was the assigned writer and editor on major systems projects for deposit/check processing, savings processing, CD processing, retail and commercial loan processing, and security systems.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

Peg provides input on website Title/Meta Descriptions to her company's Web Designer. She understands that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important, and that the Meta data relates to the overall design and structure of each of the two websites. Peg conducts frequent review meetings with the company Web Designer and Senior Technical Programmer/Analyst to review website activity, updates, and problems. The Meta becomes even more important when adding new products and services - such as this year, when Systrends is adding Cyber Security Auditing/Consulting to its service packages.

SEO Keyword Requirements

Peg works with her company's Web Designer to analyze and discuss keyword requirements. This usually accompanies adding or changing pages, based on product and service changes and additions. In analyzing and and developing key words, the goals of the website need to be identified, analyzed, and documented. This analysis should direct the keywords; too often it is the other way around--the plan should match the other promotional goals and package.

Link Building

Peg has been actively involved in the eCommerce environment since the late 1990's. Peg uses her content creation expertise, organization skill, and business acumen in creating and updating link building. She considers it to be a skill set related to her skill in promotional development and writing.

Projects by Asset Type

Peg has written and submitted successful proposals to over 50 clients. These include:
• APS.
• Bangor Hydro-Electric.
• Bank of America
• British Gas.
• Boston Gas.
• California ISO.
• Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation.
• Central Maine Power.
• Commonwealth Energy Corporation/Electric America.
• Consolidated Edison.
• DTE Energy.
• Duke Energy.
• Edison International.
• Exelon Energy.
• Hamilton Hydro/Horizon Utilities Corp.
• Houston County Electric.
• ISO New England.
• Metersmart.
• Motorola.
• New York ISO.
• New York Public Service Commission.
• New West Energy.
• Noble Energy.
• Northeast Utilities/Eversource.
• NStar.
• Ontario Energy Board.
• Ontario Hydro.
• PECO Energy.
• Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC).
• Pepco Holdings.
• PG&E.
• PJM.
• Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO).
• Public Service Enterprise Group.
• Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).
• PVB Fabrications.
• Rayburn County Electric Cooperative.
• Rio Grande Electric Cooperative.
• Salt River Project.
• Sempra Energy.
• Sharyland Utilities (Hunt Power).
• Southern Company.
• St. Catherine’s Hydro (Horizon Utilities Corp.)
• Tenaska Power Services.
• Texas Commercial Energy.
• Texas New Mexico Power.
• TXU Energy.
• Toronto Hydro.
• Union Gas.
• Veridian Corporation.
• Xcel Energy.

Peg has proven expertise in this area. Her proposal submitted to APS, as part of the Diverse Supplier Training Program, was classified as "best in breed"; and she is now conducting a workshop for that program, "Painless Proposals" (See a sample under "Presentation Asset").

Web Page

Peg currently provides all content and editing for the two Systrends websites (one is a general website and the other is specifically for eTariff). She has provided all content since the beginning of Systrends internet presence, in the late 1990's. Throughout the first few years, she also handled the development and graphics (using Microsoft tools, such as FrontPage).

When working for Viasoft, Peg wrote and developed their first website (using early HTML coding) in 1995. That same year, she was named "Development Employee of the Year".


Peg writes presentations for various products and services. In most cases, she also designs and develops the format and graphics. Peg has designed and written presentations for the following purposes:
• Proposal followup.
• Product/service overviews.
• Project kick-offs/updates.
• Sales meetings.
• Training.
• User conferences.
• Trade show demonstrations.
Peg also presents presentations to various audiences in the categories listed above, and she edits all Systrends presentations (including those drafted by Systrends CEO) before they are presented outside of Systrends.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

Peg has 20+ years' experience as a technical writer, and considers this her primary focus and expertise. Her successful technical writing projects range from banking back-shop operations, to human resource policy, to COBOL, XML, and Microsoft-based software projects and products. She is extremely vigilant towards content consistency--and makes sure any block of documentation is accurate and consistent in tone and style. She has excellent interviewing skills and considers this a vital aspect of any technical writing job. Peg's technical writing experience includes the projects described below. Additionally, Peg has the business and management background and expertise to manage large technical writing projects and teams of writers.

For Systrends (her company's) internal software products, Peg regularly reviews and updates documentation based on system changes, updates fixes, etc.
• For the Transaction Transporter T2 suite of products and the eTariff/Compliance line of products, Peg develops and revises:
- Project requirements.
- System requirements.
- User procedures/instructions.
- Training materials.
• For Systrends services, i.e., our service bureau, EC consulting, and cyber security, Peg develops and revises:
- Service descriptions.
- Customer requirements.
- Process and service procedures.


• Bank of America—Peg interviewed staff and wrote procedures for 30+ internal operations departments.
• Exelon Energy—Peg evaluated a manual billing process that was then replaced with Systrends software and documentation. This led to detailed written procedures (several iterations) and ongoing updates.
• Independent System Operators SPP, ISO NE, New York ISO, and PJM tariff management consortium—Peg developed project requirements and training materials for this large FERC project; this project led to the development and documentation of eTariff.
• Logica North America—Peg created user procedures to replace outdated systems manuals for several financial institution clients.
• Motorola—Peg performed structured analysis and created documentation for the Motorola EDI Gateway.
• Wells Fargo/First Interstate Bank—Peg developed procedures for data security, data archival, and production support.


Viasoft, Inc.—Senior Technical Writer
Viasoft, Inc. created systems designed to automate analyzing and understanding complex COBOL logic. Peg was hired as a Senior Technical Writer to create user-friendly procedures from complicated system specifications. While working there, Peg accomplished the following--
• Converted software documentation from various formats to IBM BookManager.
• Developed a user-friendly procedure-guide format for all software products.
• Developed and wrote the first Viasoft website.
• Received “Development Employee of the Year” award.

Bank of America/Security Pacific Bank/The Arizona Bank*—Technical Writing Department Manager, Editor, Procedures Analyst, Technical Writer
Peg was hired by The Arizona Bank as a Technical Writer; she was subsequently promoted to a Procedures Analyst then Editor. She then became the Manager of the Technical Writing Department and received an Assistant Vice President title. While employed by the bank, Peg:
• Managed the Technical Writing and also the Forms Management Department—which included technical writers, editors, artists, and forms designers; was responsible for all bank policy and procedures—administration, human resources, lending, operations, security, and systems management.
• Edited and supervised technical writers.
• Wrote policy and procedures for administration, operations, lending, security, systems management, and human resources.

*During her employment, the ownership of the bank changed twice—from The Arizona Bank to Security Pacific; then from Security Pacific to Bank of America. She later worked for Bank of America--as a Systrends writing consultant (see Technical Writing Project Highlights).


Peg writes all marketing and advertising materials for Systrends - and does most of the art work as well. These materials include:
• Broadcast/advertising emails.
• Website content.
• Brochures.
• Handouts/collateral.
• Trade show materials.
• Ads for eCommerce and eBusiness magazines/publications.

Peg's first job, post-college, was for Carity-Hoffman Advertising, the in-house agency for AMREP (American Realty and Petroleum). AMREP builds master-planned communities; the most well-known community is Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Peg was hired as a Media Buyer, and then was offered an opportunity to write. She was promoted to Copywriter and was responsible for writing:
• Classified advertising for sales people and sales events.
• Sales newsletters and sales contest promotional pieces.
• Copy for display ads in N.Y./N.J. newspapers and magazines.
• Scripts for TV ads (Robert Vaughn was the AMREP spokesperson).

Research Writer

For Systrends products and services, Peg has researched, analyzed, and documented:
• EDI - Electronic Data Interchange--for Systrends initial project with Motorola and for subsequent projects and software development. This research included standards research for retail and energy clients, and for energy standards boards in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.
• XML - EXtensible Markup Language (XML)--for Systrends development of its tariff management products.
• FERC NOPRs - Federal Energy Commission Notices of Proposed Rulemaking--to understand FERC requirements in the development of software for tariff, report, and forms management and filings.
• NERC CIP - North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection standards--to understand the goals and objectives in order to target our cyber security studies and consulting.

Peg's research and research writing as a Technical Writer, Procedures Analyst, and Editor in financial services/banking included researching and writing about new policies, processes, and systems. Peg would conduct detailed interviews with subject matter experts (technical, operations, administrative) to gain the necessary knowledge of the subject. When documenting systems, she would perform user testing (positive and negative) to understand and document what was important/essential for end user understanding and usage.

Projects by Writing Style

For Systrends and clients, Peg writes and edits many different types of documents that demonstrate authoritative style:
• Corporate policy and procedures.
• Employment and human resources policy and procedures.
• Legal documents (e.g., employee and partner contracts).
• Corporate documents (e.g., meeting minutes, documentation of corporate decisions).
• Cyber security documents.
Peg is able to analyze and simplify often complex subjects (e.g., benefit alternatives) in write-ups for employees. Her analytical skill helps in writing contracts for Systrends and in evaluating and editing partner and client contracts.

Peg worked as a Technical Writer, Procedures Analyst, Editor, and then Technical Writing Department Manager for a major financial institution in the greater Phoenix area. The policy and procedure written for this audience required an authoritative style/voice. She wrote policy for the following:
• Bank Administration.
• Branch and Operations Center Security.
• Branch Operations.
• Commercial Lending.
• Department Operations.
• Human Resources.
• Retail Lending.

Later, as a consultant, Peg worked for Bank of America--documenting policy for over 30 Operations Center departments. (BOA had done away with in-state writers and Peg still had close contacts with the Arizona department managers and staff, and was familiar with the departments' culture.)


Peg writes all press releases for Systrends products and services--regarding new offerings and significant upgrades.
She also uses a factual, journalistic style in other materials, such as:
• Project plans, requirements, reports.
• Product newsletters.
• Product descriptions and specifications.
• System descriptions and instructions.
Peg's excellent interviewing skills and techniques are a big advantage in this type of writing style. She is able to gather information quickly and concisely, and guide subject manager experts and interviewees to be concise and clear in their explanations.

While working for AMREP/Carity-Hoffman Advertising (as a Media Buyer then Copywriter), Peg was responsible for writing and publishing a monthly Sales Management Newsletter. In this role, Peg was responsible for:
• Gathering and reporting national sales statistics.
• Interviewing salespeople regarding progress and stories.
• Interviewing other field personnel for human interest stories.
• Writing and editing all content for publication.


Peg writes all promotional materials for Systrends--for all service and product offerings: technical writing and training services; electronic commerce and standards consulting; transaction management and tariff software; service bureau hosting; and cyber security consulting. These materials include:
• Trade show materials.
• Website content.
• User conference materials.
• Broadcast emails.
• PowerPoint/sales presentations.
• Brochures.
Peg has also developed all product concepts, names, colors, and tag lines/descriptions, including:
• Systrends logo/icon, which is a graphic of an arch and a window (Southwest in color and meaning).
• Systrends software and consulting tag line "Connecting systems, people, and new ideas".
• Systrends Electronic Commerce tag line "Your window to EC today, your bridge to EC tomorrow" which relates back to our icon.

Peg's first job (post-college) was as a Media Buyer at Carity-Hoffman Advertising (the in-house agency for AMREP - American Reality and Petroleum - the real estate company behind Rio Rancho, New Mexico). She then started writing copy and was promoted to Copywriter. She wrote print ads for newspapers and magazines and scripts for TV ads, working closely with the art department and the sales department.

Projects by Company Size
Large Business

Peg has written to and for the following large businesses:
• APS.
• California ISO.
• Central Maine Power.
• ISO New England.
• New York ISO.
• Ontario Energy Board.
• Ontario Hydro.
• PJM.
• Salt River Project.
• SCE.
• SPP.
• Toronto Hydro.

These materials include:
• Content for online help.
• Policy and procedures.
• Proposals.
• Project documentation: plans, requirements, specifications.
• Training documentation.
• User conference presentations and handouts.
• User documentation/"how-to" guides.

Fortune 500

Peg has written materials to and for the following Fortune 500 companies:
• AEP.
• Alliant Energy.
• Ameren.
• Bank of America.
• Consolidated Edison.
• Dominion Resources.
• DTE Energy.
• Duke.
• Edison International.
• Exelon.
• Motorola.
• Noble Energy.
• Northeast Utilities/Eversource.
• Puget Energy.
• Sempra Energy.
• Westar Energy.

These materials include:
• Content for online help.
• Policy and procedures.
• Proposals.
• Project documentation: plans, requirements, specifications.
• Training documentation.
• User conference presentations and handouts.
• User documentation/"how-to" guides.


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