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Madison S

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Location Cincinnati, OH
Education Bachelors Degree
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Madison has harbored a deep love for both writing and art all her life, which has led her to a career in doing marketing and design work for her architecture firm. In this position Madison not only produces accurate architectural drawings, but also prepares and submits compelling proposals to obtain work for the firm.

In college, Madison took numerous courses in design theory and philosophy to fuel her artistic ambitions. She researched the process of using writing as a tool for designing physical spaces, which earned her an invitation to speak at the ARCHTHEO Design Conference in Istanbul, Turkey in 2014. Throughout her college years Madison also worked as a writing consultant, which involved helping students and faculty improve their writing. This included resumes, cover letters, essays, theses, abstracts, writing prompts, presentations, lab reports, and applications.

In addition to design and writing, Madison also has numerous hobbies, including fitness, cooking, and travel. She has been an avid runner for three years, completing two 10ks, 2 half marathons, and a full marathon most recently. Madison also enjoys HIIT, spinning, and strength classes in addition to running and was a certified Zumba instructor. Madison also loves to cook and try new foods with her family and friends. She once spent $90 on cheese at a specialty store and enjoyed every crumb. Finally, Madison has expanded all of her interests (design, writing, fitness, and food) through travel. She lived in Barcelona, Spain for half a year during college and traveled to France, Germany, Italy, and Ireland during that time as well. These experiences were very much shaped by her experiences conversing in different languages, observing architecture and art, running along new city streets, and trying delicious and strange foods.

Madison currently keeps a personal blog and submits to conferences of interest. She plans to pursue a post-graduate degree and work as a professor in the future.
Writing Consulting, Creative writing, Design, Philosophy, Current events, Resumes, Essays, Reports, Research, Analysis, Urban Design, Personal writing
Architecture, Design, Education, Research, Philosophy, Fitness, Society, Food, Travel
Miami University Aug 2011 – May 2015
Interior Design, BFA Interior Design

Primary courses in Interior Design and Architecture, including interdisciplinary studios, woodworking, and design theory.
Secondary courses in Philosophy and Spanish

Projects by Industry

Madison has experience in partaking in numerous fitness classes and types of exercise. She completed a 10k, 2 half marathons, and a full marathon in the past year, owing to both self-training and group training. Throughout her childhood Madison took dance classes and taught dance in high school before becoming a Zumba Instructor and Cheer Coach.


Madison has experience in following recipes and creating her own, as well as the ability to critique food experiences. While she does not call herself a "foodie" Madison is open to trying new foods and recipes while striving to maintain a healthy and attainable diet.


Madison has experience in writing educational pieces and consulting others in this kind of work for over five years. In college, she assisted in writing classroom prompts as well as essays, research papers, abstracts, critiques, presentations and reports. In addition to collegiate-level writing, Madison is also an educational volunteer for a design-based extracurricular program as well as a member of the advisory board made up of designers and educators. She is skilled in providing written feedback for clients, constructive critiques, essays, and research papers.

Projects by Asset Type

Madison works to respond to RFPs (Request for Proposal) for the architecture firm she works for. Proposals have included both public and private entities, including work for local universities, governmental agencies, private residential and commercial developers, as well as other clients.

Newsletter Content

Madison commands her company's monthly newsletter, which includes monthly updates, project news, employee announcements and interviews, and notices of special events.


Madison has developed presentations for her current job and her job during college. For both, the presentations aimed to educate viewers on the available services of her employer and to incite interest in utilizing their services. Compelling images and graphics accompany informative verbal information in Madison's presentations for a comprehensive and effective presentation.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Madison has carried out numerous self-directed and group research projects, creating both written, verbal, and visual work to exemplify findings in the process. Most recent and applicable work has included her research on the use of writing as a tool for designing spaces, as detailed in the abstract sample. The full paper associated with this abstract was published in the ARCHTHEO conference index and a presentation was given by Madison at the organization's 2014 conference in Istanbul.


Madison has experience in writing journalistic work for her firm and during her school years. Published articles have been read by more than 600 subscribers.

Projects by Writing Style

Madison has published a person blog detailing daily life, critical analysis, finance, design, self-reflection, food, and travel.


Madison has published journalistic writing through assignments during her school years and similar works currently as a newsletter content writer and editor for her firm.


Madison has over five years of writing and designing promotional materials for the architecture firm she works for now as well as the university writing center she worked at throughout college. Her writing aims to focus on the specific client or audience in order to demonstrate her employers' attention to detail, ability to problem-solve and the ways in which they can meet the clients' needs. She has been able to respond quickly to proposal requests and assignments and ensures that her writing is both error-free and responsive to the clients' requests.


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