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Kenneth is a self-employed freelance writer who earns a living by selling written content to book and magazine publishers, news organizations, advertising agencies, movie theaters, and television producers.

Kenneth will complete specific short-term or recurring assignments, such as writing newspaper columns, contributing to a series of articles in a magazine, or producing an organization newsletter.
eBooks, SEO articles, Web content writer, Technical writer, Business writer, Newspaper or Periodical writer, and Instructional writer
Writing, reading, sports, and travel
University of Kentucly Psychology, BGS Degree

As a student Kenneth worked closely with his advisor and teacher Dr. Ronald Delhay who did extensive research in social psychology while at The University of California. His research centered around the subconscious mind.

Honors and Awards
One of Six First Coed Dorm Advisers in The University of Kentucky History Kenneth and five other students were selected to open the very first undergraduate "Coed Dorm in The History of UK". located in The Blanding Tower Complex. There were six out of two hundred applicants selected for the position, which included three guys and three girls. At that time they were called "Corridor Advisers". Their assignments were sanctioned by the "Residence Halls Programming Department and monitored by the University President.

Individual Contributor. Forbes
Kenneth contributes individual comments, in regards to specific subjects of interest at Forbes.

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Once you take certain steps and follow exact procedures, it is possible to become an expert in many subjects, which in turn increases your notoriety and presence over the entire globe. Up until 2006 Kenneth had zero presence on the Internet until he started the firm Gold e-Business Communications Inc. By following certain procedures and listening to his mastermind group, certain desired results moved into place automatically. This, in turn, led to unheard of worldwide exposure, nonstop traffic, supernatural income, and lighting fast accomplishments.

As a human being living in this particular time and space, you have the power and intelligence to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. The sad fact is that only a small portion of individuals reach their pentacle of success. The majority of the individuals who have dreams and aspirations desire to become successful along a variety of different avenues, but somehow just never seem to put everything together. First off in order to be successful, you need to know who you are and what attributes you have to achieve the goal that you are seeking.

A single person is composed of a physical body, a dual mind, and an eternal soul. The physical body is what every person who comes into contact with you sees. From infancy to old age the human body is what goes into it. I'm sure that you have heard the old saying that you are what you eat. If you make it a priority to make sure that your body receives the best and most nutritious foods, all things being equal, your body will be robust and healthy. On the other hand, if you abuse your body with foreign elements that handicap and stunt its growth, you reduce your life expectancy.

The mind is a unique element of any person. The mind consists of the conscious and the subconscious. Quite simply the conscious mind receives information and stimuli through the five senses. These senses are sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. The conscious mind is objective in operations. It filters and rationalizes all information, much like a computer would do. The subconscious mind is the real power source of all creativity. This division is subjective and brings to light all suggestions that are placed into it. The subconscious mind does not discriminate between good and bad. It goes into operation to bring about the goals of the conscious mind.

In other words, you can let negative information filter to your subconscious mind or you can let positive desirable information permeate this portion of your mind. The bottom line is whatever is sowed will be reaped. This portion of the mind is the key to your success and your "Rise From Mediocrity To Beyond Extreme Expectations". Whatever suggestions you place into your subconscious mind are destined to manifest themselves into reality. This does not happen all at once, but it usually takes about three to four weeks to become a habit of behavior.


This book is dedicated to the millions of individuals who have had aspirations of generating a decent income by way of internet marketing. The reason for dedicating this book to this group of individuals is because they fall into the scope of the 98% failure rate of all who try to generate income from the internet. Kenneth Golden was once a part of this optimistic group and had high hopes of internet success himself, but in the aftermath, many find that they have put thousands of dollars in the pockets of the other 2 to 3% who play by a completely different set of rules.

98% of all work from home business opportunities are (Scheme Based) and most people never make one red cent but lose thousands of dollars during their interactions with internet marketing. Kenneth knows about internet marketing addicts first hand because he used to be one. He lost over eighty thousand dollars over a twelve year period so he is going to educate you as to the sinister and invisible pitfalls that are out there.

Have you ever come across statements from internet marketers that stipulate only 2 to 3 percent of all people on the internet make a profit? This 2 to 3 percent profit comes at the expense of all of the other 98% who fail. The 98% who fail truly have a desire to generate a decent income but for one reason or another they constantly come up short and lose thousands of dollars before they realize that their efforts and fruitless trials just won't work.

Now take the gambling industry for an example. For this industry to survive in places like Las Vegas and The New Jersey Strip, there has to be around an 85% failure rate for the casinos to make a decent profit. A similar model is in play on the internet and it has evolved into a 100 billion dollar industry where only about 2 to 3 percent reap the rewards.

Persuasion, psychology, and inexperience are the key elements that fuel the internet marketing industry. Multitudes of individuals have desires to quit their regular job and generate sustainable income from their efforts on the internet. If you are one of these people like many are; there is only one question for you. That question is are you actually making a profit from your internet efforts or are you caught up in a spiral and making nothing? Depending on the persuasion degree of the ads, videos, or opportunity conferences that you are exposed to, you will keep on forking over the money to the other 2 to 3% and digging a deeper and deeper financial quagmire for yourself.


There is critical information that the average person needs to know, however, they are not receiving from traditional sources for various reasons. The life expectancy in most industrialized nations is 81.5 years. Now the controversy comes in because once the 81.5 years are over because a segment of your life is not over in a certain state of being. Please comprehend that I am explaining these delicate matters in this format so the average person will open their mind to investigate things and get to the point that they need to be before it is too late.

The above-mentioned beings and situations were commonplace before "The Great Flood". Now they have a strong foothold in today's society but exist in a different dimension. In the near future, they will be the norm of the land once again; Just as it was before The Great Flood. This existence came into being when around 200 fallen angels came to earth during the preflood time.

The problems started when these fallen angels mated with human women. Their offspring became hybrid beings called Nephilim. Their new existence was ground zero for the implementation of all the names that you see in the title of this communication.

They include Demons * Voodoo * Nephilim * Giants * Witchcraft * ESP * Dinosaurs * Vampires * Cannibalism * Aliens * Angels and Contaminated DNA.

You will find out things in this communication that will truly make you wonder.

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More than likely you have noticed the Weather and Climate Anomalies that have been appearing and effecting the entire world within the last five years. It is almost as if the seasons have been turned upside down. We see raging Flash Floods, Icebergs Melting, Hellish Forest Fires, Freak Snow Storms, Rogue Tidal Waves, Gigantic Sink Holes, Super Natural Tornadoes, Super Destructive Mud Slides, Ultra Freezing Temperatures, Life Threatening Heatwaves, plus numerous other out of the ordinary life-altering climate and weather related events.

There is a reason for this, according to the day and age that we live in. The global upheaval situation is in an infancy stage and the items mentioned above are going to attain Biblical Proportions in the not too distant future. Numerous people will be caught unprepared and will lose everything, including the lives of many family members. The Golden Blueprint Survival Manuel For Disaster and Catastrophe Protection will give you peace of mind and a head start.

In the "Golden Blueprint Survival Manuel" you will be educated about "Disasters and Catastrophes", in addition to being shown ways to protect yourself, your family members, your business, and your property. Before Kenneth Golden placed this Blueprint Survival Manuel on the open market, he did a lot of intricate research. This is something that you need, in order to protect family members, friends, property, and your pets.

Don't wait until you become a statistic; At this very time, you are being given something that you need but may not realize the necessity at this point in time. If you don't need it not now, the need could be just around the bend. You may never forgive yourself, if you pass up this opportunity only to have a "Disaster or Catastrophe" place you into a destitute category, in a matter of minutes, hours, or days..

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Product Description

Kenneth is a freelance content writer who can help you communicate your thoughts. He provides professional quality work every time. More than likely you have noticed the Weather and Climate Anomalies that have been appearing and effecting the entire world within the last five years. It is almost as if the seasons have been turned upside down. We see raging Flash Floods, Icebergs Melting, Hellish Forest Fires, Freak Snow Storms, Rogue Tidal Waves, Gigantic Sink Holes, Super Natural Tornadoes, Super Destructive Mud Slides, Ultra Freezing Temperatures, and Life Threatening events. Kenneth is very active in this field.


Time is becoming very critical and there is "A Strong Need For Individuals To Anticipate vs React". Many believe that they would be correct in assuming that anyone reading this communication has at least one of the following, Either a 401k, IRA, Savings Account, Checking Account, A Home, A Car, A Family, or A Livelihood.

Kenneth has designed this e-book to be the most informative one of its type on the market. He guarantees that you will not find another one out there that covers the in-depth highly sensitive subject matter as he has placed in this book. The reason that he has gone through such painstaking intricate detail is because no one else would do it.

He views what is about to come upon the people of the world as something like the Great Depression, Pearl Habor, and 911 all rolled into one. And from his perspective and the perspective of those who are sincerely aware of what is about to happen, including those in the know must speak up. It is almost like the Profit Ezekiel, who was the watchman on the wall. He felt compelled to spread the truth, otherwise, the impending doom would have been in his hands. To accentuate the written material in this e-book he has enhanced it with "50" pertinent videos, which will bring to life the words and meaning of this must read an informative e-book.

He says a must-read for several reasons; the major news media won't dare make this information public for fear of ridicule, a stock market panic, or national security implications. Even in all of the hypothetical situations just mentioned, the fact that the major networks won't cover them does not mean that the writing is not on the wall because it is, and the days of our economic irresponsibility as a nation are numbered, just like the situation facing Ancient Babalyon thousands of years ago, things are about to get radical.

Keep in mind that events happen fast, if you want proof just reflect on what recently happened when the United Kingdom separated from the European Union. It seems obvious that as time progresses there will be economic ramifications that will do one or both entities irreparable harm. Don't be one of the many individuals who will let this valuable information slip through their fingers, and quite possibly a year from now realize that the information was sent to them but they did not recognize and receive it.

Below are the names of the "50" videos that you will encounter throughout this e-book. They are personally selected educational media communications, which will enlighten and inform you about the quickly approaching events, in a manner that very few individuals have attempted to do so up until now. The titles of the videos that he utilized are listed below.

Financial "Martial Law" could seize up to 80% of your life savings, Overnight

Blog Post

We have just entered into what is to be the future of producing State-of-The-Art marketing audio-videos. We offer a product that will take your operations to the next level of greatness. Our proprietary operations have just launched, and will emerge in 10 global regions. "Audio Video Spinner". It will revolutionize the field of video production, as we know it.

The Ten Global Regions Include: The United States - Canada - Central America - South America - Asia Pacific - Europe - Australia - New Zealand - South Africa - Africa

This Is For All Organizations and Occupations Including: Marketers - Teachers - Real estate agents - Cab drivers - Daycares - Hospitals - Government officials - Doctors - Lawyers - Cosmologist - Beauticians - Nurses - Car Dealerships - Restaurant owners - Bar owners - Carters - Car repair shops - Dry cleaners - Models & agencies plus the list goes on and on.

Audio Video Spinner will revolutionize your life and business, almost overnight. Once their product hits the market full time, it will be like when smartphones, computers, fax machines, camcorders, and watch phones made their first appearance. In order to give you some idea of what is coming, you can check out the site below. Watch the video presentation!

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Research Writer

Kenneth has some revealing news for you about "Your Ultra Natural Power and Your Endless Potential of Money - Friends - Jobs - Happiness & Life". Subliminal Mind Power is making history and you can join in the benefits! With an industry-record of unlimited learning and earnings potential, Ultra Natural Power could be the Single Most Profitable Phenomena to be launched.


In all due respect, you need to have tried doing things your way, then have your way fail numerous times before you even understand and are ready to comprehend. You may think that this sounds crazy, but the secret behind the secret to accomplishing what you want in life is giving up on hard work. Most individuals that you come into contact with will tell you that the best way to accomplish your goals in life is via positive thinking and hard work, but I beg to differ. They tell you to visualize what you want and act as if you already had it.

Positive thinking and visualization do have their place in manifesting, however, their role is minuscule compared to what actually works. The key is speaking the language of the universal context that we are existing in. The universal vibrations are a constant flow between you and what you are trying to attract.

Example: Let's say that you are navigating a submarine at a deep depth in an ocean. You can't see exactly what is in front of you, so you send out vibrations or ( pings ) in order to get feedback from objects that are potential hazards to your navigation.

Well, your mind projects energetic vibrations, which attracts like-minded vibrations. So if you are constantly in a universal quagmire of stress, overwork, struggle, and more hard work, you will simply attract more of the same, because of the low frequency that you are tuned to.

This is why struggling for abundance and prosperity is a frugal undertaking for those in this group. A frequency change is in order because you are not utilizing your own natural energetic commands in the correct way to get what you want.

This is a major reason why numerous "Well To Due" individuals seem to live a more pleasant life that individuals on the other side of the fence. Unlike the struggling individuals, the "Well To Due" usually have their vibration frequency set on high vibration.

This gives them the capacity to supercharge their abilities to attract more of what makes and keeps them happy, pleasant, and prosperous without even making any consorted effort to do so. In order to rise to this level yourself, you need to raise you energetic set-point automatically.

This is needed so that you're energetic loudspeaker broadcast the right commands effortlessly and automatically. This ensures that regardless of your location, situation, or activity, your vibration will broadcast ultra powerfully and will act as a homing beacon for what you are trying to attract.

You might say that an ultra natural attraction activates, which acts like a super vacuum cleaner, which draws in abundance along the avenues that you are seeking it on. Some may call this action "Destiny Tunning".

Technical Writer

Once you arrive at the site that has the mind power secret, you will see the EYE of KNOWLEDGE facing you. Your nest step will be to click on it and begin your quantum experience. You will have access to the five following areas.

(Mind Power Secrets)

Within your mind, you have hidden some of the most powerful axioms of pure thought. You literally have the power to make whatever you desire to come to pass.

(How To Increase Mind Power)

Currently, you are only utilizing 10% of your mind capacity. At this level, your are carrying on your everyday life experiences. What could you accomplish if you found a way to tap into the other 90%.

(Subconscious Mind)

Every human has a conscious and subconscious mind. Your subconscious carries every thought since your birth and takes every suggestion placed into as literal. Your conscious mind is the mediator which allows you to function in everyday life activities and make moral choices.

(Subconscious Mind Power)

Tapping into this source is like having a nuclear reactor to tap into for unlimited supernatural power. This power is unlimited and can accomplish anything it generates a path towards.

(Quantum Mind Power)

Here you tap into the brainwave activity that is fuel for all of your accomplishments. Is the difference between pouring water into your gas tank compared to pouring jet fuel into it. Actually, your gas tank usually requires regular grade gas but water will ruin it and jet fuel will blow it up. Quantum mind power is what you need to get to the next level.

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A sizable portion of baby boomers growing up in the USA was exposed to the concept of the American Dream. During this time frame, hard work, and a sound moral compass were traits that could place you on the path to the rewards of the American Dream. It was a time when a person could get a job in various factories of diverse industries, and stay there until retirement. Upon retirement, a worker might receive a gold watch, a lucrative pension, and social security benefits for their time accumulated on the job.

Well, times have changed; the old requirements for landing a decent job used to be a strong work ethic and common sense, regardless of the person's education level. As the competition for available jobs increased, it became necessary to acquire a high school diploma, because basic educational skills were needed to perform ascending technical functions in many industrial fields. Soon, as the various new industries emerged, relating to the technological, medical, research, and computerized age, jobs started to flourish. It became imperative that the serious candidates attend some sort of a technical school, college or university, and in many cases seek advanced degrees in various fields, if they were to compete with other candidates.

In an effort to reduce cost in the areas of labor, manufacturing, taxes, and a grand scale of other areas relating to companies? bottom line cost, many businesses started to become creative. Numerous businesses started to outsource jobs in a multitude of departments to operations overseas and south of the US border. In many cases, it was not to undermine the livelihoods of "American Workers", but to maintain competitiveness with other business in their particular industries.

Fast forwarding to the present day and age, tremendous disparities have manifested themselves, in relation to the number of dissatisfied workers in our society, and the need for them to sustain their families without government assistance. Various trade treaties like "NAFTA" and "TPP" are viewed as economic job killers for workers living in the US. In an effort to gain some sort of future security for retirement. special occasions, and financial emergencies, many utilize the traditional 401Ks, IRAs, Saving Accounts, and Checking Accounts.

While utilizing these modes of savings for the immediate and long-term future something has drastically changed. In the past, your deposits placed in a bank for safe keeping was insured for up to $250,000 by "The FDIC". Well, you can still say that your money is still insured, but in the event of a bank failure, there is no way that you will get all of your money back. The reason is because of recent international laws adopted by the G20 during one of their recent global meetings.

In 2008 there was a huge meltdown of the insurance, banking, housing, and the savings and loans industries. The meltdown occurred under the Bush administration and was inherited by the Obama administration. The mechanism that was utilized was called a bail-out. This action was proved to be so unpopular with the general population that it was clearly understood that this course of action could not be utilized in the future. In order to ensure that this avenue could not be utilized again, Congress pass the "Dodd-Frank Act", which was a "Wall Street and Consumer Protection Act".

Keeping this in mind, the G20 financial ministers realized the anything even resembling a bail-out to save the economies of their member nations would be completely rejected by the individual general nation's populations. The G20 members became creative and decided to enact an end run around their citizens. Their brainstorm was to be called a bail-in if needed in the future. This amounted to seizing depositor's bank funds in the event of a bank failure. You see the banks have and are gambling with bank funds the secure unstable derivates. These are highly volatile and speculative areas to place money into.

In the event that a bank would fail, the depositor's funds on hand would be seized to pay off the derivates. If any money is left, it could be placed back into the depositor's accounts. Now in an effort to balance out the equation, the banks could issue shares of stock to the investors, which would not amount to much. There is around a 230 trillion dollar world deficient, with 70 trillion dollars directly belonging to the US. Some may ask, how did we get into this mess? You can go back in time to the Nixon administration. At that time the Arab countries were furious with the US for backing Israel in their recent wars with some Arab nations.

The OPEC nations threatened to cut off the oil supply to the US which would have wrecked the US economy. In a desperate effort to avoid a disaster in the making, Henry Kissinger was sent to Saudi Arabia to broker a high magnitude deal. The US promised to supply Saudi Arabia with a state of the art military equipment package if they would require any nation who in the future purchased oil from them to do something that at the time seemed ingenious. The deal was that any nation purchasing oil from Saudi Arabia has to use US dollars to do so. At this point, the term "petrodollar" was born.

At the time this seemed like a very smart thing to do, however, President Nixon made a blunder that set in motion the eventual collapse of our dollar currency system. Up until that point in time, every dollar spent had to be backed by gold; it was called the gold standard. Since that time we stopped using gold to back up the paper currency. From that time forward our nation started printing money like crazy, without the backing of gold. This is called a "Fiat money System", which is the cash that an organization has purported to be legitimate tender, yet is not maintained by a physical currency. The value of fiat money is derived from the relationship between supply and demand rather than the value of the material that the money is made of.

The nation's gold reserves used to be kept in Fort Knox, however, there have been troubling rumors circulating stating that Fort Knox has very little gold if any. The rumor also goes on to state that China has the major portion of the world's gold. Could this be an exchange for holding a huge chunk of the US debt? In any event, the writing is on the wall, as far as the US economy is concerned. Ther will be a financial meltdown in the not too distant future. When this happens there will be a completely new set of rules to play by. It will become impossible to simply go to your bank and make a huge withdrawal without risking the possibility of going to prison. You see if a national financial emergency is declared, the government will declare what is called "Financial Martial Law".

Contingency plans for enforcing this law has already been set in place. This operation goes by the name of Jade Helm. Massive joint operations which included all of the elite sectors of each military branch conducted training exercises in five states in the southwest sector of the US. Many believe that these were simply dry runs for future events, once an economic emergency is declared. In the event of an economic emergency, the simple act of attempting to get extra funds from an ATM machine could quite possibly land you in jail.

Several major banks have already had training exercises, in the event that depositors try to take their money out. One employee of Wells Fargo has spilled the beans and told a reporter that they have been drilled on the proper procedures to follow if customers try to take money out of the bank during an economic crisis. Anyone attempting to withdraw over a certain limit will have a report generated on them and sent directly to the federal agency in charge of the operation. All things being equal, in order to hold onto you hard earned funds, it becomes necessary to become proactive. It would be wise to start withdrawing your funds out of the bank now before repressive laws start in motion.

Once you have your funds, your best bet would be to purchase silver coins for a number of reasons. However, never purchase anything that you can't hold in your hand. Currently, the price of silver is around $19 - $20 per ounce, compared to gold which is around $1350 - $1400 per ounce. Th the event of a meltdown, the price of silver will rise exponentially while the price of gold will be out of reach for the average person. With the price of silver being so low as compared to gold, there will be a higher rate of growth and appreciation. In any event, it is best to keep in mind that there is a danger on the horizon, and if not careful much can be lost.

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Fortune 500

CVS Pharmacy more than 9,600+ stores.
Kenneth was a Pharmacy Manager who ran several stores during night operations. Responsible for sales, accounting, personnel, security, and pharmacist production.


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