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Mike is a professional copywriter, specializing in product descriptions, SEO content, articles, blogs and advertising copy. He has written for hundreds of clients across the U.S. and abroad. A former copywriter for Macy's, Mike is also the founder of his own writing firm based outside Harrisburg, PA. Over the past decade, he has freelanced for some of the nation's largest retail brands, including and The Company Store, as well as numerous marketing agencies, design firms, affiliate networks and small businesses.

As a business owner himself, Mike knows the importance of exceeding clients' expectations, every time. He has a knack for understanding their businesses and delivering exactly what the client wants, even when given little direction.

Mike can write with expertise on nearly any product, service or topic. On any given day, he's switching gears from writing about technology to women's fashion trends, and everything in between. His writing is consistently fresh, engaging and perfectly executed for the scope of each project.
• Product Descriptions
• SEO Content
• Articles
• Blog Posts
• Press Releases
• Brochures
• Web Content
• Adwords Copy & Management
• Email Copy
• Direct Mail Copy
• Sales Letters & Pages
• Landing Pages & Splash Pages
• Display Marketing Copy (Banners)
• Print Ads
When Mike's not writing for clients, he's directing his energy to his two young daughters and creative side projects.
Bard College Literature & Creative Writing, B.A.

Mike's writing prowess comes from his well-rounded liberal arts education at Bard College, where he studied literature, creative writing, psychology and film.

Projects by Industry

From home-business blogs to technical B2B marketing materials, Mike has been writing about Business for over a decade. He has a knack for understanding clients' businesses and writing about them with ease. He's written for dozens of businesses and can skillfully write about virtually any product or service.

When writing for Business, Mike's primary goal is positioning his clients as experts in their fields. To do that, he educates himself on the client's industry and immerses himself in their business.

Work has included:

• Website content
• Blog posts
• Press releases
• Home business, franchise, MLM & direct sales marketing content
• SEO content
• Articles


Mike is an experienced product description writer and blogger who has written for Macy's, Bloomingdale's, The Company Store, Amazon, Hourglass Angel and other retailers. He has written product descriptions for fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Puma, SPANX, New Balance and many others.

Constantly switching between men's and women's fashion, Mike is an expert at creating product descriptions that are fresh, engaging, informative and optimized with keywords. What's more, his writing actually helps product pages convert into sales.

Fashion industries and demographics have included:

• Women's fashion
Jeans, pants, tops, blazers, blouses, cardigans, bath robes and more.

• Men's fashion
Jackets, activewear, denim, t-shirts, graphic tees, loungewear and more.

• Women's shapewear and intimates
Waist trainers, leggings, bodysuits, butt-lifting denim, underwear, bras and more.

• Men's underwear
Briefs, trunks, boxers, thongs, fashion jocks and more.

• Women's plus-size apparel
Variety of clothing for full-figured and curvy women.

• Fashion boots
Cowboy / cowgirl boots for women, men and kids.

• Men's and women's fashion accessories
Watches, necklaces, bracelets, belts and more

Home Living

Product descriptions and content for home living are one of Mike's specialities. That's because his experience in this vertical is far-ranging. As a former copywriter for Macy's, Mike launched the retailer's furniture division online, writing hundreds of product descriptions in just a few months. As a freelancer and founder of his own writing firm, he has taken on hundreds of additional projects within the Home Living category.

Areas of focus have included:

• Home furniture
• Office furniture
• Home security
• Pool & spa
• Bedding
• Bath items
• Home accents & decor
• Area rugs
• Many other

Mike's work in these categories have included product descriptions, blog posts, websites, articles, press releases, brochures and other marketing collateral.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

Mike can pump out keyword-rich meta descriptions and page titles that help your pages rank higher in search results. He follows the latest SEO best practices for character count and keyword density, following guidance from today's most recognized SEO experts.

Mike has written literally thousands of meta descriptions for his clients, both for general web pages and product pages. More than just optimized with keywords, his meta descriptions are written to get noticed in search results and generate clicks.

SEO Keyword Requirements

Mike's keyword optimization is so natural and seamless, you don't even realize it's there. Less experienced writers have trouble with SEO; their content tends to appear keyword-stuffed and unreadable. Mike's extensive writing experience enables him to find the best ways to incorporate keywords, even when the keywords are seemingly difficult to include.

If you have a preferred keyword density, just let him know -- he'll make sure the content is still fresh and engaging for readers, in addition to being attractive to search bots.

Projects by Asset Type
Product Description

Product descriptions are one of Mike's core specialties. As a former Senior Copywriter for Macy's, and a freelancer for numerous other retailers, Mike has been writing product copy nearly every day for the past decade.

Mike can write about any product, for any demographic. On a typical day, he changes his writing style frequently, switching from women's fashion and shapewear to kids' bedding and toys.

What makes Mike's product descriptions so great?

• Engaging
• Personable
• SEO optimized with keywords
• Brand-conscious
• High-converting
• Customer/demographic-focused
• Feature-rich
• Benefit-driven

Blog Post

Today's blog posts serve many purposes. They must engage readers, provide value, build loyalty and also attract new traffic with the appropriate keywords. Mike understands this, and it shows in his writing. Having written for dozens of clients in a diverse range of industries, Mike is an expert on blog posts.

Whether you're looking for purely informational content, article-style blog posts, or opinions and reviews, Mike can help.

Industries / topics have included:
• Fashion
• Home security
• Internet domains
• Life insurance
• Franchise businesses
• Precious metals
• Spiritual healing & meditation
• Dance studios
• Pearl necklaces & jewelry
• Events management & rentals
• Tax resolution & debt relief
• Point-of-sale systems
• Restaurants
• Swimming pools and spas
• Many, many others

Mike proudly writes for individual businesses within these industries, as well as marketing agencies who rely on him to deliver fresh content for their clients on a regular basis.

Press Release

Mike has written press releases for numerous organizations, helping them to garner media attention, announce new products, promote events, and recognize special accolades. He understands the unique precision and skill required to write a professional press release. He has the uncanny ability to immediately write in the style of the client, as if their own public relations team had written it. His releases are crafted to be exciting, informative and appropriate for the client's unique objective.

At clients' requests, Mike can also write the quotes for his clients, incorporating them into the press release based on the subject matter.

Projects By Expertise

Mike is the founder and Copywriter-in-Chief for his own copywriting services firm. Prior to starting his own content shop, he was a copywriter for and a mid-sized direct marketing agency in Pennsylvania. He has over a decade of professional copywriting experience and has written for hundreds of clients in the U.S. and overseas. Clients love working with him because he's big on good copy, but low on ego.

Projects by Writing Style

Mike's content positions his clients' as authorities in their industries. That's because he conducts extensive research on their businesses to ensure his content is informative, accurate and engaging. He has a knack for knowing exactly what clients are looking for, even if they've provided little direction. From informational articles to blog posts, Mike can write with authority on virtually any topic.


Want to keep it casual? Choose Mike. Seriously. He's a pro at conversational-style writing. When you read his stuff, it's like having a convo with your BFF. Easy. Natural. You don't want it to end. And before you know it, he's sold you on something without you even realizing it. Damn it, Mike! We just wanted to have a conversation.

That's Mike for ya. A true wordsmith.


Promotional copy comes naturally to Mike -- he's been writing it for over a decade. Web pages, product descriptions, brochures, press releases, print ads, radio ads. You name it, Mike's done it.

Mike can write in a promotional style without resorting to cliches and cheesy-sounding copy -- a habit that is common with less experienced writers. He gets all the features and benefits across clearly and succinctly, while enticing your audience to take action.


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