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Beth has been known to be a purveyor of words whether on the page or in the conference room. She spent most of her adult life in public education fighting for developmentally appropriate education as a K-6 teacher, though the last three years found her in the role of reading specialist. In case it's unclear, reading specialists disaggregate (break apart in detail) test data and create charts and graphs so teachers will have written proof of information of which they are already painfully aware. Oh, and they work with kids. Speaking of kids, Beth is one half of a parenting team to a three-nager and a teenager. It's often difficult to tell them apart. This year's adventure in homeschooling has challenged all involved. Researching and planning multiple subjects to cover a full year should be a paid job. Luckily, Beth had years of paid research and planning from teaching other people's children behind her to get started.
Beth is passionate about education and the effects of culture and poverty on student achievement. She has done extensive research on the difference between generational and working class poverty. The impact of generational poverty on the developing brains of young children is heart-wrenching. Beth writes articles with sensitivity and tact to educate teachers, administrators and the general public on these issues.

Parenting in the LGBT community is also a niche worthy of note, especially in light of recent events. She has experience being an activist bent on acceptance during a time when it was not afforded. Reality hit in the world of small town education and Beth spent years living a life to which few were privy. As a result, she now lives openly with her imperfect little family in the hopes that other people will realize that a lesbian family is simply a family.

In an effort to stay sane as an educator and homeschooling parent, Beth began playing hockey after figure skating as a "mature" adult. Comic relief articles about sports for older adults are a specialty. Part of her need for escape also manifests in reading and discussing juvenile and young adult historical fiction, science fiction, and fantasy.
Playing hockey, keeping the children alive and well and reading YA sci-fi/fantasy are some of Beth's current interests. She is continually on the lookout for worthy homeschool curriculum, but often creates her own eclectic batch. Besides being outside working in her woodshop, she enjoys swimming with the kids and hanging out at the playground while hockey is out of season.

Other interests include natural/holistic remedies, the use of non-toxic cleaners for both body and home, and clean eating. Beth is a work in progress. Her intentions are pure as her interest stems from the desire to protect her family. She researches recipes for DIY cleaners and uses her home as the testing site. On that note, let it be known that not all homemade deodorant is created equal.
State University of New York College at Potsdam French and Elementary Education, Bachelor of Arts

Beth completed her dual major in French and elementary education. Both would serve her well in the future. Though she briefly taught French in Upstate New York, her heart was in the south and elementary education.

Longwood University Literacy and Culture, Master of Science

The Literacy and Culture program brought many oft ignored educational topics to the forefront. Beth studied the affects of poverty, culture and cognitive development on educational achievement. At the end of the program, she was an endorsed reading specialist and literacy coach.

Honors and Awards
Dowd Scholarship Beth was awarded the scholarship named after her grandmother's primary school teacher. The education faculty chose a recipient based on quality of work in their chosen field. Beth had been a pilot teacher in a program giving select students the opportunity to teach French in a small school before going on to student teach. She was honored.

Permanent Teaching License West Virginia Department of Education
Jul 2015
With years of experience behind her, Beth applied for and received her permanent teaching license in West Virginia. She is endorsed in pre-K through 6th grade and as a reading specialist in grades K-12.

Projects by Industry

Beth wrote case studies and philosophies of education. She often penned newsletters and invitations along with event flyers for school wide distribution. Daily writing included lesson plans for students and training materials for parents and teachers. On more than one occasion, she rewrote reports for administrators that were later used to impress superintendents and state officials. Because of this experience, Beth excels at turning tedious data into comprehensive reports which communicate information clearly to the intended audience.


As a parent of a preschooler and a home schooled high school freshman, Beth's experience with family and kids runs the gamut. She was also the oldest sister in a family with four kids spanning seventeen years. Changing diapers, both cloth and disposable, has been happening for much of her life. There are currently no children in diapers, but educating a child with special needs with a demanding three year old running amok has proven a challenge for this experienced mom, sister and educator. To add a writing gig on top would make it the perfect challenge.


Medical and dental marketing blog posts and articles written by Beth grace the pages of some of the best online marketing specialists in the Southwest. She does diligent research on specific topics to be covered and makes the information accessible by the target audience.


Beth has a handful of dental and medical blog posts under her belt. She has met and exceeded expectations on topics ranging from dental x-rays and impacted cuspids to wedding dentistry. Beth is able to convey dental and medical services and procedures in ways that make current and prospective patients comfortable.


Health is a broad industry. Much of Beth's written work has been in the form of blog posts and articles on various medical and dental procedures. She has long been interested in the impact processed foods and chemical additives (dyes, etc.) have on health and brain development. Beth's strength lies in her ability to diligently research any health related topic to provide clients with copy that will benefit their audience.


Beth has been writing blog posts for clients on a wide variety of beauty topics. Posts on sugar scrubs provided readers with recipes to make out of ingredients found in most kitchens. DIY face mask recipes in another post were broken down by the benefits of the chosen ingredients. Beth enjoys writing about natural and organic skin and haircare since she has often had troubles with harsh chemicals.
She does diligent research on new products and their benefits to provide the audience with up-to-date information. Beauty is not just a facial thing. Beth has written about skincare for feet, hair repair, and fall make-up trends. If quality content that engages readers is important, send Beth a message.

Projects by Asset Type
Facebook Post

Facebook is a place for parents like Beth to share some of the ridiculous things they find themselves doing for the amusement of their children. It is also a great outlet with which one might provide comic relief during tough moments. Beth believes too many people attempt to present their lives as picures of perfection. This is her attempt to rectify that situation.


During her past life in public schools, much of Beth's passion for a developmental approach to education came from time spent researching the thinkers of the past. The 20th century saw the rise and acceptance of new schools of thought in education. Beth used this research to encourage others in her field to seek that which would best benefit children and parents.

Blog Post

Blog posts are effective in reaching a wide range of people via technology. Beth has jumped on this bandwagon and created blog posts spanning a wide range of topics. She has brought down payment assistance options, healthier floor installation practices and STEM into view. Her quick wit combined with classical training can make just about any topic accessible to the intended audience.

Projects By Expertise

Beth diligently researches requested topics in order to provide clients with quality copy to reach the target audience. Using client provided sources and internet savvy, she creates a fresh perspective to bring the written word to life. Copywriting comes naturally since it embodies many practices Beth employed for nearly two decades as an educator.

Research Writer

The ability to conduct solid research is imperative when one works in Federal Programs. Beth regularly conducted research on reading, child development and poverty. She compiled information for administrators, including graphs and charts to make data more visually accessible.

Conducting research in an educational setting was a stepping stone into the world of freelance writing. Beth has used a variety of online sources to compile information on the risks of retirement planning. She has learned about the intricacies of dental procedures from top professional organizations in order to then summarize the information for patients.

Projects by Writing Style

Humor is a lifeline for a middle-aged hockey playing mom like Beth. She relies on speed and grace to carry her down a large sheet of unforgiving ice. The ice taunts all who dare cross the red line. It calls to Beth as she glares at her opponent's mask. Helmets are but mere symbols of protection when one meets the wall head-on. Ice experience is to humor as sister is to best friend.


Beth specializes in the promotion of both fiction and non-fiction books with thought provoking reviews and summaries.


She sets the scene and draws readers in, giving them no choice but to start an epic journey into new worlds. In her summaries, Beth reveals just enough of the story's character to create intrigue. She is a storyteller from way back who will use her talents to attract new readers while inviting fans back for more.


Factual information deserves to be showcased with style. Generating curiosity is a must when writing reviews or summaries for non-fiction texts. In the field of education, Beth stimulated the brains of her learners by guiding them on "research expeditions." She has the ability to make difficult content accessible to a wide audience.


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