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As a writer, editor, and marketing specialist, Kailey has extensive experience in many forms and genres but most enjoys the fields of health and wellness, self-improvement, inspiration, motivation, New Age, and Metaphysical.

For over a decade, she's been trained in creative writing, copywriting, and content creation and has worked as a freelancer since 2012.

Kailey has written and developed web content such as website landing pages, e-mail campaigns, SEO optimization content, social media posts and ad copy, blog content, informative articles, and training, educational, and textbook material. She's also worked with direct response/direct mail letters and copy.

She has over three pieces of writing published in various outlets such as literary compilations, newsletters, and handbooks.

To go along with this abundant writing experience, she copyedits and line edits. She has copyedited, line edited, and proofread newsletters, corporate training material, e-mail campaigns and announcements, textbook and handbook material, and web content.

Her work as a writer and editor has taken her into numerous fields, and thus, she has learned and enjoyed the art of deep research.

Kailey has spent time in the healthcare, real estate, technology and app development, non-profit, communication studies, social media marketing, and graphic design fields.

In 2016, she studied and completed the American Writers' and Illustators (AWAI)'s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and therefore has been trained in working with direct mail and direct response copy as well as persuasive writing and basic copywriting marketing research.

She looks forward to working with you and meeting all of your writing needs!


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Summary of Industry Experience


In the field of New Age and popular culture, Kailey was asked to create a series of articles detailing how to tell if a certain zodiac sign is interested in you. She performed research into the astrological fields and studied the websites and material of well-known astrologers as well as basic psychology.


While working in and studying social media marketing, Kailey was asked to contribute two chapters in a social media handbook. She chose the topics of Digital Identity and Personal Promotion and Marketing and performed research on experts in the field and their suggestions for success.


For nearly a year, Kailey worked in the Marketing and Communications Department of a mid-sized healthcare system. During her time at this company, she was asked to create a series of blog posts for their website to celebrate Heart Health Awareness Month.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Email Copy

A Cosmetic Surgery Practice in Australia requested someone to develop a six e-mail drip campaign. The goal was to provide more information to those who requested it after searching the page for procedures for Gynaecomastia. For this project, Kailey researched the company, the company's voice, and case studies.

Direct Mail

The American Writers and Illustrators, Inc. (AWAI) offers the opportunity for members to submit copy for use by the company for its product. Kailey chose to compose a headline and lead for the Barefoot Writer magazine subscription, and pinpointing the target audience's needs while weaving in storytelling and emotion was a treat!


Kailey was asked to complete a 300-word SEO article for the keyword of "health trends" and researched the history of how trends arise, the three most popular current trends, and how they can positively and negatively affect a person. She performed research into medical studies to back up her information.

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