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Content writer of more than 2,500 backlinked 400+ word blogs, press releases, articles, and how-tos on a variety of topics from commercial heating and air conditioning to personal injury law. Ability to turn around well-researched, accurate, and concise articles on just about any topic in a short period of time.


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Author of approximately 250 400+ word back-linked articles posted on self-help legal sites (bankruptcy, credit counseling), investment blogs (tax-advantaged and post-tax retirement accounts, health savings accounts), and other frequently-viewed blogs and websites addressing various personal finance issues. Received consistently positive reviews and ratings from clients and page viewers on clarity and accuracy of information presented.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+

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Author of 2,500 or more paid articles on a variety of topics, posted on various medical websites, self-help legal sites, and informational blogs. All articles vetted by appropriate experts (attorneys, physicians, certified financial planners, insurance representatives) and fact-checked before payment approved. Consistently positive feedback and high ratings on accuracy and relevance of information presented.

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