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Eric B

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Eric has over six years of experiencing working in real-world publishing and producing online content. He has written blog articles designed to promote businesses, created website landing pages, in-depth "how to" guides, unique personal recipes, product descriptions, sports news, columns on sporting events, video game and music reviews, tips on choosing wine, and even health-related content. In the past, he worked at a daily newspaper with a 10,000+ publication range, covering local sports. Currently, he works for a marketing firm producing a variety of content for multiple clients, primarily in the health field.

Beyond his writing experience, Eric also has hands-on experience in the education system. He substitute taught for three years, every level from preschool to high school. This gave him an adaptability to the need of various education levels and an ease communicating with people of many ages. As a result, he can fine-tune his writing to multiple reading levels.

Before working in news, he earned 3+ years of experience in the health field working with the mentally impaired. As a direct care worker, he interacted with clients in ways that taught him much about the ways they thought and what fueled their behaviors. This unique insight makes him a particularly skilled writer of health and psychological content.

A typical day of writing for Eric consists of starting with working on and finishing his daily writing assignments and then moving on to his own personal writing, including multiple novels and a review blog. Staying active in what he calls "fun" writing helps keep his skills sharp by challenging him to approach writing in a unique way and keeping him actively writing every day.

All of this ties in to Eric's basic writing philosophy: writing is an art form and one that must be perfected through daily practice. Mastering a daily writing practice gives him the ability to quickly and accurately produce multiple types of content. Before he writes a single word, he researches multiple aspects of a topic to ensure that it is properly covered.

Only through proper research does he believe that he can write content that is accurate and easy to read and understand. In this way, he provides content that presents useful information to the reader and successfully promotes a client's business.

No topic is too esoteric for Eric. In his various writing endeavors, he has written about addiction, fly fishing, divorce law, pest control, exercise and fitness, art, entertainment, travel, and much more. Research is the king and finding the best information and streamlining it to solid content is his primary goal. Length is not a problem, either: he's done everything from 250 word blog posts to 2,000 word columns.
Eric specializes in multiple types of writing, including research-based academic work, blogging, content creation, product description, journalism (sports and entertainment reviews), FAQ topics, and "how to" guides.
Eric's hobbies include writing short stories, books, and plays, hiking, playing and listening to music, kayaking, yoga, traveling, learning about history, playing video games, and swimming. Some of his most engaging writing projects were fueled by these loves, including a brief stint writing for "Fun Online Games," reviewing interesting pieces of art, and trying to teach people to relax in a natural environment.
Northern Michigan University Jan 2006 – May 2009
Fiction Writing, MA

Eric continued his studies at his undergraduate alma matter, receiving a graduate degree in "Fiction Writing." He also heavily studied non-fiction writing and poetry. Active member of the graduate student union.

Northern Michigan University Jun 2002 – Dec 2005
English, BA

Eric received an undergraduate degree in English with a minor in History. Performed in an improvisational comedy group "On The Spot," as well as in various writing groups and poetry societies.

Alpena Community College Jun 2000 – May 2002
Journalism, Associate Degree

Eric received an undergraduate degree in journalism, with a heavy focus on history. Worked for two years on the school newspaper, "The Lumberjack," both as a writer and editor. Worn multiple Michigan collegiate journalism awards, including "Headlines Of The Year" and second place for a music review.

Projects by Industry

With three years of experience writing in the health field, Eric has covered a myriad of topics. Primarily, he has written about addiction and addiction recovery, but he has also written on personal health needs, including weight loss and skin health.


Gardening is a passion of Eric's, particularly pest control. He has written multiple pieces of content about mosquito control, spider control, dealing with roaches, and more. He believes that pest control is a crucial way to avoid disease spread and other dangers.


Like everyone, Eric loves food and writing about it. He has written heavily on the impact of food on health, created his own unique recipes, and even written about wine and other alcoholic beverages.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Eric has spent six years ghostwriting blog content for a variety of different clients. He researches unique topics, finds intriguing supporting information, and writes content that catches the eye and informs the reader.


Eric was a sports writer for a daily newspaper for three years. During this time, he covered multiple sporting events, including several state championship runs. He was also responsible for editing and creating blog content. Self-motivation was key to this particular job, as he had to create many of his own topics.

Projects by Writing Style

Eric has a strong sense of humor and has been responsible for multiple light-hearted pieces of content. Within this content, Eric has mastered keeping the writing stylish and informative, without dwelling too much on silly jokes.


During his three years as a sports reporter, Eric wrote hundreds of articles in a straight journalistic style. This style was crucial to covering sports games in a competitive environment, as showing a bias was highly frowned upon.


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