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Mark O

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Mark O. is a freelance writer who has published short fiction and creative essays in a variety of print and online publications including The Cortland Review, 3rdBed, 5_Trope, Ducky Magazine, Elimae, Tarpaulin Sky,, Pindeldyboz, Locus Novus, Exquisite Corpse and Smokelong Quarterly. Mark has also been active as a content provider, ad writer and direct response copywriter for a variety of online marketing agencies.
Mark O. specializes in creating SEO friendly content for a variety of business and marketing applications. As a Buddhist practitioner, Mark has experience practicing and writing about all aspects of Buddhist practice that he is qualified to comment upon, and yoga and meditation practice in general. In his literary pursuits, Mark specializes in experimental forms, including creative nonfiction and literary essays from unpredictable perspectives. For examples see:

The American Doublebind (Written under the Buddhist Pen Name BardoZek)

Note on Thoreau and the Wild Spaces of Literature (Originally published in Elimae and archived by editor Cooper Renner)

Hypotheticals and Doublebinds (an experimental piece of fiction in Tarpaulin Sky)
Mark O. is interested in all aspects of Buddhism, including Buddhist practice and esoteric systems of thought. Having practiced Buddhism for over a decade, Mark is qualified to write about a number of aspects of Buddhist practice including basic meditation and the establishment of a daily practice. Mark has also played the guitar for many years and will be happy to ghost write for anyone who is seeking to publish instructional articles or books about playing guitar.
SUNY Schenectady County (S.C.C.C.) Humanities and Social Sciences, No degree taken

Centering his studies around his interests, primarily literature, psychology, drama and sociology, Mark never seriously pursued a degree. In 1998, when his daughter was born, economic necessity demanded that he work full time.

Association Memberships
AWAI Mar 2012
AWAI (American Writers and Artists) is a professional organization offering industry leading educational resources to copywriters of all experience levels.

Projects by Industry

Mark O'Neil has written a number of articles for SEO clients and magazines highlighting his spiritual interests, particularly Buddhism and Taoism, and the practice of meditation and yoga. The excerpt below is from an article entitled "The American Doublebind," published by Exquisite Corpse: A journal of Letters and Life. In his writings for SEO clients, his writings have features the more practical side of spirituality, such as finding the right yoga teacher, taking up a meditation practice to reduce stress or the best way to find the right clothing and accessories for your yoga practice. In the excerpt below, the actual practice or meditation is discussed, including the aim of meditation and the difference between Buddhist practice and western religious aims.


In his work for SEO companies, Mark has written literally hundreds of articles about various aspects of legal practice. These articles were primarily for personal injury practices who concentrated on auto accident litigation, medical malpractice and workers compensation law. Though the personal injury field has been the main area of practice among the clients for whom he has written, Mark has also had the good fortune to write articles for criminal defense attorneys, family law and divorce attorneys. In the sample below you will find a paragraph describing the basic benefits of seeking compensation in an accident case.


In his work writing content for am online marketing agencies, Mark has written numerous articles on a variety of subjects. One area of interest that he has experience writing about, and personal experience working in, is the retail industry. Mark's direct experience of the retail industry allows him clear insight into the way the retail world works and allows him to explain complex matters quite clearly and effectively. Mark is personally familiar with all kinds of retails systems including inventory management, POS software and other applicable retail business systems, and he has written numerous articles about them for online marketing agencies. Below is an excerpt from one such article.

Projects by Asset Type

Mark has been writing content for SEO purposes for the past three years. He has written literally hundreds of keyword rich articles on a wide variety of topics. These articles are written more for marketing purposes than as informational resources. However, with that being said, the content of the articles must be relevant to the topic and clearly written. Mark has written on a wide array of topics including real estate, legal practice, online marketing, yoga and just about anything else you can imagine. For instance, in the paragraph below, Mark writes provides a clearly written explanation of how shaving creams and gels actually do more to irritate skin than sooth it.


Mark has performed work as an ad writer for ad optimization companies for several years. In this work, Mark became familiar with the 'Google Adwords' platform and the Microsoft 'Bing ads' platform as well. In this work, he has relied on his understanding of direct response copywriting gleaned from his training as an AWAI member. This training has been instrumental in helping Mark create eye grabby headlines and interesting copy within such limited space constraints.

Projects By Expertise

Mark has worked in the direct response copywriting field since 2012, after joining AWAI (American Writers and Artists) and completing the direct response copywriting course. Since taking work as a content provider and add writer, Mark has completed hundreds of articles and ads on a variety of topics with short deadlines. Most of the copy has been advertising related, but the content still must be informative, grammatically correct and logically coherent. Mark also has experience writing in spintax. Below you will find a sample from an article on 'Men's Yoga Clothing.'

Projects by Writing Style

Mark has written humor pieces for a number of venues over the years including The Cortland Review and In these pieces he has tried to create hybrid forms that blurred the lines between fiction and nonfiction. For instance, in the Eyeshot piece "If My Life Were to Appear Suddenly in the Movie Review Section of the Saratogian Sunday Extra," he wrote a description of his actual working class life as a selection of movie descriptions as they might appear in a Sunday newspaper. The humor comes primarily from the irony of seeing every day life cast in terms of a Hollywood summary.


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