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Donna M

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Location Ithaca, NY
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Donna has the ability to adapt her writing style to fit the client's marketing voice like a glove. She's created target market content for client blogs and websites in a variety of industries. Donna approaches each task with fresh creative eyes, and quickly assesses the best way to craft content that attracts attention to client offers. She has excellent organizational skills due to her years of administrative office experience, and is a disciplined worker who turns in content that meets, or exceeds, project standards.
Writes engaging copy for business websites. She is best at crafting non-technical copy.
Creative writing, marketing, reading books and blogs, enjoying nature, listening to music, watching favorite TV shows, relaxing with friends.
Projects by Industry
Consumer Goods

Donna has participated on projects that required producing professional marketing copy for product-oriented websites. She assisted content teams at various digital marketing firms with producing consumer product SEO articles to drive traffic to websites and specific product pages. Her experience extends to writing short and long product descriptions and category pages.


Donna has a talent for assessing the strengths of a business, and then translating what she learns into informational content that captures the interest of consumers. As a student of internet marketing, Donna knows how to write copy that quickly captures the attention of people browsing for information. She studies an industry to gain unique insight, and uses this information to produce content that builds customer loyalty by sharing advice, important facts or tips.


Donna has a lot of experience writing conversational style blog articles for businesses in hospitality. She is currently the blog voice for a Japanese steakhouse restaurant and a vacation home rental business. In this capacity, she produces engaging monthly blog content. Working in partnership with an SEO digital marketing firm, Donna receives blog article titles and keywords. She is responsible for creating content that appropriately captures the theme of each title. She also seamlessly incorporates keywords for SEO purposes, and gently persuades consumers to visit a restaurant, or book a stay at a vacation rental home.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Donna expertly weaves SEO keywords into articles and website copy for all sorts of topics. She usually works with keywords provided by clients, and is tasked with distributing keywords naturally within content. She has many years of experience in writing SEO content, and has successfully used SEO to drive traffic to her own websites.

Projects by Asset Type
Web Page

Donna digs deep into her creative well to develop solid content for business websites. She understands that the quality of web copy is crucial to attracting and keeping customers. To produce excellent web content Donna combines thorough research with creativity, and years of online content writing expertise. Clients receive unique copy that resonates with a specific consumer market.


Donna is an article writing workhorse who has written countless articles for a bevy of clients. She's written articles for everyone from solo entrepreneurs to small businesses to large companies. She's learned that company size doesn't matter when it comes to sharing online content with consumers. What does matter is the level of information and engagement that content has, and if consumers find it useful in helping them achieve something they want.

She sees article writing as an adventure, and new projects often give her an opportunity to learn new things. When faced with topics she knows nothing about, she rolls up her sleeves and takes them on with the mindset of a conquering hero. Once she uncovers a good topical angle, she's able to turn even the driest subjects into interesting reading. Sometimes she must put on her thinking cap and dig deep to find the right words, but clients are always happy when she succeeds beyond their expectations. Through brainstorming and research, Donna has successfully produced articles on topics such as garage doors, business procurement and 3M industrial tape.

Versatility combined with creative thinking is among her strongest assets. Her ability to tackle challenging subject matter is the result of hard work, commitment to high standards and her desire to produce content that helps clients attract more business. Donna is ready to write engaging, well-researched, customer-friendly articles for your company.

Blog Post

When it comes to blogging, a more personalized style of communication is needed. Donna easily writes in a breezy conversational style that appeals to a client's target market. She can also write blog posts that are informational, or even motivational. Sometimes blog content requires incorporating a bit of humor or sly wit. Donna is a versatile blogger who is able to engage your readers in a voice that matches your business and website goals. She's ready to help your site bring in more visitors with viral blog content that captures your company's authentic voice.

Projects by Writing Style

Donna writes with an authoritative voice when the content is about serious topics. She has experience with writing articles, product descriptions and ebooks on a variety of topics including marketing, financial, business, legal, health, fitness, beauty and home improvement. She thoroughly researches topics and incorporates factual information into content in a way that the average reader is able to clearly understand.


Donna currently writes conversational style articles for blogs in the hospitality and service industries. She's written hundreds of articles in a casual style for digital marketing firms, small and large business clients. Donna also fluently uses this style of writing for e-books when appropriate.

Conversational style content achieves the goal of building a relationship between a company and its customers. However, you must work with a skilled writer who is able to know where to draw the casual line, because companies must maintain a sense of professionalism. This is something Donna has mastered, and she'll help your company come across as authentic, helpful, and most importantly, likable.


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