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Jean M

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With a background in journalism, linguistics and sciences including astronomy, botany and entomology, Jean writes articles, posts and eBooks on topics related to science, technology/computing and health and wellness.

Past projects include articles and eBooks on the outer regions of the solar system, neuroplasticity and its applications for dementia treatment, the health benefits of green tea, digital tools for enterprise networking, and adult ADHD.

Jean has also taught college writing for a number of years and is experienced in the tools of research and reporting on current news and information from quality sources.

A dedicated grammar cop, she promises stylistically sleek and grammatically flawless work in American (or Canadian) English.
Science, computing, internet, digital technology, the environment, health and wellness, mind-body healing, alternative medicine.
Digital arts, photography, design, fantasy and science fiction, animal health.
University of California, Los Angeles Slavic and Applied Linguistics, Certificate and Teaching Credential

Jean attended UCLA as a doctoral student in Slavic and applied linguistics and completed her certificate in applied linguistics, adult education and English as a Second Language. While a teaching associate at UCLA, she taught first and second year Russian courses, administered a pilot high school language education project, and worked as a research assistant to several of UCLA's internationally known professors of Slavic languages and linguistics.

University of Arizona Russian, Russian Studies, English, Journalism, BA, MA

Jean received a BA and MA from the University of Arizona in Russian language and Russian studies with minors in English and Journalism. Included in her undergraduate coursework were studies in astronomy, entomology and botany. She has also done doctoral level work in Slavic and applied linguistics at UCLA and has received certificates in digital and web design from Sessions Design College and Ohio University.

Honors and Awards
Pickard Award for Fiction May 1997
Jean was awarded the Pickard Award for Fiction by the Midwestern Editors' Association for her short story, "Let the Reptile Judge," which appeared in Potpourri magazine, Grue magazine and Les Chats Noirs.

Association Memberships
National Association for Science Journalists Jean is a member of the National Association of Science Journalists, an organization dedicated to improving science communication and promoting science awareness around the world.

Certificates in Web Page Design, HTML and CSS Ohio University
Jean completed consecutive certificate programs in web page design,coding and page layout from Ohio University.

Certificate in Digital Design and Art Photography Sessions Design College
Jean completed a certificate with honors in digital design and art photography from the internationally known Sessions Design College. Her course of study included advanced Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, Art Photography, Digital Design and Color Theory.

Projects by Industry

Jean has written over 200 articles and posts as well as several eBooks for clients in the fields of health, nutrition, fitness and alternative and natural wellness. With a background in developing academic support services for college RN training programs and behavioral health services, she specializes in making complex subjects easily accessible for readers who want information they can put to practical use.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

As a longtime content writer, Jean works with clients to ensure that their keywords are incorporated as naturally and organically as possible to avoid risks of keyword stuffing and loss of quality. She has written over 75 keyword optimized pieces for use in content marketing and website content.

Projects by Asset Type

Jean has written over 200 articles on health, nutrition and alternative medicine for websites, news magazines and eBooks. She has also written reviews of cookbooks, diet guides and wellness plans for publishers and media groups. Recent subject areas include the safety of colloidal silver, early diagnostic tests for Alzheimer's disease, music therapy and infant hematoma. She specializes in making complex topic accessible to readers who want information for practical use.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

Jean has written nearly a hundred pieces in tech related fields related to computers, digital technology and advances in environmental and space science. Recent work includes articles on genome editing, VoIP technology and cybersecurity written for non-technical audiences in business, tech and the arts.

Projects by Writing Style

Jean writes about health, wellness and nutrition in an authoritative style that's backed by current research in the field. She works with clients to establish a reputation as a trustworthy, reputable and unbiased source of information readers can use. She brings complex content down to earth in a neutral informational style that blends elements of scholarly writing with journalism to establish credibility and build confidence in the information she provides.

Projects by Company Size
Medium Business

Much of Jean's freelance work in writing and digital content creation has been done with small to medium sized businesses and media companies seeking to build their customer base and generate brand awareness. She has created content for startups, entrepreneurs and independent creatives, with the goal of building authority and establishing a reputation in niches related to health, science and tech.


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