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Kamesha G

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Location Park Forest, IL
Education Bachelors Degree
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Kamesha is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University, where she studied Mass Communication. She is a member of The International Association of Professional Writers & Editors. Kamesha is also a My Trending Stories contributor. Additionally, she serves as a part-time writer for Safety First for Girls-- a global charity, dedicated to empowering and equipping girls in third world countries. Kamesha has written and edited professionally for over 5 years--specializing in marketing materials, blogging, and product descriptions. Kamesha's primary clients are small business owners, grass roots organizations, and non profits. She presently operates as a remote free-lance content writer and editor. Additionally, Kamesha recently began working on a women's daily devotional for 2017.
Fun Fact: Kamesha won her first Young Author's Competition in 1991-- in the first grade.
Kamesha specializes in capturing the clients' voice, simplifying complex topics, and embedding relate-able humor into otherwise serious matters.
Kamesha's interests are the eradication of poverty, educating and inspiring the youth, positive parenting, creative non-fiction writing, photography, documentaries, and healthy living.
Eastern Illinois University Jan 2005 – Aug 2010
Mass Communication, Bachelors of Arts

Kamesha excelled in a wide variety of communication courses including but not limited to: communication persuasion, communication argumentation, film appreciation, applied communication, crisis communication, and various video creation practicums.

Association Memberships
The International Association of Professional Writers and Editors Nov 2015
Kamesha was selected for membership based on a solid professional level writing sample.

Projects by Industry
Non Profit

Kamesha performs various research methods to compile client data. Additionally, she creates content for clients' corporate blogs, newsletters, & social media publishing. Kamesha writes proposals, slogans, and End of Year Summaries for clients; and provides event coverage & article creation and social media engagement.


Kamesha has written over 50 product descriptions for clothing designers, created vision and mission statements for fashion websites, and written fashion blogs. She is the digital marketing communication consultant for an east coast designer. She is uniquely skilled in bringing garments to life and exciting potential clients.


Kamesha has built dozens of cover letters and resumes for a wide client base including: accounting, fashion, administration, retail, education, and writing . In addition she has written half of a dozen career affiliated articles.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Kamesha's has a fair amount of SEO keyword requirements. Inter-weaving a particular word or set of words into an advertisement, blog, or article comes naturally for her. However, research shows that keyword effectiveness is depleting. Google Analytics has evolved to red flagging post with the same words repeated over and over. It is best to create genuinely relevant content, drive traffic to your site using social media marketing, and move up in the Google results list that way.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

This blog post was recently drafted and published. The article address the positive side of a lengthy job hunt. Kamesha intended to combat the inevitable exhaustion and discouragement which job seekers, entrepreneurs, and career changers face. Kamesha highlights the most frustrating experiences of job seekers and explains the gain.


Kamesha creates brochures for various business owners such as: salon owners, home improvement specialist, fashion designers, church ministries, interior decorators, landscaping specialist, legal services, seamstresses, content writers and more. She has a exquisite eye for design. She creates beautiful, professional, and informative brochures. She offers a variety of layouts and has awesome customer service.

Projects By Expertise

Kamesha has written over 50 product descriptions this month.

Projects by Writing Style

Like all writers, Kamesha writes in authoritative voice when teaching or explaining a topic. The below blog explains the process of beginning a writing career. The article outline 5 practical steps for those who don't know where to start after conceptualizing a career as a writer. The work is actually a combination of authoritative, humorous, and conversational writing-- like much of Kamesha's work.


Kamesha utilizes the conversational writing style often-- for various works. Kamesha has found the conversational style to work best with list based blogs, certain memoirs, and discussion pieces. This method disarms the audience and encourages comprehension and often participation (depending on the forum). Kamesha has found the conversational style of writing to assist in appearing transparent and relatable to the reader. Kamesha's conversational style is not void of style, but does shift the focus toward the message.


Kamesha has covered a plethora of live events as part of her contract with a social media marketing company. These events were covered in journalistic fashion. The featured sample is from an event called Childhood Chatter: The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children, sponsored by The Workforce Development Group of Northwest Indiana. Kamesha wrote this and several other pieces from memory--she was unable to take notes during the event(s). Kamesha was dually responsible for article creation and camera one support.


Kamesha utilizes the promotional tone on all marketing materials including event planning, fundraising, brochures, and business cards. This writing style is best for these occasions because it sensationalizes the topic and therefor excites the potential customer, client, or intended audience (which excites Kamesha). In addition, promotional tone always ends with a call to action which is crucial when composing marketing materials-- she enjoys the challenge of drafting diverse ways to "call to action". She relishes the opportunity to use promotional tone due to the creative allowances.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

All of Kamesha's work to date has been published by small businesses. The below sample is from The Urban League of Northwest Indiana's initiative ITXTIWRECK (funded by State Farm). The campaign discourages texting while driving.The target audience was millennials. Kamesha created a list of 5 ways to stop texting while driving. Kamesha addressed the reasons the temptation is so high, and introduced alternatives.


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