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Angela C. is passionate about health and wellness. Over the course of her career, she has had opportunities to write about health and science in various venues including the federal government, academia, and healthcare organizations. Angela C. has garnered substantive experience writing about scientific advances, the stories behind science, and highlights about how Congressional funding leads to a valuable return on investments for taxpayers in terms of new drugs, devices, and knowledge about how diseases originate and progress. Most recently, Angela C. has written blog posts on women's health issues and the importance of eating organic. She excels in taking bland or complex subjects and simplifying them for understanding and impact.

In her spare time, Angela is writing two novels, editing a book of poetry, and learning graphic design.
Technical writing on health, scientific research, and nutrition.
Health (especially alternative therapies), nutrition , and science.

Natural beauty products.

Popular culture such as music, dance, and film.
Johns Hopkins University Sep 2006 – May 2000
Health Policy, M.H.S.

Angela C. obtained a Master of Health Science in Health Policy with an emphasis on maternal and child health at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University. She studied part-time while working full time at the National Institute of Child, Health, and Human Development, Office of Science Policy, Analysis, and Communication.

Florida A&M University Jan 1992 – Aug 1994
Health Information Management, Bachelor of Science

Angela C.obtained a B.S. degree in Health Information Management in 1994. (This was due to the limited availability of writing jobs for a new graduate.) Coursework encompassed filing systems, coding systems, information technology systems, and medical terminology.

Florida State University Aug 1987 – Aug 1991
English (Creative Writing), B.A.

Angela C. obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Biology.

Association Memberships
American Medical Writer's Association Angela C. is a member of the American Medical Writer's Association. The AMWA is one of the premier member organizations for writers who produce content for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Projects by Industry

Angela C. progressed from a management intern at the National Institutes of Health, to Senior Analyst in the Office of Science Policy, Analysis, and Communication, National Institute of Child Health & Human Development. Angela C. has written congressional briefing material, research summaries, strategic plans, and other materials about the Institute's research programs; she also coordinated the Institute's annual operational planning process and provided analyses (narrative and budget data) to managers for decision making. She was a federal employee for 8 years.

Additionally, Angela C. worked for three years as a consultant writer/editor for a government contractor, Constella Health Sciences. She researched, wrote and edited high quality scientific and medical documents on behalf of federal clients including the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense.


Masters in Health Policy from Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health with focus on women's health. 20 years of technical expertise and strong writing/editing skills with regard to medical and scientific issues. Recent work completed include a blog post on women's health and a blog post on the importance of eating fresh and organic foods.


Experience writing on a wide range of health and scientific topics as an analyst for the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Many reports and highlights focused on the nutritional antecedents of disease and obesity, and I wrote a number of narratives showcasing the Institute's Milk Matters campaign . Personal interest in the topic including alternative medicine.

Projects by Asset Type
Newsletter Content

Angela C. wrote newsletter content for university faculty and students on research compliance topics. The goal was to enhance understanding of complex regulations by explaining them in "bite size" segments. The newsletter was well received and served as an important mechanism of delivering timely information in a concise, visual manner.

Annual Report

As an analyst for the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Angela C. wrote dozens of annual reports, and contributed content to agency wide annual reports. Angela C. received several commendations for work on the Institute's annual "Congressional Justification" which is a summary of progress achieved and future research plans in pediatric research, women's health, and related areas.

White Paper

As a writer/editor for a federal contractor, Angela C. served as lead writer for a 3-day workshop “Children Exposed to Violence.” The workshop was hosted by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in July of 2002 in collaboration with other NIH institutes that had an interest in the topic. The contractor was contracted to provide meeting support. Ms. Clear attended the workshop and coordinated the writing of a 20-page meeting summary, including Executive Summary, that served as the basis for a white paper and future research funding priorities on this topic. The summary was written based on slides presented at the meeting, writer notes taken at the meeting, and tape recordings.

Product Description

As a customer of mainstream and alternative skin care and beauty products, Angela has insight into the language that has captivated her as a customer. As a health and wellness writer, she embraces beauty products as part of her writing portfolio, recognizing that beauty and wellness are intertwined concepts for today's conscientious consumers.

Blog Post

Angela C. is a new blog writer who specializes in health and wellness topics. Her broad expertise in science and health, her passion for the topic, and her strong research skills make her a strong candidate for blog work.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

As an independent consultant, Angela C. edited and revised scientific journal articles for university professors. Improved readability and impact while maintaining the technical integrity of the text.

As a federal employee, Angela C. wrote congressional briefing material, research summaries, strategic plans, and other materials about the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development's research programs, including politically sensitive topics such as embryonic stem cell research, contraceptive research, and autism. She also researched and wrote concise "scientific advances" and compelling "stories of discovery" about the scientific path leading to key drugs, devices, and medical discoveries.

As a consultant for Constella Health Sciences, Angela C. coordinated writing staff for a scientific conference addressing high-profile public health issues; additionally, she wrote and edited meeting summaries and grant proposals on medical research issues, and serving as staff writer for a government committee on vaccine safety.

Research Writer

Angela C. has over 20 years of experience writing about biomedical, behavioral, and clinical research as a federal employee at the National Institutes of Health, as a science writer for a federal contractor, and as a free-lance writer. She has also edited scientific articles for university professors. She is skilled at using medical terminology for scientific audiences as well as translating complex terms into simple, plain language that everyday people will understand. She received an award for her work writing the Congressional Justification, a lengthy compilation of research advances and their benefit for the nation, on behalf of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.


Angela C. is a new copywriter. She has taken copywriting coursework through Writer's Digest and Udemy. She does however, have an affinity for writing captivating copy when called upon to do so. She knows what types of copy draws her in and is able to effectively use those techniques to write copy for clients. Angela C. prefers to write copy for the health and wellness industries, but dabbles in music and entertainment copy as well.


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