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Brent G

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Location Grand Forks, ND
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Brent has extensive writing experience gained from a variety of sources and a solid foundation that was started in early high school and was greatly expanded upon during his college career. From basic college level English literature and technical writing courses all the way up to writing skills developed in two separate languages, including German and Russian, Brent has established himself as an experienced writer and is looking forward to becoming a professional within the writing community. Creative, professional, and dependable are just a few words that can only begin to describe the type of writer that he has evolved into and he can excel at writing any piece that is required of him.
Brent's specialties include, but aren't limited to, computers, agriculture, automotive service, truck driving, and archery.
Brent's interests include hunting, fishing, driving, martial arts, computers, console gaming, and classic cars.
University of Phoenix May 2015 – Nov 2015
Computer Programming, Programming Certificate

Brent received his Programming Certificate from the University of Phoenix in November of 2015.

University of North Dakota Aug 2006 – May 2007
International Studies, B.A. International Studies

Brent obtained a second Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies from the University of North Dakota in May of 2007.

University of North Dakota Aug 1999 – May 2004
German and Russian, B.A. German

Brent received his Bachelor of Arts degree in German in May of 2004, including a minor in Russian.

Programming Certificate University of Phoenix
Nov 2015
Brent received his Programming Certificate from the University of Phoenix in November of 2015 and finished with a GPA 3.73.

Projects by Industry

From the earliest stages of his life, Brent has a great depth of firsthand knowledge when it comes to all things agriculture. His grandparents, along with his aunt and uncle on his mother's side, have lived on a small farm just a few miles north of Carson, ND, where he learned the basic fundamentals of farming and the raising of livestock. From there, his mother married his step-father and they moved from the city of Bismarck to a farm home situated approximately eight miles north of Elgin, ND. This was a rather large farming operation where Brent had many opportunities to help his step-father in daily farm chores, as well as the more complex tasks such as running a tractor, learning how to weld, and basic automotive maintenance. During his high school years, Brent landed a job at the local John Deere dealership where he helped the main shop mechanics with day to day projects and would even be given small jobs of his own to complete. After graduating high school, he went on to attend the University of North Dakota to study foreign languages. During the summer breaks, Brent traveled back home to help an old family friend with his and his son's farming operations. This is where he gained the strong understanding of agriculture that remains with him to this day. After his graduation from the university and because of the somewhat bleak outlook for the degree that he earned, Brent took a job on a farm not far from his hometown of Elgin, in the neighboring town called New Leipzig. Here he would spend nearly a decade working and essentially learning how to effectively run the entire farm alone, in the case that his boss wouldn't be there for an extended period of time. It is here that Brent really became great at becoming a farm manager.

Projects by Asset Type

Brent's presentation experience was started in his early stages of high school within the English department of his class. Here he would delve into the basics of what presentations needed to have in order to be effective in being received by any audience. Though there weren't too many projects at this time in his educational career, it would help propel him forward for what was to come in future presentations when he would attend the University of North Dakota. Once Brent graduated high school, he started his college career at UND and also took classes that encapsulated what he had previously learned in high school and took those fundamentals and greatly improved upon his knowledge of what and how a professional presentation should essentially be presented. While attending UND, Brent also enrolled in Air Force ROTC to test the waters of what a military life would be like. Here is where he gained the most confidence and professionalism in terms of projecting himself through his words, but more so in his presentations he prepared for the in-class sessions pertaining to particular aircraft the Air Force was operating or planning to operate in the future. Along with ROTC, Brent also engaged largely in his English, German, and Russian classes and was presented with many opportunities to offer presentations to his class. This tested Brent on a daily basis, as he was not only dealing with his native syntax of English, but also of two foreign languages as well. Brent saw this as a great opportunity to advance not only his understanding of how to effectively reach an audience with a presentation, but to also gain an expert understanding of how to use languages in general to provide the best presentation possible.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

Brent's experience as a technical writer began in his college career at the University of North Dakota. Since his very first semester, he was enrolled in English literature classes and English technical writing classes, all the while becoming proficient in foreign languages as well, which also helped his understanding of German and Russian because of the need to have a solid understanding of the syntax of language itself. The opportunity to gain an expert familiarity of technical writing was at almost every corner of his college career. Many, if not most, of Brent's classes allowed him to engage in technical writing and allowed for a powerful momentum of knowledge gained through these assignments. From political science and computer programming classes to German grammar class, Brent was able to identify the most important elements needed to successfully incorporate the skills needed to become a professional writer.


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