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Benjamin began to recognize a talent for writing when he was in high school. He studied English and creative writing at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon. While attending university, he had several pieces published in the university literary journal, including short fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and a one-act play stylized after Shakespearean English. Unfortunately, a tragic and unforeseen event forced him to drop out half-way through his junior year, and he has not been able to afford to return.

Benjamin began to write articles for Textbroker in June of 2014, but he did not begin to write extensively for them until November of the same year as a means of combating underemployment. In October 2015, he decided to quit his job and pursue freelance writing full-time.

Benjamin has written well over articles for Textbroker, covering a wide variety of topics. In particular, he has found success writing blogs on construction- and contractor-related topics, subjects on which he has developed considerable knowledge. He has also written blog topics on many other matters, various product descriptions and other SEO topics.

In his free time, Benjamin enjoys contributing to Last Token Gaming, a blog that focuses on the world of video games. He has written several video game reviews, as well as ruminations on other video game topics. He is currently planning on writing a series of Star Trek video game reviews to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Star Trek next year.
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Benjamin has written many blogs on a variety of construction topics. Many of the articles pertained to roofing, and discussed different roofing materials, methods of installation, sun roofs, green roofs and the architectural significance of trusses, among many other topics. Other articles delved into various painting topics, such as when to use oil-based paints as opposed to latex, water damage restoration, such as carpet repair or removal, and what to look for in a frame when replacing old windows.


Not only has Benjamin written frequently on a wide variety of food-and-drink related topics, he writes with familiarity and insider experience. Benjamin worked for various restaurant settings for over six years, and has considerable experience cooking and baking at home besides. Although many of the articles he has written are descriptive pieces of top-shelf liquor such as gin and Scotch, he also also contributed editorial blogs and written recipes crafted out of first-hand experience in the kitchen. He enjoys cooking and crafting new recipes, and he channels his love of cooking into his writing as well.

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Blog Post

Benjamin has written a great many blog posts for various websites on topics ranging from choosing the right color of paint to advice on wedding makeup. Most of these blog posts were written professionally and anonymously for a couple dozen websites, but the blog articles he is most proud of are the ones he wrote for free as his contribution to the video game blog Last Token Gaming.

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The descriptive ability and zealous enthusiasm that Benjamin brings to product descriptions is tremendous. He relishes in the opportunity to take what can be, and so often is, a dry sort of writing that languishes in its own predictability and infuse it with humor, imagination, creative wordplay and a sense of pride in its own existence. He has covered many, many topics, from Bluetooth technology to cowboy hats, expensive Scotch, miniskirts and 32" tires.

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Research Writer

Every author and writer has subjects and avenues of experience at which they excel. Benjamin is no exception; he writes expertly on several varied topics: construction, food and restaurants, computer technology, many aspects of music, and popular culture. Thanks to his experiences in college, Benjamin is also quite adept at research, which makes him the ultimate generalist. When writing about a new topic, he thoroughly researches several angles of the matter at hand, familiarizing himself with the industry, the jargon and the values inherent in them. His ability to work as a jack-of-all-trades has enabled him to craft expertly-written articles on health care, dental treatments, accounting, legal matters, commercial ad campaigns, plastic surgery, children's toys, and all other manner of subjects for which he had little prior familiarity.


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